What is the Size of a Typical Bedroom Door?

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What is the Size of a Typical Bedroom Door?

There are quite a lot of debates about the size of bedroom doors. That is because many people match their doors to their spaces. You can expect a wider door if there is a big space.

But if you want to look for the most common size of a bedroom, that would be 6 feet, 8 inches tall and 2 feet, 6 inches wide.

I tackled more on the sizes of bedroom doors in the rest of the article. 

What Is the Standard Bedroom Door Size?

What Is the Standard Bedroom Door Size?

The size of a bedroom door varies from person to person. It will depend on how much space there is in the bedroom.

For example, my bedroom door is 6 feet 8 inches tall. It is 2 feet 6 inches wide. But some people may prefer their doors to be taller.

So, they add an extra inch to the height. Some prefer wider doors. So, you may also find bedroom doors that are 2 feet, 8-9 inches wide.

In the US, it is common to find 6 feet and 8-9 inches tall doors. But when it comes to width, the range starts from 2 feet to as wide as 3 feet.

What Is the Minimum Width for a Bedroom Door?

As I said above, the width of your door will vary. It can be as narrow as 2 feet or as wide as 3 feet. It all comes down to what your preferred width is.

You have to check in with your seller to check the narrowest door they have. 

But also note that most narrow doors are usually used for closets or utility rooms. People do not frequent these rooms, so they don’t usually need wide rooms.

Why Should You Use a Wider Door?

Are you wondering where some people have wider doors compared to others? Aside from preference, there are some benefits to having wider doors.

Here are two of them: 

More Space

Having a wide door gives you extra space. A wider door is essential if you plan to add large furniture to your bedroom.

It is especially if you plan to have pre-assembled furniture. Since you have to bring them in as a whole, you will need a wider bedroom door. 

More Inviting

A wider door also looks more inviting. For example, you are asked to choose between two rooms. One room has a wider door than the other.

Most likely, you will choose the one with the wider door. I know, I would choose that one. 

That is because a wider door makes us perceive that the room would be larger than the other.

Since the door is big, then the room must be spacious too! 

More Functional

Wider doors are also more functional. A wider space means more people can pass through at the same time.

This is important in case of emergencies where people can tend to panic and cram through doors. 

These are only some of the reasons why a wider door is better. If you are interested in trying these benefits, then get a wider bedroom door.

Can You Fit All Furniture Through a Standard Bedroom Door?

Can You Fit All Furniture Through a Standard Bedroom Door?

You can fit it through your door depending on how you position your furniture. Here are some things to note for the following furniture: 

A Mattress

We all know that mattresses are tall and wide but thinner. It will be easier to push the mattress through the door if you lay it on its side.

Make sure it is lying sideways but still vertical. 


Couches are tough to pass through a bedroom door. What you need to worry about regarding a couch is the depth. A standard door is around 2 feet, 6-8 inches wide. If you plan to put a couch in your bedroom, go for one with that depth. 

If you plan to get a deeper couch, you may have to carry and move it at an angle. That way, it will go through the door. But since it is deeper, look for a lower height.  

Sleeper Sofa

A sleeper sofa is more or less like a couch. They may have similar dimensions. The main difference is that a sleeper sofa has an extension tucked in.

The extension can be pulled out to turn the sofa into a bed. To get a sleeper sofa into your room, you can follow the same way as the couch. 


Most loveseats are around 2 feet deep with a couple of inches added. With a standard bedroom door size, you won’t find it difficult to fit loveseats.

So, you can lift it and carry it sideways. You can adjust the angle depending on how deep your loveseat is. 


Like the mattress, the bed is another tricky piece of furniture. If you can disassemble the bed, do as much as possible.

That will save you time and effort in fitting it through the door. But if your bed is pre-assembled, you can only try fitting it. 

Like the mattress, you can turn the bed on its side. Then, lift it and carry it through the door. 

Does a Bedroom Even Need a Door?

Yes, your bedroom needs a door. A door will help protect your privacy. Imagine that you are changing your clothes. Then someone passes by.

Since you don’t have a door, then people can see you. 

A bedroom door will also keep you safe from intruders. You can lock your door in case of emergencies or burglary.

Alternatives to Use If You Don’t Have a Bedroom Door?

If doors are not your thing, then you can use alternatives. Some of these alternatives include the following:

  • Drapery curtains

If you want some privacy but keep it simple, the curtains can be a good option. You can use drapery curtains if you want them to be less wispy.

They are heavier than regular curtains, so they sway or move around as much.

  • String curtain

 If you want something playful, then you can use string curtains. Though keep in mind that most string curtains are used for aesthetics. When it comes to privacy, they don’t do much. 

  • Screens

Screens are great too, but like string curtains, they are see-through. So, they won’t do much when it comes to privacy.

  • Room Divider

If you want something sturdier and more door-like, panels and dividers can work. They are mostly wood, so they are pretty like doors. 


What Size Should a Bedroom Door Be for a Wheelchair Fit Through?

To fit a wheelchair, your bedroom door has to be at least 2 feet and 2 to 4 inches wide. But better if wide. This will give ample space for the wheelchair to pass through without issues. 

How Do I Know What Size Door to Buy for the Bedroom?

To know what size bedroom door you need, check your needs. If you don’t need much space, get the standard 6 feet, 8 inches tall, and 2 feet, 6 inches wide. If you need some extra space, then add some inches. You can make your door either taller or wide.

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