Best Ideas To Cover Front Door Window

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Best Ideas To Cover Front Door Window

Do you want to protect your home from the elements but need to know what to choose for window coverings? Front door curtains are a stylish and inexpensive way to achieve that. Depending on your budget and design preferences, many styles of curtains are available.

This is why these windows must look their best. Proper decorating can add instant curb appeal to your entryway and make it look better. This article will discuss the ten best ways to get the best entry door window coverings. 

The best idea to cover a front door window is to apply curtains, blinds, wood drapery, and roman bamboo shades. At the same time, you can also use window valance, vertical blinds, door and tie-up panels, and window film. 

These options are perfect if you need to cover something functional yet want a great look. Let’s begin.

10 Best Entry Door Window Coverings

Window covers are the greatest option since they improve the aesthetics of a room. It applies to regulating the temperature, the amount of light coming in, and the level of privacy you desire. So, shades are ideal for damp spaces like the bathroom and kitchen. Meanwhile, full-length drapes are excellent for larger rooms like bedrooms.

Coverings for windows, such as sheers, can create a minimalistic effect. It can achieve movement and light through these styles.

Natural materials, like wood, are making a stylish comeback, too. Others provide fascinating texture as well.

Consider your home’s size and personal preferences when choosing a door covering.

Here are the top ten current examples of fashionable window coverings.


To prevent prying eyes from the outside, curtains should cover the entire window. Also, it must reach the floor. You want them to be as long as possible so they completely enclose the window.

It’s best to hang the sheer or ultra-thin curtain panels against the glass. To convert from drapes to sheers, you need only rearrange a single set of panels.

The translucent light can pass through every time you close the panels. Closing the sheer panels against the window prevents any light from coming in.


Blinds are one of the most common types of window coverings in homes. 

They are simple to set up and control and provide any space with a nice, unified appearance. You can get your hands on them without breaking the bank, and they are also accessible.

They are available in many different materials, from wood and vinyl to metal and fabric. Roller blinds are a popular choice to dim the light in a room. They are often used in living rooms and bedrooms.

You can modernize any space with blinds. For example, you can block out the sun or keep the house dark.

Wood Drapery

They are a timeless classic that may improve the look of any space. They can withstand heavy foot traffic and the wear and tear of pets. It also prevents children from scratching it off. It only requires the least amount of care and upkeep.

You can customize it to woven bamboo, jute, grasses, wood blinds, and wooden blinds. It is best to meet any window’s size or shape.

Draperies made of wood are sturdy and long-lasting. They add a touch of class and sophistication to any area in the house at a reasonable price and last a long time.

Roman Shades

Roman shades, a popular type of blind, are a good option for your family room. This is because you can roll them up instead of hanging them down or across the window.

The primary benefit of a roman blind is the air of elegance and class that it brings to a space.

Test out a roman shade if you want something sophisticated. It comes in a wider variety of colors and patterns and can also provide a little more insulation.

You can fold it in attractive ways in roman shades to create a soft, billowy effect when they aren’t drawn.

Bamboo Shades

The addition of bamboo blinds to a space elevates the decor. Because of how long they last, you can count on them. They perform the same task as standard blinds. Therefore, keeping them in good condition is not a major hassle.

You must cut hair taller than the size of the window frame by concealing the bamboo pole. Then, you must position the beam on top of the bamboo mat, cover it, and secure it using cable ties.

But bamboo blinds are only ideal for some interior design schemes and can be expensive.

Window Valance

The valance is a window treatment style that extends above the window sill.

It is a type of window treatment that covers the upper part of a window. You can use window valances to dress up the top of a plain window by adding a new layer of texture, color, or pattern.

Window shade hardware or basic curtain rods must be during installation.

You can use fabric to create valances draped from curtain rods. The cloth can stay in its pleated, gathered, or swagged state.

Vertical Blinds

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Get these natural woven vertical blinds on Amazon.

Vertical blinds are a practical and pleasing addition to any window treatment. You can find various sizes, designs, and price ranges.

Panels or louvers are the building blocks of vertical blinds. It usually attaches the top track by clips. The panels or louvers connect the weights and balance chains at the blind’s foot.

Many homes still choose vertical blinds because they are both cheap and classic. Homeowners use it in any space, from the bathroom to the workplace to the corridor, and it will look amazing. When you install vertical blinds, all your windows will look like a continuous panel.

Door Curtain Panel

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Your best bet is to get a door curtain panel if your front door is glass. These panels are so large that they cover the entire door, giving you complete seclusion. 

Curtain panels inside a door provide an extra layer of protection. The plastic flaps that hung in the previous doorway will replace this. People and goods can pass through an air curtain, but the air itself cannot.

Privacy Window Film

You need a smart window film that blocks out light during the day and at night. This is to prevent prying eyes from peering inside.

Tinted glasses are one alternative to smart window film. But there are other options, ranging from simple window film solutions. These are strong glasses whose tint adjusts according to the lighting.

Keep in mind

Clear or elegant window films block UVA and UVB radiation during the day.

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Tie-Up Door Panel

An optional tie-up door panel can be convenient for any door with panes of glass. These include French doors and glass entryways. You can install these panels to block the light from the window or keep the room private.

Doors might look complete and attractive with tiebacks. But tie-up door panels can complement or clash with the hue of the doors they adorn.

Front Door Curtain Ideas

A curtain is a low-cost solution to add privacy to a room with a beautiful glass window or sidelight in a doorway. Selecting a tieback in a coordinating color is a versatile option that may be in demand.

Room Divider Curtain Ideas

You can create more defined spaces by hanging curtains on the doorways. This on-trend element of the design you can use to divide a space. Or act as a decorative accent in a corridor and complement a variety of decor schemes. Door curtains are a space-saving option if a fixed door frame is inappropriate.

French Door Curtain Ideas

French Door Curtain Ideas

Choose linens and cotton that are lighter in color since they will let some light in. They have a medium-weight fabric, so they’ll flow from floor to ceiling. Floral prints and designs draw inspiration from the outdoors. It makes the space feel clean and relaxing.

Storage Door Curtain Ideas

Curtains for your kitchen door are a great way to give your space a unique look and feel. They are common in cottage-style homes and diversify the interior’s texture. They also serve as a conversation piece. Block materials and modern country fabrics will offer stunning designs to your kitchen. 

Most of these ideas you can apply to unused doors as well.

How Do You Hang Curtains On a Front Door Window?

You can hang the curtains on a front door window by fastening it on the rod two to six inches down from the ceiling. Then extend it a foot or more beyond the window on each side. 

Step 1: Figure out how high you want to hang the rods. 

Get the right size curtain brackets by figuring out the depth of your window molding. Measure and mark the placement of your brackets using a pencil and measuring tape. This is to ensure that your curtains will brush the floor or float above it, 

Step 2: Set up the curtain rod and hang the drapes.

Hang the draperies from the rod. When you know where to put the curtain rods, hanging the curtains is a breeze. Mount the brackets with a screwdriver and a level to ensure vertical alignment.

Step 3: Hang the draperies from the rod.

If your curtains have big grommets or eyelets, thread the rod through them. You can use curtain rings or clips to secure the panels to the pole. Next, insert the rod into the brackets so you may now hang the curtains.

How Can I Bring In Light But Gain Privacy?

Consider installing blackout shades or drapes to bring in light but gain privacy. 

It serves as a shield for your space from prying eyes and unwanted light.

Many blinds are available nowadays to meet any decor or practical need. Honeycomb blinds made from blackout fabric are a great option since they can block out light.

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Check these Honeycomb blinds as an example.

They also block heat while also acting as a form of insulation.

You can also add a translucent one-way frosted glass film on your windows if you’d want to have privacy all the time. Light can enter through the glass, but you can’t see too far into the distance.

Should I Have A Window On Front Door?

Yes, you can have a window on your front door. 

Aesthetics, glass doors are far superior to their wooden counterparts. Yet, you can ensure privacy with solid doors. You can insulate modern glass doors to make them as energy-efficient as solid ones. If your front room is always dark, replacing your solid door with glass may be the solution.

Having a window in your front door will let in more natural light. It makes your entrance welcoming and gives visitors a better first impression. The extra illumination can even warm the space depending on the window size.

How Can I Cover My Front Door Windows Cheaply?

You can cover your front door cheaply by using blinds.

Blinds are your best bet when looking for a low-cost solution for window coverings. Blinds come in a wide range of prices and varieties. You can choose from blackout linings, unique finishes, and high-quality textiles. Yet, it can increase costs.

  • Roller blinds are the most cost-effective option when shopping for window coverings. When it comes to blinds, these are the easiest to construct, and no special tools are necessary. 
  • Polyester roller blinds are a little less expensive than vinyl. Even fact that they are not waterproof.

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Keep in mind

Polyester roller blinds will be the most budget-friendly choice for most spaces.

What Are Door Curtains Called?

Door curtains refer to a portiere.

A portiere is a draped curtain used to cover a doorless entrance. The French term for “door,” Porte, is where the name of this place started. It is also known as “door drapery,” which became common in Europe in the 4th century.

Since they are so easy to create, you can change them to fit any decor. Today’s designers recognize the portiere’s practicality. 

However, they also value and see it as an ancient custom worthy of reinstating. Whether you’re looking to up the drama or save on heating costs, this is a design choice you may want to consider.


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