What Color Grout Should You Use With White Subway Tile?

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What Color Grout Should You Use With White Subway Tile?

Oftentimes, you can see white subway tiles in countless homes for a good reason. Bright white tiles will help accentuate the look of your concrete floor. In addition, it will pop freely as an individual decorative feature.

So, homeowners must realize that choosing grout is essential in their home projects.

This short guide will help you choose the best grout shade with white subway tiles. As you will learn in this post, you can choose the perfect grout for your floor or walls in multiple ways.

White grout is perfect for a white subway tile backsplash if you want to make your area lighter. Other alternatives include black grout and gray grout that creates a neutral look. Dimensional grout is another option for achieving a shimmering effect.

Then, add some color to the scene by lighting it up or utilizing shades of grout in blue and orange. You can also experiment with yellow and green grout.

What Color Grout Is Best With White Subway Tile?

Subway tiles are a popular bathroom & kitchen flooring choice in media. This is because they represent the standard in most spaces. 

It must be traditional and always in style. Homeowners work hard to avoid making sets that look or feel dated.

Let’s check out the 8 best color schemes on white subway tiles.

1. White Subway Tile With White Grout

White grout can be an elegant touch to your white subway tiles.

However, it requires more work to keep clean because it displays stains more clearly. It also gives a room a clean, modern aesthetic. Yet only if you’re willing to keep it that way.

Even if your tile and grout are the same colors, it will still stand out.

Since white is a neutral color that complements many decors, it is often used as a tile choice.

Overall, using white grout on a backsplash in any space will simplify maintenance. 

2. White Subway Tile With Black Grout 

Because it hides filth and dirt, black grout is a fantastic choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

In most cases, that’s a great help when tidying up. 

As you can see, the kitchen and bathroom aren’t the only places you can use this combination. Remember that you’re not limited to just those spaces.

It’s versatile enough to apply in other settings, such as mudrooms and laundry rooms.

With a white tile as your base, you can apply black grout. Blending these two can create a classic appearance.

3. White Subway Tile With Dimension Grout  

White subway tile with shiny dimensional grout gives any room a sense of refined depth.

This kind of grout gives a space a wholly new and original vibe. It’s a fantastic medium for revealing one’s unique character.

White subway tile with a contrasting grout color is a timeless look. You can modernize a space in countless ways with dimension grout.

Glass tile mosaics can benefit from the reflected qualities of the dimension grout. The glass mosaic tiles will be safe from damage using this grout.

Additionally, it does not rot or mildew when exposed to chemicals. 

4. White Subway Tile With Gray Grout  

Because of the subtle contrast it provides, grey grout is a lovely complement to white tiles.

The tile’s form appears quickly when there is a contrasting color between the tile and the grout. As a result, the grout becomes a pattern when you use it to fill in the empty spaces.

A neutral gray grout is often a good choice to highlight the clean lines of large white tiles. In addition, it may serve as a design’s foundation while blending well with other hues. 

Remember that regular maintenance will keep your grey grout looking new.

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5. White Subway Tile With Blue Grout

To create a warm and welcoming atmosphere chic design, you can pair a white subway tile can with a dark blue grout.

As seen in the image, white tiles with blue grout provide a lively combination in this space. It also features dotted blue tiles along with white ones. This makes it a perfect blend.

As mentioned earlier, a darker grout is preferable since it hides dirt. In addition, it won’t fade as soon. 

Furthermore, it can improve the room’s aesthetic by making white tiles appear brighter.

6. White Subway Tile With Orange Grout 

If you’re looking for an updated appeal, look at the range beyond traditional neutrals.

Orange is a particularly trendy color because of its bright and unexpected nature. Grouting white tiles with these unusual hues will give them a gleaming effect.

Even though this isn’t something everyone would enjoy, finding the right balance may take some research.

Although they’re more fun, unusual orange grout may require more maintenance.

When you clean it with powerful chemicals, orange grout might lose its appearance. As a result, it is impossible to restore the color to its original brilliance. 

7. White Subway Tile With Yellow Grout 

The versatility of white means you can try out different patterns with yellow grout.

It will surely give your bathroom or kitchen a welcoming atmosphere.

When trying to experiment, use a bright pastel, like the one seen above, to make a statement in a guest bathroom. In this case, a high-quality yellow’s sunny appearance brightens it up. 

Meanwhile, high-quality yellow grout also works wonderfully in contrast to darker tiles.

As you can see, traditional white and yellow are timeless colors. Both hues have an air of cleanliness and freshness. 

Therefore, you can always combine it without appearing dull and lifeless.

8. White Subway Tile With Green Grout  

To get a spectacular appearance with a soothing atmosphere, go for a greenish tint.

This kitchen sink shows how green-colored grout changes square tile instantly. 

Experimenting with green grout can add or enhance plain tile and the space itself. This makes it perfect for a kids’ bathroom or powder room.

Choose a lime green grout for a modern and refreshing design. At the same time, go for a darker color, like forest green, for greater depth between the tiles.

Any shade of green will pop against the white. But it’s best to pick one that complements the rest of your furnishings.

Green is versatile, with various green tones to suit any decor or setting.

What Color Grout Does Joanna Gaines Use With White Subway Tile?

According to HGTV, Joanna favors white subway tiles with dark grey grout.

She believes the tiles will pop out against the grout, giving the space a new dimension.

If your kitchen is already chaotic, Joanna recommends avoiding her top pick. Instead, use lighter grout to make things look less rough around the edges.

Choose white grout and corrected edges for a classic look that will last time. 

At the same time, going with a darker grout color will give your design a more modern, industrial vibe.

Joanna Gaines has always had a soft spot for subway tile. She still likes it the same way she did ten years ago.

What Kind Of Grout To Use With Subway Tile?

What Kind Of Grout To Use With Subway Tile?

In most cases, unsanded grouts are the ideal option for usage with subway tiles.

This is due to their tight joint requirements during installation.

Unsanded grout, also known as non-sanded grout, is ideal for grout lines as narrow as 1/8 inch. When tiling a vertical surface, unsanded grout is preferable due to its greater ease of use.

Unsanded grout is not comprised of sand, making it ideal for use on fragile tile surfaces. While sealing is not always necessary with unsanded grout, it is strongly advisable.

Overall, unsanded grout is preferable for walls, countertops, and bathtub enclosures. As mentioned, there is a superior bond to attach surfaces and hairline grout lines.


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