Do Bedrooms Need Windows?

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Do Bedrooms Need Windows?

Bedroom windows are important for keeping the heat out. There are also legal reasons for windows to be in any bedroom. They serve as a deterrent to intruders and provide a sense of security. Using the proper safety guidelines will keep everyone safe.

However, sometimes there needs to be clarity about whether you need a window in your bedroom. So, here’s the good news: you do – and here’s why you need one.

Yes, bedrooms are necessary to have windows. However, there may be exceptional cases. Cities, counties, and states have authority over construction regulations and permit distribution. In addition, bedroom windows provide light, ventilation, and a possible secondary exit.

Does A Bedroom Have To Have A Window?

Yes, having windows is a must, especially in the bedroom. 

Without a good ventilation system, any room will seem suffocating.

Windowed walls create an impression of spaciousness, light, openness, and security. In addition, sunlight improves mood and physiological functioning. It also plays a role in establishing healthy sleep routines.

One of the essential exits should be a bedroom window. Thus there must be two ways out. The minimum requirements for emergency exits are a door and a window, especially in the case of a fire.

In an emergency, like a fire, a bedroom must have access to at least two different exits. A window is one of the most typical secondary exits after a bedroom door

In the event of a fire or carbon monoxide leak, there are times when opening a window can save your life.

Is It Legal For A Bedroom Not To Have a Window USA?

Is It Legal For a Bedroom Not To Have a Window USA?

Yes, the lack of a window in a bedroom is against US law.

The International Residential Code (Chapter 3) mandates that any bedroom includes a window. It serves for natural light, ventilation, and egress.

Each bedroom needs a window that follows the International Building Code:

  • At least 7 square feet
  • Minimum of 20 inches in width
  • Minimum of 24 inches in height
  • Maximum opening height of 44 inches from the floor

Several people perished because the rescue window wasn’t big enough. Most states require lowering windows and stairwells because of the risk of injury. Indeed, this is the rationale behind the requirement of egress windows. 

Keep in mind

The code could affect your county, city, or state area. And each municipality might have the option to reject the uniform code if they choose. This is typically to impose tighter requirements.

Main Reasons To Have A Bedroom Window

Main Reasons to Have a Bedroom Window

There are a few obvious reasons why a window in your bedroom is necessary.

That is why having windows in a room is important for several reasons:

Reason 1: Amount of Daylight  

Windowed walls create an impression of spaciousness, light, openness, and security. In addition, sunlight improves mood and physiological functioning. It also plays a role in establishing healthy sleep routines. 

Daylighting, or natural lighting, is a method that uses exterior glazing windows. This lets in natural light and lowers the need for artificial lighting that saves energy.

Natural light has many positive effects on human health, including the following:

  • Production of vitamin D
  • Regulation of sleep and wake cycles
  • Enhancement of concentration and productivity
  • Promotion of overall well-being

Reason 2: Comfort and Relaxation

Windows, depending on their placement, can provide comfort and relaxation

Windows, depending on their placement, can provide comfort and relaxation.

Having windows installed in a house would be helpful for the people living there. For instance, a bedroom window allows you to breathe fresh air. Especially while still basking in the comfort lighting while reading a good book.

Study shows that a reduction in body temperature before bedtime improves sleep quality. The cool air from an open window not only aids in falling asleep but in maintaining that relaxation as well.

Reason 3: Safety and Protection

You can feel safe if you have provided a ventilation window and locked it. However, if you want to increase the safety and security of your home, go with custom-made windows.

Furthermore, having operable windows can help reduce anxiety about personal safety. The International Residential Code advises that every room must have two exits. In an emergency, such as a fire, you should have access to the outside through a door and at least one window.

Remember that carbon dioxide levels can rise uncomfortably in a room with no windows. Breathing in such a space could leave you exhausted when you finally wake up.

Reason 4: Increase Appeal

The appearance and feel of your home’s energy flow greatly impact the windows. So, the first thing a visitor will notice when entering a home is the windows. 

You can ensure that your windows are well-lit and spotless. Windows provide a crisp, clean appearance. They serve as a lively atmosphere and make people feel welcome.

Bedroom windows always have a significant impact on the ambiance of a home. They are a major factor in a house’s environment since energy enters and leaves through them.

Reason 5: Add To The Home’s Market Value

The profit margin on windows is relatively high. For instance, a bedroom window replacement can give a homeowner a return on investment of 68.6%.

Homebuyers are generally willing to pay a premium for properties. So, a bedroom window upgrade is a great option for reducing heating and cooling costs. Some homeowners qualify for tax credits when they upgrade to energy-efficient windows.

As a result, windows are an excellent way to give your house a facelift. It also exhibits your pride in homeownership.

Reason 6: Maximize Efficiency Gains

Increasing your home’s energy efficiency means using less electricity for heating and cooling. Be sure the house is well-sealed and insulated. 

Energy-efficient windows make homes cozier by blocking drafts. It also raises the temperature on the interior side of the window, where it is less likely to condense.

To reduce the amount of energy, you should install energy-efficient windows. They are also known as energy-saving windows. You’ll save money on energy costs and enjoy a cozier home thanks to the extra insulation they provide.

Bedroom Window Requirements by States and Cities

Bedroom Window Requirements by States and Cities

Habitable rooms in a home must have access to natural light and ventilation. Therefore, they must have windows and doors.

In addition, bedrooms must meet stricter height, breadth, and depth measurements. This is to function as an emergency exit in a fire. However, not all rooms need them, like the bathroom, kitchen, and corridors. 

Still, state laws vary widely, so it’s wise to double-check the regulations in effect on your own. Here are some examples of the various state regulations regarding bedroom windows:

New York

In an emergency, New York State requires basements to include an extra egress. 

The window must have an easy, intuitive method of entry that doesn’t need keys or tools. Each bedroom in a basement with more than one sleeping space must have an exit.

  • Every single bedroom needs to have an exit available
  • At least 5.7 square feet in size
  • A minimum of 24 inches in height and 20 inches in breadth 
  • No more than 44 inches above the finished floor, at least 9 square feet
  • A 36-inch width and a horizontal projection of at least 9 feet
  • Excavated wells in windows that are at least 44 inches deep


Every sleeping area must have a functional emergency exit if you live in Texas.

Every sleeping area must have a functional emergency exit if you live in Texas.

Each sleeping area in a basement that also serves as a bedroom must have a separate emergency exit. All means of egress and rescue must lead immediately to a public way. It should also provide direct access to the accessible route.

  • The emergency escape and rescue opening size is 5.7 square feet (0.530 m2).
  • There should be no more than a 44-inch (1118-mm) difference between the floor and the window sill.
  •  A window well should be at least 9 square feet (0.9 m2) in area
  • Not less than 36 inches in both projection and breadth (914 mm)
  • Rescue openings to be wide open, and a minimum 36-inch passageway


According to Washington’s requirements, there must be at least one bedroom window. 

Additionally, there must be one window in the basement and a usable attic. The following specifications for windows fall under building code (SRC R310)

  • Net clear opening size must be at least 5.7 square feet 
  • Opening at the grade floor may be a minimum of 5 square feet
  • Minimum open window width of 20 inches
  • Minimum opening height of 24 inches
  • The highest possible sill height is 44 inches.
  •  The maximum height for window-opening controls is 70 inches


In Chicago bedrooms must have an easily accessible emergency exit

Basements, habitable attics, and all bedrooms must have an easily accessible emergency exit. It also must have a rescue hatch under Chicago’s building codes.

The window must have an easy method of entry that doesn’t require keys, tools, or special knowledge.

  • An opening of at least 5.7 square feet must be available
  • The clear opening needs to be at least 20 inches in width and 24 inches in height.
  • No more than 44 cm should be over the sill height.
  • The minimum required size for a window well is 9 square feet
  • Any window well that is more than 44 inches deep needs either fixed steps or a ladder


Florida law mandates that egress windows allow firefighters safe entry and exit. 

In case of fire or another emergency, this window must allow entry to a firefighter. The width of the window opening is essential for functional and safety reasons.

  • Only a 5-square-foot clear opening is necessary
  • A minimum net clear opening of 5.7 square feet
  • A minimum height of 24 inches must be for a net clear opening 
  • 20 inches is the minimum for the net clear opening width (508mm).
  • Clear opening height from floor to bottom is at most 44 inches (1118mm)


Window regulations in Virginia fall under section R310. It is under the 2018 Virginia Residential Code.

Virginia building codes require egress windows to have a large opening. In addition, it must be simple to operate.

  • It needs to deliver a clear space of at least 5.7 square feet
  • The minimum clear opening size is 24″ high by 20″ wide
  • If necessary, the window well needs to have a minimum area of 9 square feet
  •  A minimum width of 36 inches and a minimum horizontal projection of at least 9 feet.
  • Permanent steps or a ladder are necessary for any window well deeper than 44 inches.

How To Design Rooms Without Windows?

Rooms without windows can still be functionally and aesthetically pleasing.

Here are a few options to consider if you need to brighten a dark bedroom.


You can install framed mirrors or lit wall panels to provide the appearance of more windows. A reflection might make it seem like there are windows and that the room is larger than it is.

LVSOMT Wall Mounted Mirror, 47"x14" Full Body Mirror, Full Length Mirror, Over The Door Hanging Mirror, Long Mirror for Bedroom Living Room Locker Room, Aluminium Alloy Frame (Black)

Get a large wall-mounted mirror for your bedroom.

Light Colors

Paint walls with soft, warm colors. These tones tend to recede in visual perception. It gives the impression of more space while still maintaining a comfortable atmosphere.

Wall Art

You can draw the eye away from the walls by using a few large, statement pieces of furniture. You may achieve similar results by adding some wall art and other decorations.

Flower Canvas Wall Art for Living Room Plum Blossom Canvas Wall Pictures for Bedroom Wall Decor Abstract Elegant Floral Canvas Prints Artwork Home Wall Decorations Framed Ready to Hang 20" x 40"

Bedroom wall art idea – flower canvas.

White Lights

Lights should be warm white to simulate natural light. Wall washers, sconces, and cove lighting are all excellent examples of accent lighting. You can apply this to illuminate a room.

LED Lamps

The energy savings of LED lights are great, but these bulbs don’t come with dimmer switches. You may use incandescent bulbs to produce light closer to natural daylight.

Is It Healthy To Work In a Room With No Windows?

No, it is not healthy to work in a room without windows.

This is harmful to your health. You should give some thought to modifying the layout of your home so that you may have access to at least one window.

Humans can’t sleep in a room with high carbon monoxide. Health difficulties, especially with breathing, will be severe. The absence of oxygen also hinders our bodies’ ability to rest and recover while we sleep.

In the absence of a window, you should improvise a natural light. An alternative is to install an actual window or follow the steps above. 


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