A Desk In Your Bedroom. Is It OK To Have One?

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A Desk In Your Bedroom. Is It OK To Have One

Modern bedrooms have evolved from a place to sleep to a multifunctional space. Bedrooms can now serve as a retreat, an office, or an entertainment center. 

But the question persists: is it okay to keep a desk for work in your bedroom?

In this post, we’ll look at the benefits and disadvantages of having a work desk in your bedroom. We’ll also help you select the most suitable location for your desk.

Indeed, you can have a desk in your bedroom. A bedroom desk is practical and easy to set up. It gives privacy and provides ample space in other parts of the house. It also lets you stay focused on your task and start quickly.

However, it is not the most effective regarding Feng Shui. They suggest keeping your work and sleeping quarters separate. They believe it will be much easier to relax and rest from work in this manner.

Is It OK To Have A Desk In Your Bedroom?

Yes, it is completely OK to place a desk in your bedroom.

For starters, adding a desk to your bedroom space is very simple. Common bedrooms have little furniture, so you don’t need to relocate much. Additionally, a bedroom is the most silent space in a house. Thus making it a relaxing place to work. 

According to Remote Work Junkie, you can set up a desk in your bedroom for as long as you have a specific area and space. But take note of keeping distractions at bay. 

As you can see, installing a desk in your bedroom is very simple since it has free walls where a desk would fit neatly.

On the other hand, here are some of the drawbacks of having a desk in your bedroom:

Working and relaxing in the same room might make you feel confined. As a result, it can contribute to mental tiredness. 

Oftentimes, converting your bedroom to an office may not represent a level of professionalism. A bedroom’s setting may not correspond with the anticipated level of professionalism.

Apartment Therapy states that having a workspace in your bedroom can reduce productivity. Your bedroom is generally designed for rest and leisure. In worst cases, you may be potentially inclined to sleep when you should be focusing on certain tasks.

Lastly, a desk in your bedroom may hinder you from relaxing and sleeping well. As a consequence, you can experience sleep disruptions.

Can You Put a Desk In the Master Bedroom?

You only need one small space to set up a workstation in the master bedroom

In a master bedroom, it’s simpler to position your desk across from your bed. You could even opt for a standing desk for your office setup.

This will conserve space in your bedroom. Yet it also provides added flexibility for enhancing your bedroom’s decor.

Place your workstation in a commanding position if possible, as stated in Feng shui principles.

In this way, you’ll have a clear view of the bedroom door or entrance if your desk is in this dominant position. This arrangement gives you better control over your work and productivity.

Where Should a Desk Be Placed In a Bedroom?

Choosing where to put a desk in a bedroom can greatly impact your productivity and the room’s overall look.

Here are 8 great ideas on where to put a desk in a bedroom:

1. By a Window

Based on a 2021 study, workers in bedroom spaces are productive when seated at window desks.

So, if you prefer a naturally lit environment, the area near your window can be a great location for your desk.

It adds vibrancy to your workspace, especially if you handle paperwork.

2. Next To the Bed

Placing your desk near your bed provides easy access to your workspace. It can also be space-saving and serve a dual role as a nightstand.

According to Simon Tcherniak, a designer at Neville Johnson, it is best to use proportions. This way, you can maintain a clear separation from your bed and workstation.

3. In the Corner

As stated by Pippa Blenkinsop, Style Editor at Period Living, incorporating a desk into an empty bedroom corner is a sensible use of space.

It separates you from your bed and will also decrease visual distractions. L-shaped desks are also ideal since they nicely nestle into the corner.

4. Hide a Desk In The Closet

Brianna Thomas, the founder of Bloom in the Black, recommends using a spacious closet in your bedroom.

You can transform this closet into a secret office nook within your bedroom. Meanwhile, you can renovate it by removing shelves & installing a desk-level shelf.

This setup allows you to work comfortably.

5. Between Fitted Wardrobes

Customizing your bedroom to your choices is easy with built-in desks. Your home office is no different in this matter. Consider a multipurpose desk if you work from home.

According to Houzz, this type of space remains uncluttered from work-related items. Therefore, it may also function as a guest room.

6. Get a Movable Freestanding Desk

New York Times suggests that portable desks are a solution for those with limited bedroom spaces.

To enhance the design of a portable desk, consider adding wheels. In this way, it will allow you to shift your workspace from one room to another.

7. Desk In A Windowsill

In a bedroom with limited space, a narrow windowsill can serve as a workspace.

Amy Chen, a representative from Boke Furniture, recommends positioning your desk at a 90° angle to the window.

This arrangement eliminates reflections and ensures optimal lighting.

8. Wall Mounted Desk

Wall-mounted or floating desks offer an excellent solution and are space-efficient.

According to James Coleman, Editor of Sacramento Bee, if you want to maximize your bedroom space, consider opting for a folding version desk.

Which Way Should a Desk Face In a Bedroom?

The best location for your bedroom desk is wherever you are most productive. Do what feels right to you, whether it’s at the window or soak in natural light!

The idea is to have a workspace that supports your work and allows you to complete tasks.

Consider the following factors when making this decision:

Bedroom Lighting

Proper lighting at your bedroom desk is essential for efficiency. You can add a desk lamp or a standing torch lamp to brighten the workspace.

Electrical Outlets

It is critical to locate your bedroom desk near a power outlet. This way, you can control the electricity to your computer and desk accessories. 

Window Location

You will have excellent natural lighting and a nice view if your desk is near a bedroom window. However, be aware of potential glare at sunset.

Installing shades can help you efficiently regulate both natural light and visual distractions.

How Do I Get a Desk In a Small Bedroom?

Tangkula White Corner Desk - 90 Degrees Triangle for Computer, Small Space, Bedroom, Makeup Vanity Desk with Storage Shelves & CPU Stand, Space Saving Writing Desk

An interior photographer, Jessica Zernike, recommends a desk 30 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 30 inches tall.

However, some desks can be as wide as 48 inches for rooms with more available space. 


Maintain a 70cm spacing between the end of your bed and the beginning of your desk. Maximize the space between your desk and bed if this isn’t an option.


Remember that your workstation should reflect your style. Don’t feel forced to buy a basic desk if you want an outlandish appearance.

The goal is to choose a desk that suits your room’s proportions. Yet, also reflects your aesthetic tastes.


Right Meets Left founder Courtney McLeod recommends that even the smallest corners can serve as storage locations.

If you want to utilize your desk, look for one with complete drawers or additional storage.

How Can I Hide My Desk In My Bedroom?

Creating an aesthetic divider between your desk and bedroom can be very beneficial. It keeps your attention from being constantly drawn to your workspace.

You can also consider the following approaches:

  • Use a Room Divider: A room divider is useful because it can be transferred to sections of your home. This allows you to work from multiple locations or store it when unused.
  • Convert a Closet or Nook: Close the closet doors to hide your work area until the next weekday.
  • Using a Fold-Out Desk: Consider a wall-mounted desk that can be folded. This foldable desk also functions as a storage container, allowing you to tuck it away after work.
  • Consider Curtains: To separate your desk from your bed, hang drapes. As you begin your workday, open the curtains to reveal your workplace area. Meanwhile, you can close them when you finish.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Desk Location In the Bedroom

Before adding a desk to your bedroom, it’s crucial to be aware when purchasing a bedroom desk.

1. Choose the Right Chair

SMUG Office Chair Mid Back Desk Chair1 Ergonomic Mesh Computer Gaming with Larger Seat, Executive Height Adjustable Swivel Task with Lumbar Support Armrest for Women Adults, Grey

Ergonomic Chair

The chair you select for your workspace significantly impacts your health and comfort. If you don’t use the chair more often, you have more flexibility to focus on aesthetics. 

2. Maintain Separation

Maintaining a clear distinction between your work and relaxation areas is essential. If you have the space, create a physical separation between your bed and desk.

3. Acquire Multipurpose Furniture

In case of very limited space, consider the versatility of your desk by using it as a bedside table as well. According to Zapier, you can hide supplies behind your desk monitor.

This allows you to keep essential items within reach while keeping them out of sight.

4. Consider Its Primary Function

If your bedroom is a home office, use one with ample surface area to place your work equipment. However, a smaller desk may suffice if its main role is decoration or occasional use.

What To Include In Your Setup?

Desk in bedroom

Creating a practical bedroom setup takes more than just a chair and decorations in your office. Here’s a more comprehensive summary of what to consider for each element:


Our spine will appreciate an ergonomic chair that helps us maintain a good posture. Opt for a chair with adjustable features, like height and lumbar support.


According to Wilson and Dorset, a rug provides a soft landing area for your feet. It also serves as a foundation for your desk and chair. Choose an area rug that is large enough to accommodate the chair. 


The advantage is that you don’t need a desk overflowing with drawers to hold your items. An L-shaped or double desk can be useful for people who work with many monitors. 


Choose fun magnets and push pins for your magnetic board desk setup. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to make a statement with bright colors.


As reported by House Beautiful, the Whale Fin succulent is one of the best plants that will thrive on your desk. This plant can resist low and indirect light conditions.


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