Is It Bad To Sleep With A Mirror In Front Of Your Bed? (Myth Or Fact)

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Is It Bad To Sleep With A Mirror In Front Of Your Bed?

The topic of whether placing a mirror in front of your bed has been a subject of debate for centuries now. And the reason behind why it may or may not be bad ranges from practicality to superstition.

There’s no real science behind the placement of mirrors despite the many articles you would find online. If you travel often and visit some hotels, you will find that some have mirrors at the foot of the bed and even at the ceiling.

So, is sleeping with a mirror in front of you bad?

Putting a mirror in front of you while sleeping is not bad. Still, when you place the mirrors at a specific point in your bedroom, you will discover practical purposes that improve your sleeping patterns and comfort levels.

Furthermore, if you are superstitious, there’s nothing wrong with placing the mirrors where you are comfortable. You may also cover them whenever you are not using them.

In this article, I will discuss more about the topic and help you determine if the mirrors’ placement matters.

Is It Bad To Sleep In Front Of A Mirror?

Sleep In Front Of A Mirror

No. It is not bad to sleep in front of a mirror. However, there’s an uneasy and even creepy factor when you try to sleep in front of the mirror. You might have that feeling someone or something might pop out of nowhere when you open your eyes.

However, putting these concerns aside, you will find a practical purpose for placing the mirror in the bedroom. For one thing, it disturbs you at some point while you are sleeping.

As sunlight or any light source interacts with the mirror, it reflects the light and hits you as you slumber.

If you are a superstitious person, many believe it disturbs the human soul’s chi, affecting your sleeping patterns. However, there’s no science or any research to back up the claims.

Ultimately, the placement of the mirror in the bedroom entirely depends on your comfort level. It also depends on whether the bedroom mirrors fit the interior design.

Reasons Why Shouldn’t You Sleep In Front Of Mirror

The following are the reasons you have to consider why you should not sleep in front of the bedroom.

However, you have to note that these factors are a combination of superstition and practical purposes.

The Reflection of Light Disrupts Sleep

The Reflection of Light Disrupts Sleep

As for the practical purpose, mirrors have a high reflective value that is uncomfortable when they interact with the sunlight or any light source, such as when you turn on the lights in the bedroom.

The reflection hitting you while you are sleeping can interrupt your sleep. And if you are not comfortable with the prospect, then you have to be conscious of where you put your mirrors in the bedroom.

Interior Design

Another practical reason for the placement of bedroom mirrors is for aesthetic purposes. Now, it is especially true if the mirrors have a stylish frame.

If you are conscious about the colors and design of the room, then you have to find the perfect area of the room where the mirrors suit the interior design of the space.

Privacy and Boundaries

Even if the bedroom is a personal space for an individual or couple, it can disrupt boundaries and compromise intimate space if you see your reflections in the bedroom.

In addition, your reflections while in bed can have a psychological impact. And this is because you become self-conscious as you constantly see your reflection.

For such purposes, you can move the bedroom mirrors or put a cover like a curtain or privacy screen to conceal your reflections.

Disrupts the Chi

Disrupts the Chi

If you ask people who subscribe to spirituality, such as Feng Shui and any related topics, they will tell you that sleeping in front of a mirror affects your balance or chi.

Feng Shui experts will tell you that mirrors disrupt energy circulation, referred to as chi, in a particular space.

Chi is the energy in Oriental culture that boosts positivity, well-being, and balance. Furthermore, experts believe it also improves your overall health, including your physical and mental faculties.

However, you have to note that there is no scientific research behind such claims or any studies relating to the existence of chi.

But allow me to reiterate that there is nothing wrong in believing in the potential of balancing your chi. The bottom line is that everything will rely on the comfort levels of the placement of your bedroom mirrors.

The Belief of Duality

Now, we move on to a more extreme form of superstition, the belief of duality. Spiritual gurus interpret sleeping in front of the mirror as affecting the balance of negative and positive energy or the symbols of duality.

They believe that you are not only seeing your physical reflection but also an opposing entity. And they believe that it is an important consideration because it affects your personal growth, mental health, emotions, and disposition in life.

What Happens If You Look In The Mirror At Night?

What Happens If You Look In The Mirror At Night?

All that happens when you look in the mirror at night is to see your reflection. You will see images in the mirror when it interacts with light that reflects on the mirror. But you won’t see any images when you turn off the lights.

You are putting aside any superstition and spiritual beliefs, seeing your reflection while lying in bed and feeling uncomfortable. You must remember that there is nothing wrong with placing the mirrors before you while sleeping.

You can put the mirrors in any section of the room. You would even find mirrors on the walls at the foot of the bed or ceiling in hotels. The reality is that everything depends on your comfort levels or preferred placement in the bedroom to boost the style of the space. 

What Does a Mirror Facing the Bed Symbolize?

Referring to the belief provided by spiritual gurus, they believe that mirrors facing the bed symbolize disrupting your chi. While other experts say that it symbolizes affecting duality.

It affects the chi or creates an imbalance of circulation in the human energy. And when this happens, they will tell you that the disruption of chi also interrupts your sleeping patterns.

On the other hand, when it comes to duality, it does not only affect your sleeping patterns but also your spirituality, emotions, mental health, personal growth, and even physical health as well.  

Is Mirror Facing the Bed Affecting Sleep?

Mirrors facing the bed do not affect sleep directly. It creates an atmosphere of agitation and self-consciousness when you constantly see your reflection every time you are in your room or lying in bed and getting ready to sleep.

If the mirrors facing you while you are in bed lead to discomfort, it would be best to relocate the mirrors to other sections of the bedroom.

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