What Color Front Door Fits Best for a White House?

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What Color Front Door Fits Best for a White House?

Homeowners can use resources like paint colors to change the look of their houses. However, the front door’s color can also be one of the biggest changes to your house. So it’s important to go through different colors and see what looks best. 

We have listed the most prestigious names in the paint and coatings business. These include Benjamin Moore Cape, Farrow & Ball, and Sherwin-Williams. They provide paint colors with a suitable tint for your home’s front doors.

Choose a front door color that reflects your taste and character to make your white home stand out. Select from a palette that includes black, blue, red, green, gold, gray, and even peach. You can express yourself in any way you see fit, including a bright, eye-catching hue on the front door.

14 Best Front Door Colors For White Houses

1) Glossy Black Front Door 

Even though you can choose any finish, glossy black door paints are usually best for doors. This is because they stand out and highlight these architectural features. 

They also tend to hold up better to nicks and scrapes than flat, which means they could last longer. Gloss paint has more shine than satin paint and is usually more durable and easier to clean. 

Another great reason to choose a black front door is that it’s easy to clean and maintain. It’s very easy to keep your black front door looking good. They’re almost impossible to scratch; if they do, black paint is cheap and easy to find.

2) Matte Black Front Door

Matte Black Front Door

Black in its matte form is a simple, clean hue, bold, and daring. It radiates a strong and commanding presence.

A touch of matte black door hardware may elevate the design of any entrance or room. A room with this finish is sure to impress guests. You can find black matte doors in contemporary and Hampton-style homes.

Adding black door hardware to your renovation project is quick and easy. It gives your home’s interior a more modern and upscale look. The stark contrast of all-black door hardware is pleasant that will best fit your white house.

3) Benjamin Moore Cape May Cobblestone (1474) Front Door

You can’t go wrong with Cape May Cobblestone. It is darker but a classy alternative made by Benjamin Moore for your front door.

It is a timeless, sophisticated gray that makes even the tiniest of rooms feel more expansive. It is great for bathrooms, powder rooms, hallways, and front doors.

While it appears in neutral indoors, this color comes to life when exposed to sunlight. Green or blue undertones are more noticeable at times. However, the overall hue is relatively neutral.

It complements a wide range of architectural styles, from classic to modern. It looks great with black shutters and wood accents, and you can apply it to other types of cladding.

4) Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue (HC-143) Front Door

In 2012, this comforting shade was Pantone’s Color of the Year. It’s because of its ability to work well in various settings. It’s great as an accent color and dark enough to stand out against the white shade of your house. 

Wythe Blue is stunning. Muted gray-green is especially lovely in rooms with little to no natural light. It will look more aqua blue in rooms that face West or have a lot of natural light.

The Wythe Blue paint is a fantastic all-purpose paint option. It has a soothing beachy vibe thanks to the white trim, sandy beige, and seagrass.

5) Benjamin Moore Heritage Red (HC-181) Front Door 

A true fire engine red will be stunningly striking if your home is in the Federalist or Craftsman style. In the past, it was common practice to paint front doors a bright red as a sign of hospitality.

Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore is an authentic bright red that brings energy and vibrancy to a muted façade. The Raspberry Blush 2008–2023 Color of the Year inspires this hue. Vivid coral color with rosy undertones.

Add some contrast by installing black hardware and kick plates on your brand-new red door. Do not be afraid to use plants and flowers. However, keep things simple by using tiny, healthy shrubs in pots or hanging baskets.

6) Benjamin Moore Tarrytown Green (HC-134) Front Door  

Benjamin Moore’s Tarrytown Green (HC-134) is a handsomely classic deep green. These rooms and exteriors may persuade you to give them a try.

This hue is nearly identical to Lafayette Green, with a little bit more complexity added. These emerald tones, with their gold and white highlights. Putting some of these plants in a vase by your front door is a great idea.

It is a very sophisticated and classy color, according to Benjamin Moore. It has a polished and dashing air about it. It may come alive when combined with earthy, boho furnishings. The classic appeal of old brick calls for a smart color choice to highlight its character.

7) Benjamin Moore Marblehead Gold (HC-11) Front Door  

Benjamin Moore’s Marblehead Gold is cheerful and sunshine yellow. It will definitely look great on the exterior of your home’s front door.

It creates a beautiful accent color that works well with neutral grays and creams for the sides and trim. In contrast to traditional yellow gold, Marblehead Gold has a distinct mustard undertone. It’s striking and goes well with a wide range of other hues.

As they say, go for the gold.

The appearance of the outside entrance is important. And there are no limitations on your color choices for the house. So homeowners can add a visual blend by painting the front door a stunning gold color. It makes it perfect with a neutral white house.

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8) Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray (HC-168) Front Door

Property owners use Chelsea Gray to elevate front doors to match their white houses. The potential applications of this canvas are limitless.

The brownish violet tones of Chelsea Gray are all quite rich. The purple undertones can become more noticeable when used with cooler paint colors. Its color has a very subtle green undertone that might make your outside look warmer when the sun hits it.

If your home is south-facing exposure, Chelsea Gray appears warmer. As a deep color, Chelsea Gray helps soften an environment that’s too bright.

9) Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue (No. 85) Front Door

Your front doors would look great painted in Farrow & Ball Oval Room Blue, a shimmering teal.

To achieve its ageless simplicity, Farrow & Ball’s Oval Room Blue is the darkest of their blues. As a result, it pairs well with trendy grays. In modern homes, it works well in the foyer or in a more intimate media room to provide a sense of depth and balance. Try to undercoat it in a dark or medium color.

Blue symbolizes cool, calm, and collection. It makes it a fantastic choice for front doors. This is because it is both aesthetically pleasing and psychologically comforting.

10) Farrow & Ball Stony Ground (No. 211) Front Door

Stony Ground is an earthy beige with a hint of red that is suggestive of a traditional stone color.

The features make it perfect for wooden surfaces, such as entry doors. It is one of the neutral shades and the best-selling wallpaper background colors. Farrow & Ball included it in their line of highly pigmented paints. This low 20% sheen is as sturdy as it is beautiful, as it is highly resistant to a wide range of stains, including wine.

For a subtle, well-balanced color scheme, it works wonders with Shaded White. You can also blend it with a bolder Mouse’s Back.

11) Farrow & Ball Farrow & Ball Pigeon (No.25) Front Door

Pigeon, a softer and more blue-toned version of modern greys, works well in front doors. 

They also blend with mudrooms and cloakrooms. Also, you can use it in more subdued settings like libraries and study areas. Angela Simpson, a co-founder of Farrow & Ball, notes that “Pigeon” is a staple color for the company. Its warm tone and vintage coloring work for any area and, most crucially, any room scale.

Pigeon goes well with Farrow & Ball’s Shaded White, Slipper Satin, Cromarty, and Blue Gray. 

12) Sherwin Williams Persimmon (SW 6339) Front Door 

Persimmon is a mellow, vibrant orange that can enliven any space.

The shade is warm and welcoming, perfect for making visitors feel at home. Because of this, it’s a fantastic shade for a front door’s entrance. You will feel at ease stepping into a space designed with bright, calming tones.

Persimmon, a less vibrant version of orange. It conveys all the positive emotions associated with that color without being overpowering. The color orange is typically associated with energy and vitality. Even though it isn’t bright, it makes people smile and feel upbeat.

13) Sherwin Williams Billowy Breeze (SW 9055) Front Door

Sherwin-Williams blue paint hue Billowy Breeze is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. 

Most homeowners prefer them for use as entrance doors. This icy blue color shines with incredible luminosity and reflectiveness. Use it with less pronounced or loud colors.

You can also blend this stunning blue in your home with sufficient room and natural light. Thus, it would be best to incorporate them along the south and west walls. This color is acceptable for use in contemporary and coastal interior design.

14) Sherwin Williams Center Stage (SW 6920) Front Door

Center Stage by Sherwin Williams is a refreshingly modern mint green. Applying this shade to your front door can steal the show on any home’s facade.

Since it is so bold and intense, it would only work nicely on the doors, not the interior or external walls. All-white exteriors with light gray walls are great companions with this shade. 

Choosing this as your front door color is a surefire way to make a bold statement. You can create a positive value about your family’s lively character.


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