Which Type of Door Stopper is Best? [7 Different Types]

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Which Type of Door Stopper is Best?

Buying a door stopper might seem an easy task—after all, it all just depends on your personal preferences, right?

Well, you’ll soon realize this isn’t exactly the case once you’ve already conducted shopping for a new door stopper due to the many available types with various functionalities.

So, which type of door stopper is best?

The suitable door stopper generally relies on several factors, such as environment, intended function, location, and type of door you will install.

In this article, I will further explain these elements and give you an overview of some of the market’s common types of door stoppers.

How Do You Stop a Door From Opening All the Way?

How Do You Stop a Door From Opening All the Way?

The best way to prevent the door from opening without a door stopper is to improvise using items you can find in your home.

Some of the top examples of household items that you can use for this purpose are as follows:

  • Door Mat or Rag – if your door mat is made of soft fabric, you can adjust the door and place the door mat accordingly to hinder the door from swinging.
  • Brick or Plant/Flower Pot – almost every modern home today has an indoor plant to improve air circulation. And if your household is one of them, you can temporarily use them as a door stopper.
  • Any Solid Items with Weight – you can use any item with substantial weight, like shoes or bags, to prevent the door from opening all the way through. But be sure the item is not round because it will not work.

Other than door stoppers, you may also find decorative door stoppers over the internet. These items are used for such purposes, except they are not installed on the door.

You can put them aside whenever they are unnecessary or use them for decorative purposes. It is typically made of cast iron with sufficient weight and friction enough to absorb force from a swinging door.

7 Different Types of Door Stoppers

Now, the following are the common types of door stoppers that you have to bear in mind.

1. Magnetic Door Stopper

Magnetic Door Stopper

Magnetic Door Stopper – Adjustable Height

As the item’s name suggests, it uses magnets to keep the door from opening further.

The magnetic door stopper is probably the most popular type of door stopper. They’re versatile and can be mounted on your floor or walls without damaging them.

In addition, they are highly reliable and provide a stronger bond once they have interacted.

2. Spring Door Stopper

Spring Door Stopper With Rubber Cap

Spring Door Stopper With Rubber Cap

A spring door stopper uses a spring mechanism to adjust the door and lock it in place according to preference.

Although it has an apparent advantage regarding flexibility, the pulling motion caused by the spring mechanism could potentially damage the board covers of the walls or floors.

3. Baseboard Door Stopper

HOMOTEK 8 Pack Heavy Duty Solid Rigid Door Stop with Soft Rubber Tip, Zinc Die Cast Door Stopper Protect Wall & Door, Black

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Most people mistake a baseboard door stopper for a spring door stopper. However, instead of a full spring mechanism, it has a spring-like stopper that features a rubber tip to stop the door from swinging any further or bouncing back and forth.

4. Hook Door Stopper

HOMOTEK 2 Pack Heavy Duty Door Stopper with Manual Hook,Door Holder Stop with Sound Dampening Rubber Bumper Wall Mounted, Brushed Satin Nickel

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If you are too worried about any mechanism ruining your floor or walls, you can opt for a hook door stopper. It features a metal hook and a loop that puts the door in place.

However, the disadvantage of hook doorstops is that they’re not as flexible as the others, and you have to carefully choose the hook length according to your preference.

5. Floor-Mounted Door Stopper

Nuk3y Commercial Heavy Duty Floor Mount Bumper Stop 3 inch (Oiled Rubbed Bronze)

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A floor-mounted door stopper is a perfect option for people who aren’t comfortable with any small installation on their wall that could damage the board covers.

It has a simple design with a minimal mechanism. The door stopper is mounted on a specific area of your floor where you want the door to make a full stop.

But since it is fixed on the floor, the protruding part of the installation could potentially lead to accidents and trip a person, especially if they’re unaware of it.

6. Hinge Pin Doorstop

KOVOSCH 2 Pack Hinge Pin Door Stopper Brushed Satin Nickel - Adjustable Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Door Stop with White Rubber Bumper Tips

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The hinge pin is probably the most practical door stopper because it has a simple design and mechanism similar to a floor-mounted doorstop.

It doesn’t need additional installation and only has to be mounted on the walls or baseboards.

7. Multifunctional Door Stopper

Rubber Door Stopper

Multifunctional Rubber Door Stopper

Multifunctional door stoppers, for example, rubber door stoppers, are suitable for door frames, window frames, and windows. You can hang it on the door handle while not in use.

It is versatile and works flawlessly on all surfaces, including tiles, carpet, and wood, offering a secure grip and preventing doors from slamming shut.

Which Type Of Door Stopper Is Best?

As discussed earlier, the best door stopper depends on your preferences, considering purpose, location, surroundings, and the type of wall or door the stopper will be mounted.

Such factors are summarized into the following considerations:

  • The simple hinge pin or spring door stop is sufficient for common household doors. But you may need a larger doorstop for bigger doors.
  • A magnetic door stopper is recommended for environments with strong winds because it ensures that the doors won’t swing independently.
  • A door stopper may not be suitable for tiled floors.
  • On the other hand, a wall-mounted door stopper isn’t recommended for ornate board walls.

Can a Door Stopper Keep a Door Closed?

Can a Door Stopper Keep a Door Closed?

The primary purpose of a door stopper is to keep the doors from completely closing. However, there are ways you can do to prevent the door from opening using a door stopper.

If the doorstop is mounted on an inward door, it can stop it from swinging open even if you have turned the knob. Such a setup can also be excellent home security, especially if you have a broken door knob.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Stop Adjacent Doors From Hitting Each Other?

A door stopper can stop adjacent doors from hitting each other. Another method you can employ is roller stops that greatly decrease the speed of a moving door.

Does the Door Stopper Go On the Door Or Wall?

A door stopper can be mounted on either the floor or the wall. It has two parts, and the other will always be installed on the door.

What Can I Use Instead Of a Door Stopper?

If you are worried about damaging your floor or ornate board walls, then there are several alternatives that you can use instead of a door stopper.

A popular hack many people use is improvised items that you can find in your homes, such as a door mat, plant pot, or any items with a solid weight that can counter those of the doors.

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