What Is the Safest Front Door To Buy?

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What Is the Safest Front Door To Buy?

Home security and protecting our family from invaders are indeed a top priority. And the first line of defense we must take care of is our front doors.

Therefore, you may ask what the safest front doors to buy are. What considerations do we have to focus on to avail the right front doors to keep our family safe?

Steel doors provide the most security. Its composition is extremely durable, and given that you’ve selected the right mechanism, it’s almost next to impossible to break down.

However, it may be impractical for some homeowners regarding aesthetics and cost. If you are searching for alternatives besides steel doors, I encourage you to proceed with today’s blog to learn more about the subject matter.

What Is the Strongest And Safest Material For a Front Door?

What Is the Strongest And Safest Material For a Front Door?

The strongest and most reliable material is steel, which makes them the safest front door if you are particularly concerned about home security. In the event of a potential home invasion, it will greatly impede burglars from entering your house.

The material is almost impossible to penetrate, but you must also note the door’s mechanism. And this is because home invaders with knowledge of the steel doors can get around the security. Nevertheless, security is not a question if you opt for a steel door.

Although they are extremely safe, they can be impractical for some homeowners for several reasons. They are expensive and won’t be the right choice for individuals who are conscious about their home’s interior design.

And if this is the case, then there are alternatives to steel doors that can give you the home protection you seek, such as hardwood, fiberglass, and aluminum.

What Kind Of Front Door Is the Most Secure?

The following are the door types that provide the most security.

Wood Door. Are Wood Front Doors Safe?

Wood doors, are they safe

There are several types of woods. And each type gives you various qualities that are appropriate for different purposes. Thus, wood can be a good option for home security, depending on what kind of wood you install as a front door.

But when it comes to wood doors, there are always two types you have to select: a solid wood or a wood door with an insulated core.

A layered door is soft, so it needs an insulated core to reinforce the security features of the home fixture. A layered door will cost approximately around $200 and $500.

On the other hand, a hard door is simple and provides more security. However, it is more expensive and will cost you at least $600.

But hardwood options like maple or oak are the best if you want a wood door with the most reliable security features. However, it is expensive and costs around $2,000 to $4,000.

Steel Door

As mentioned earlier, steel doors will give you the best home protection for your family and residing in your household. They are extremely durable against the elements and pressure, making it very difficult for home people to trespass on your home.

The problem with steel, however, is that it can be quite impractical. Although you may find cheap ones in the market, the best steel doors are a little pricey and not cost-effective.

It would help if you were more diligent in maintenance because it gets more challenging to fix when the steel begins to tarnish.

Fiberglass Door

Fiberglass doors are something we usually see in office space because of their durability. These types of doors are highly tolerant against weathering and strong force impacts. In addition, they are less expensive and a lot easier to maintain.

Although this may be the case—you can also use a fiberglass door installation because they have a high tolerance against strong forces, as discussed earlier.

Aluminum Door. Are Aluminum Doors Safe?

Aluminum doors are uncommonly in either commercial establishments or a typical modern home. They have similar characteristics to steel but are harder but more expensive, with a starting cost of $600 and higher.

In addition, you have to take note of the installation cost, which leads you to spend at least $1,000. But an aluminum door is worth every penny if you emphasize home security and have the budget for it.

Things To Look For When Searching For a Safest Front Door

Aside from the composition of the front door, there are other considerations that you have to note, such as the main locking mechanism of the door and another layer of locks for added protection.

What Is the Safest Type Of Front Door Lock?

First and foremost, we have to talk about the main locking mechanism of the front door. These two popular front door locks offer different functions, and the type of lock you will install relies on the owners’ personal preferences and purposes.

  • Deadbolt Lockset – the traditional locks we use in our homes. Although traditional, they are still the most reliable and secure locking mechanism.
  • Smart Lockset – as the name suggests, it is a modern lockset that uses several mechanisms such as PIN lock or fingerprint scanner. Even though they’re relatively contemporary, they are not as reliable because such technology is prone to system failure and the like

What Is the Safest Lock For a Front Door?

You can improve your home security by adding an extra layer of protection, such as a latch. Below are some of the common types of locks that will keep your mind at ease every time you are taking a rest or away from your home:

  • Padlocks
  • Cam Locks
  • Keypad Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Knob Locks

Is It Hard To Kick A Door Down?

Is It Hard To Kick A Door Down?

Regardless of the type and place of installation, the weakest section of any door is where you’ll find the locking mechanism. Similar to what you see in the movies, a home invader can easily break into your home when a kick or heavy objects induce a strong impact.

What Is the Most Common Entry Point For Burglars?

You must first note that the most common point of entry for home invaders is your front door. Yes, most backdoors are usually glass or fiberglass, making them easy access for burglars, but they have backyard fences to keep them from entering the premises.

What Do Burglars Want Most From Your Home?

Burglars do not have good intentions when they trespass into your home uninvited. And the most common cause that motivates home invaders is theft and robbery.

They are attracted to invading your household because they believe you possess valuable stuff to profit them. As a result, they burglarize your home and steal your possessions.

How Do You Burglar-Proof a Front Door?

A usual practice by some homeowners is they always leave a spare key under the mat or flower pot in case they lose their main keys to the front door.

Now, this is no secret to burglars. They are well aware of this risky tradition, the first place they check into when they’re planning to break into your home.

Another thing to make your home burglar-proof is installing additional protection like reinforcement plates or a set of locks mounted on the door frames or windows.

Last but most importantly, double-check the doors, windows, and other entry points when you are about to get a good night’s rest or leave your home.

Is a Glass Front Door a Security Risk?

Yes. Although having a glass front door or embellishing it with glass frames on its frames is somewhat stylish, it is highly risky because all a burglar has to do is use a blunt object to break in.

Even if you have a home security system installed at home, it won’t matter as much if the intruders move fast and they already obtain the things they want.

It would be best if you refrain from using glass materials at the entrance of your front porch to increase your home security.

Is It Safer For the Door To Swing In Or Out?

Front doors that swing inward are more secure because the hinges are inside and concealed from the people on your porch. As a result, it will impede burglars from entering the premises uninvited.

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