How to Make Bedroom Door Look Cool?

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How to Make Bedroom Door Look Cool?

Decorating your bedroom can be both fun and stressful at the same time. And this is especially true if you are conscious of interior design and want everything to be as perfect as possible. Can you relate?

So how can you make your bedroom door look cool?

The truth is that the design of the bedroom door relies on your sense of style and specific features of the room.

But if you are short of ideas, the list of suggested bedroom door designs I prepared will help you find the perfect one that suits your bedroom.

How Can I Decorate My Bedroom Door?

Below are some of the bedroom door ideas you can try in your bedroom area.

Cheap but Effective Way – Door Stickers or Door Decals

Suppose you are aiming for practicality without compromising style. In that case, you don’t need to concern yourself about it. And this is because many money-saving ideas can make your bedroom door under budget.

And probably one of the most effective ways you can achieve such a goal is by carefully choosing the right door sticks or door decals that fit the aesthetics of your bedroom interior.

KACOLOR 3D Stairs Art Door Sticker for Bedroom Livingroom Bathroom, 2PCS Wall Decal Self-Adhesive Waterproof Removable Door Murals Wallpaper Home Decoration (SP-F383)

For example, this 3D Stairs Art Door Sticker for Bedroom looks amazing.

Custom Bedroom Door Stickers, For Example, Your Name On It

You can buy premade door stickers or decals over the internet or at your local home depot. But if you cannot find one that suits your style, you can always have them personalized.

For simplicity and to maintain the integrity of your door’s features, you can instead opt for a customized sticker that bears your name on it or a particular quote you like, for example.

Name or Word Decal - Personalized - Solid and Glitter Color Choices - Custom - Choose Size, Font, and Color - Adhesive Die Cut Vinyl Lettering for Cup, Tumbler, Car Window, Laptop, Boat, Vehicle

Get Personalized name vinyl on Amazon.

Decorative Nails – Unique And Fashionable Door Decorating Idea

Adding decorative nails is a simple yet creative idea to decorate your bedroom door. The great thing about them is that they are cheap but effective in enhancing your bedroom door’s style in a unique and minimalistic way.

However, you must be careful when using nails, especially if the bedroom door is not sturdy enough to handle strong impacts from the hammer. A wrong move can lead to irreparable damages that would cause you to replace the door altogether.

Solid Copper Nails, Lot of 6

Solid Copper Nails From Amazon.

Conceal Your Bedroom Door Using Curtains

Sometimes you may want privacy in your personal space but would still like to keep the doors open for natural lights and airflow. So what is the best solution? You can put up a door curtain that is great for maintaining your privacy without completely closing your doors.

A Door Mirror Will Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

A long-hanging mirror is excellent for making small spaces appear wider and brighter. Again, this idea is another simple and budget-friendly decoration you can create in your bedroom.

The great thing about this humble mirror is that it also enhances the interior design of your bedroom.

Mirrorize Full Length Over the Door, Long Door Hanging Large Mirrors for Wall Full Body, Shatterproof Tall Floor Mirror, 42"X14", White

Get this Full Length Over the Door Mirror from Amazon.

Chalkboard With Endless Information On Your Door

If you don’t want to limit yourself to one design or want to change style once in a while without spending any money, then mounting a chalkboard on your bedroom door can satisfy your creative cravings.

A chalkboard bedroom door allows you to exercise your creative tendencies. You can doodle something unique for each day depending on your mood or write something that inspires you. Or you can use them to remind you of certain things that would improve your productivity.

Chalkboard Vinyl Paper Wall Decal Sticker Adhesive Blackboard, TAKSDAI 2 Rolls Eraserable Adhesive Paper Blackboard Chalkboard Surface Wallpaper with Bonus 10 Colorful Chalks,Each Roll 17.7'' × 78.7''

Get this erasable adhesive paper blackboard chalkboard surface wallpaper for your bedroom doors.

3D Panel Effect with Custom Molding

Although a custom or personalized decal with a 3D panel effect can be expensive, it is a great way to upsize your bedroom door design from regular wall stickers or decals. You can opt for custom molding to improve the design further.

Repaint With Your Design

Instead of putting decorative items that could sometimes clutter your bedroom door, you can repaint the design of the door instead. Doing so not only gives the doors a new look but also adds an extra layer of protection against the elements and makes them last longer.

Wallpaper – Another Simple Method

Another inexpensive way to decorate your bedroom door is to use regular adhesive wallpaper on the surface. For this idea, you can choose to synchronize them with the surrounding wall or a different style that should make the bedroom door stand out.

However, a synchronized environment is not ideal because it often leads to confusion in moments of disorientation. You also have to remember that it is not as stylish if you think about it, especially if you cannot put it together correctly.

A varied design of door wallpaper from the actual walls makes it much more appealing, aside from allowing you to distinguish the doors easily. But you also have to be careful that the wallpapers you use in your bedroom complement the wall designs.

Other Unique Ideas to Decorate Bedroom Door

Below are additional ideas you can reference in your search for the best bedroom door decoration.

Cartoon Favorite Object Or Person

Suppose you are a particular fan of an anime or cartoon character or a well-known personality, and you want to let other people know that you admire them. In this case, decorating your bedroom with paint or adhesive sticker that bears the images that greatly interests you will suit your preferences well.

A word of caution, though—you must be careful when choosing the design you like, especially with premade adhesive stickers or decals. And this is because the wrong design type could ruin the surrounding area’s style.

Washi Tapes – Cheap and Versatile Stuff

Washi tapes are typically arts and crafts items that children use for school projects or artworks. However, some are unaware they are flexible, and you could use them in various projects, including home decorations.

Although they may not cover the entire bedroom door, they are sufficient to give it a new look.

A Wood Slice Decor Idea

Wood slices are usually a front-door decoration. However, you can put them on your bedroom door if you like. As simple as wood slices are, the rough wood grain finish is stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

Flashcards Are Another Adorable Idea

Flashcards containing texts such as your favorite quotes or the name of the bedroom occupant is an adorable way to express yourself directly. Another great advantage of flashcards is that they’re affordable, and you don’t need time and money on paint or well-decorated adhesive decals.

Adornment Floral Door Hanger Idea

Similar to wood slice decors, floral hangers are usually a front-door embellishment. However, they are also excellent for bedroom doors outside or inside. The beauty of the floral decoration on your bedroom door will draw attention to whoever comes across it.

In addition, putting it on the inside area promotes better airflow circulation within the vicinity if you use a live plant.

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