What Color Grout Looks Best With Black Tile?

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What Color Grout Looks Best With Black Tile?

Like carpeting and wood flooring, black tile is one of the most common in home construction. It offers a nice contrast to all the other colors and textures your walls or floors may have.

However, it’s important to know how the color of your grout will look on your project. So, keep this in mind before you go out and buy a load of black tiles.

Grout is one of the most overlooked aspects of tile in a home. It’s easy to take a room from ordinary to extraordinary. And it only seems logical that you would want to complement this small but essential detail.

The good thing is there are various ways to make black tile work with different grout colors. Let us identify each one!

To maximize the visual impact of your black tile pattern, use a grout color lighter than the tile itself. You can choose from various brown tones, greys, and whites. In the end, you’ll have a softer appearance.

At the same time, you can achieve a more dramatic effect by applying black grout. It’s also worth experimenting with yellow and blue tints.

8 Grout Colors That Look Best With Black Tiles

It’s important to select tiles and grout that complement each other. For example, this might be a unique highlight in the bathroom floor or kitchen backsplash. 

Here are a few options if you’re looking for a color scheme to complement your black tile.

1. Black Tile With Black Grout

A favorite of many designers, timeless black grout can instantly upgrade any area. 

In addition, this color palette works well with a dark tile. For example, a black tile backsplash or shower tiles with black grout give you a classic appeal.

Though it may not be immediately apparent, black grout can still become dirty. Keeping it clean can be difficult, especially in a high-traffic area or near water. If you’re using black grout in a wet area, sealing it is the most important step after grouting the tile.

2. Black Tile With Brown Grout 

The video above shows a rare and excellent color combination: black and brown. It is an ideal blend between black tile’s harshness and brown grout’s gentleness. 

You can use brown grout if that’s what you prefer. But, again, it has a very particular aesthetic that makes it less timeless than the other colors. But when done effectively, it can work and offer a visual element to the area.

Generally, it’s something that homeowners have never done before. But when they do, it’s a surprise to consider after applying this mix.

3. Black Tile With White Grout  

Black and white tile designs are the ultimate of modern minimalism and have stood the test of time.

It creates a contemporary aesthetic by contrasting white grout with black tiles. Subway tile is the ideal place to use the timeless black-and-white high-contrast combination.

You’ll often see this pairing in rustic or country-style kitchens. Both are suitable for use with colorful, striking tiles as neutrals.

A major negative, though, is that white grout shows dirt very quickly. As a result, stains will be visible, and it will be hard to maintain cleanliness.

4. Black Tile With Grey Grout  

Several different grout colors could complement gray tiles. Yet black and white are by far the most common and stylish.

For black tiles and grey grout, a gentle grey just a few shades lighter than the tile is a popular choice. This is because it draws attention to the pattern without being too overpowering.

The top image demonstrates how the shape of the tile becomes clear with grey grout. Then, to top it off, the grout creates a design in empty areas.

 The light gray helps hide dirt to some extent while still providing contrast. 

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5. Black Tile With Off-White Grout  

In most cases, off-white grout offers high performance when blending with black tiles.

Keep in mind that off-white grout can seem great at first. However, it can quickly become unattractive due to grime and stains as it ages.

You can hide blemishes and make it less likely that new ones will appear if you give them a darker blend. However, staining your grout will be lengthy and difficult even if you unseal it.

Overall, white grout may be too bright next to really dark tiles. Think about switching to an off-white grout paint instead.

6. Black Tile With Charcoal Grout  

Calling it a shade of black is appropriate, but it’s easy to get confused with a deep, dark gray, which is what charcoal is.

Charcoal hues are pretty close to black in terms of lightness and brightness. A shade is an intense hue that, when combined with black, creates a range of grays and other off-black tones.

Selecting a dark grout color will help hide any stains or discoloration that may occur over time.

While some may find charcoal grout to be dull, some find it to be elegant and timeless. In addition, it has the advantage of being neither white nor black. Nevertheless, it is resistant to stains and fading.

7. Black Tile With Yellow Grout 

You can see how the lemon-yellow grout gives the countertop an interesting pop of color.

As you can see, it looks fantastic beside sleek black tile. But there isn’t a huge jump in visual sophistication, so the space is still expansive and well-lit.

With yellow’s bright, distinctive design, it can be a welcome addition to any room in the house. It is also excellent for brightening a child’s room, the kitchen, or the bathroom.

Selecting a bright yellow grout color can serve both practical and aesthetic ends. Additionally, you can reveal your imaginative side.

8. Black Tile With Blue Grout

Although using blue grout isn’t for the faint of heart, it is a low-cost approach to give a space an edgy look.

As you can see, the blue grout in this image makes a bold statement without being overpowering. The black accent tiles on the wall are a nice finishing touch.

The accent wall is effective because it contrasts with the black tile that extends to the rest of the space. As a result, this is an excellent concept for a kid-friendly bathroom.

Remember that you can save money by switching out the grout instead of replacing the tiles.

How To Choose Grout Color For Black Tile? 

It’s important to consider the contrast between the black tiles and the grout. First, think about picking tiles from the same shades. Then consider how the colors will look together.

Next is to try and mix it with a darker shade. This way, you can determine what shade would look best against your black tile.

Popular Color Options

Try blending between shades like white and gray. You can also experiment with yellow and blue shades. Additionally, you may choose to use grout that is also black to complement the black tiles.

Pick A Similar Hue Or Tile

In most cases, choose a grout that matches the tile’s color. For example, imagine that your black tile has white speckles throughout.

Select a shade that is one shade lighter than your floor’s primary hue. If it’s white with spots of pigment, go with white.

Put Aesthetics Into Account

Check out which ones you find the most aesthetically beautiful. When installing tile on the floor, avoid using anything too light. This is because it will show every little scratch and spec of dust.

Grout sealers and grout with sealer already mixed in are both available. Although these aid in preventing grout discoloration, they are only partially reliable.

Combining With A Deeper Tone

Choose a grout color that is somewhat darker than the tile. A grout is typically more difficult to clean than the tile itself. Darker outlines are easier to change with minimal visual impact than lighter ones.

Can You Use Black Grout With Black Tile?

Can You Use Black Grout With Black Tile?

Yes, you can use black grout with black tiles.

It has a high level of style, is contemporary, and hides dirt well. Also, having the tile and grout be the same color and sheen gives the whole thing a fascinating new texture. This is one of the interesting things about this combination. 

Compared to lighter grouts, black grouts are less prone to fade over time and better hide dirt. Also, in the bathroom, it can make light tiles appear even brighter, which is a nice aesthetic bonus.

Overall, the use of black grout with black tiles is acceptable. They are a fantastic choice for creating the illusion of a larger room.

What Color Grout Shows the Least Dirt?

Generally, light grout colors such as white don’t lose their brightness over time. However, they are not as effective at covering up stains as darker shades like black.

Gray or a shade of beige is the grout color that is easiest to maintain clean. These tiles are a low-maintenance and great option for busy households.

At the same time, a bright white grout is the hardest to maintain. To save unnecessary maintenance, consider using grout in a neutral gray shade.

How Do You Brighten a Room With Black Tiles?

How Do You Brighten a Room With Black Tiles?

Using white grout between black tiles is a terrific way to brighten a room.

If you’re thinking of using black tile in your kitchen or bathroom, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • You should use black paint instead of tiles on the walls.
  • Choose dark wood flooring to counteract the intensity of the black tile backsplash.
  • Avoid combining a black backsplash tile with a granite or heavily patterned countertop.
  • Opt for glossy black tile instead of flat or matte black tile.
  • Do not use large quantities of dark tile beside natural granite.
  • Remember that white subway tile with dark grout is a timeless choice for wall coverings.
  • If the shower walls and floor are white, you shouldn’t have all-black fixtures.
  • Select white grout to contrast the black tile in an all-white kitchen.

Can You Mix Black And White Grout?

Absolutely, you may achieve a unique look by combining black and white grouts. But you must mix enough for the whole batch and ensure it’s blended properly.

Get black grout as a base color when you initially start grouting. Then, if you have white grout looking dirty or want to switch things up, a black grout pen will do the trick.

On the other hand, a change in grout color is only possible if the grout is not marked with a seal. Remember that you can never paint glazed tile surfaces. Get some dye and test it out before using it on the whole thing.

As a 3rd option, you can either grind out the old grout. Then replace it with new grout of the desired color. At the same time, you can tint the grout lines with a colorant.

Even though regrouting tile is not difficult, it is time-consuming. Therefore, it demands a lot of patience. However, keep in mind that you can always call professional tile installers. They will typically accept regrouting jobs if you cannot do so yourself.


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