Where Should A Mirror Be Placed In A Bedroom? (Best Places)

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Where Should A Mirror Be Placed In A Bedroom

The best places to put a mirror in a bedroom should be in spots that enhance the aesthetic appeal and serve a practical purpose.

Mirrors are versatile decor pieces that can transform the look and feel of your bedroom. They create an illusion of space, reflect light, and add a touch of elegance.

However, finding the right spot is vital to maximizing their benefits.

Is It OK To Have a Mirror In the Bedroom?

Is It OK To Have a Mirror In the Bedroom?

Having a mirror in the bedroom is okay, and it can bring a lot of charm to your personal space.

A mirror in the bedroom offers practical benefits, making getting ready in the morning a breeze. It provides a full-length view akin to a personal dressing room. 

Mirrors enhance the room’s ambiance by reflecting light and creating a sense of spaciousness, even in cozier spaces.

However, some may feel hesitant due to concerns about intrusiveness. Proper placement is critical; avoiding positioning the mirror directly facing the bed is advised to maintain a tranquil atmosphere. 

How Big Should the Mirror Be In the Bedroom?

How Big Should the Mirror Be In the Bedroom?

Choosing the right-sized mirror for your bedroom is about finding that perfect balance. It should feel like a natural extension of the room rather than an overpowering presence. The ideal mirror size for a bedroom can vary based on your choice. 

When positioning a mirror alongside furniture on a wall, opting for a mirror slightly smaller than the furniture itself is advisable.  Some standard mirror dimensions include:

  • 43 inches in width and 31 inches in height
  • 68 inches in width and 32 inches in height 
  • Approximately 70 inches by 30 inches
  • Wall mirrors typically measure 24 inches by 34 inches 
  • Interior closet mirrors are usually 18 inches by 36 inches

Take a moment to assess and choose a size that feels right for you with these recommendations: 

Consider the Wall Space: Look at the available wall space in your bedroom. Is it a cozy nook or a more spacious area? The size of the mirror should complement this space rather than overwhelm it.

Proportions Matter: Consider the relative size of your bed and other furniture. The mirror shouldn’t dominate the visual field but should harmonize with the existing elements.

Full-Length Mirrors: A full-length mirror can be a fantastic addition if you have the space. It provides a complete view and is especially practical for outfit checks.

BEAUTYPEAK Full Length Mirror 64"x21" Nano Glass, Standing Rectangle Floor Mirrors Body Dressing Wall-Mounted Mirror for Living Room, Bedroom, Black

Standing Rectangle Full-Length Floor Mirrors

Mirrors as Statement Pieces: You might lean toward a larger size if you’re looking for a mirror to serve as a focal point or statement piece in your bedroom decor. This can add an element of drama and elegance to the space.

Multiple Small Mirrors: Consider using a collection of smaller mirrors to create a unique arrangement. This can be a playful and creative way to incorporate mirrors into your bedroom’s design.

MYlovelylands 10x13 inch Black Small Arched Mirror for Bathroom Vanity Mirror or Wall Decor Arch Mirror Brushed Metal Frame Wall Mounted Mirror for Bathroom LivingRoom Bedroom Entryway

Small Arched Mirror for bedroom

Mirrors with Decorative Frames: Pay attention to the frame of the mirror. A larger mirror with an ornate or decorative frame can make a stunning visual impact.

MCS - 83049 22x28 Inch Embossed Accent Wall Mirror, 27 x 33 Inch, White Wood Grain with Silver Trim Finish

Wall-Mounted vs. Leaning Mirrors: Decide whether you want to mount the mirror on the wall or have it leaning against it. This can influence the perceived size and overall aesthetic.

Custom Options: Feel free to explore custom-made mirrors. This allows you to get a mirror that fits your space perfectly in size and style.

Best Places In a Bedroom For Full-Length Mirror

Let’s discuss finding the perfect spot for a full-length mirror in your bedroom. I’ve been through this process, and trust me, it can make a difference. Here are some insights to consider:

1. Behind the Door 

Mounting a full-length mirror on the back of your bedroom door is a fantastic space-saving solution. It’s convenient and keeps the mirror out of the way when unused.

2. Corner Comfort

Placing the mirror in a corner can create a cozy and tucked-away dressing area. This not only saves space but also adds a touch of privacy.

3. Adjacent to the Closet

Bedroom mirror Adjacent to the Closet

Positioning the mirror beside or across from your closet can be a turning point if you have the room. It’s convenient for outfit checks and makes getting dressed a breeze.

4. Opposite a Window

Reflecting natural light from a window can brighten up your room and give it a more spacious feel. Just ensure it doesn’t create too much glare.

5. In the Walk-In Closet

Walk-In Closet mirror in bedroom

A full-length mirror is a must-have if you’re fortunate enough to have a walk-in closet. It’s the perfect space and can even serve as a focal point.

6. At an Angle

Placing the mirror at a slight angle can add a dynamic touch to your space. It’s a minor adjustment that can make a big difference.

Best Places In a Bedroom For Mid-Size Mirror

When placing a mid-size mirror in your bedroom, I’ve found a few spots that work like a charm. The placement should feel intuitive and enhance the overall flow of the room. 

1. Behind a Statement Piece of Furniture

If you have a standout piece of furniture in your bedroom, consider placing the mirror behind it. This adds depth and dimension to the space.

2. Opposite a Window

Placing the mirror across from a window is a game-changer. It reflects natural light, making your bedroom feel brighter and more spacious. It’s like bringing a touch of the outdoors inside.

3. Above a Dresser or Console Table

Mirror Above a Dresser or Console Table

If you have a dresser or a console table, consider mounting the mirror above it. This not only adds a functional element but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of the furniture piece.

4. Behind Nightstands

Consider placing the mirror behind your nightstands if your bedroom layout allows it. This creates a balanced and symmetrical look, especially if you have matching nightstands.

5. As a Standalone Statement Piece

A freestanding mid-size mirror can be a showstopper if you have the floor space. It serves its practical purpose and becomes a striking focal point in the room’s decor.

6. On a Sliding Closet Door

If you have sliding closet doors, consider adding a mirror to one of them. It maximizes space and adds a functional touch to an often-underutilized surface.

Where Should a Mirror Be Placed In a Small Bedroom?

Mirror In a Small Bedroom

Placing a mirror strategically in a small bedroom can bring a refreshing change to a compact bedroom. It’s all about maximizing the space and creating the illusion of openness.

Here are some fundamental points that may grab your interest:

1. Opposite a Window or Light Source

Position the mirror across from a window or a source of natural light. This allows it to reflect the light, instantly brightening and enlarging the room.

2. Behind or Beside Furniture

Opt for a strategic placement behind or beside a piece of furniture, like a dresser or a nightstand. This not only adds functionality but also gives the impression of depth.

3. Consider Mirrored Closet Doors

mirrored sliding doors in small bedroom

If your small bedroom has a closet with hinged doors, consider replacing them with mirrored sliding doors. This saves space and adds the illusion of more square footage.

4. Use Mirrored Tiles or Panels

Mirrored tiles or panels strategically placed on a feature wall can give the impression of a larger, more open space. This is a particularly effective technique in bedrooms with limited natural light.

Places You Should Never Hang A Mirror In A Bedroom

While mirrors can be beautiful additions to a bedroom, their placement matters significantly. Mirrors can be a fantastic addition, but only some areas are ideal. Here are some places you should avoid hanging a mirror to help you create a more harmonious and comfortable bedroom environment:

  • Facing the Bed Directly

One cardinal rule is to avoid hanging a mirror directly facing the bed. This placement can create an unsettling feeling for some people, as it’s believed to disrupt the peaceful energy in the room.

  • Behind the Bed

Placing a mirror directly behind the headboard can be a no-no. It might lead to an uncomfortable sensation of feeling watched while you’re trying to relax or sleep.

  • Over a Cluttered Space

Avoid hanging a mirror over a cluttered or messy area. Mirrors tend to reflect everything in their view, amplifying the chaos and making the room feel more disorganized.

  • Close to a Window

Placing a mirror too close to a window can be counterproductive during the daytime. It may reflect harsh sunlight, creating glares and discomfort.

  • Low Ceilings

If your bedroom has lower ceilings, be cautious about hanging a large mirror on a wall with limited vertical space. It can visually lower the ceiling even further.

  • Awkward Angles

Avoid hanging mirrors at awkward angles that don’t allow you to use them effectively. A mirror should serve a purpose, whether for getting ready or enhancing the room’s aesthetics.

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