Creative Ways To Cover A Doorway Without A Door

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Creative Ways To Cover A Doorway Without A Door

If you have a door to your room that doesn’t match the rest of your decor. Or, if you can’t find a suitable way to get used doorways covered, try these creative ways. You might surprise yourself at how simple and easy it is to hide an unused doorway from view.

There are many creative ways to cover a doorway. Finding the best option for your situation may take a few minutes, but it is well worth the effort.

Some creative ways to cover a doorway without a door are to use curtains, rope dividers, or a screen divider. Other options include a bookcase, roman shades, or an accordion-style divider.

Can You Have a Doorway Without a Door?

Yes, you can have a doorway without a door. 

A doorway is an opening that provides access to and from the outside of a home or a building.

Covering your entryway is an excellent option if you want some privacy. This can also add to making some home improvements. There are situations where a door is not applied due to aesthetics, practicality, or the scope of the work.

There are a variety of methods to conceal a doorway. You can disguise your home’s entrance in a variety of ways. You can apply your imagination and whatever materials you have at hand.

You can either leave it unfinished with plaster or a gypsum board. Otherwise, finish it like a doorway with a wood jamb liner and case moldings. There will be a slight improvement in durability after trimming an entrance.

What Can I Use To Cover Doorway Instead Of a Door?

Covering your doorway, use a beaded and heavy curtain instead of a door. Then, you can blend in with the background if you pick the right colors.

You may also use decorative elements like rope or macrame and screens in your space. Roman shades, an accordion, and a bookcase are all great additions to the light vibe.

Beaded Curtains – Lightweight And Stylish

Find the ideal beaded curtains, ones that are both lightweight and fashionable. Then, place it at the entrance to your home for privacy and decoration.

Beaded curtains are attractive and also functional as room dividers and window treatments. It’s something you can have to add a unique touch to your home’s decor.

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You can choose from a wide variety of materials, from plastic beads to wooden ones. Besides the walls, the living room and the hallway are all great places to hang beaded curtains.

It’s also adaptable for many surfaces, including walls, cabinets, and shelves. So you can also apply it on wardrobes, balconies, kitchens, and offices.

It can provide air circulation, making the air fresher at home with your kids. Changing the look of your hallway can give your space a whole new feel and help you express your character.

Cost-Effective Way – Heavy Curtains

Shade, privacy, and protection from the sun’s rays are why people have used curtains for ages. 

Thick and heavy curtains can do double duty in any space. They conceal your belongings while also making a design statement. Depending on your goals for the room, you should select the appropriate type of curtain. 

It’s necessary for any home because it gives you privacy and controls how much light comes in. Blinds and shades are other ways to cover windows, but curtains do more than keep out the sun and give you privacy.

Heavy curtains are a great way to give hallways some extra flair, color, and character. They help keep the heat in during the winter and the cold out during the summer. They also add a degree of security and privacy to your property. 

You can pick a set that complements your existing furnishings. Remember that they are available in many designs, colors, and sizes.

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Rope Dividers or Macrame

Using ropes is an elegant and low-cost alternative to building a door when you need to section off a large room.

Build a rope drape, set up a coffee table with trinkets, and fill the space with greenery. In an open floor plan, this can serve as a valance to divide the space.

Making your macrame is like making a gigantic friendship bracelet. Learning the basic knots will let you progress and create your unique patterns.

It takes only around an hour to build a macramé plant hanger. In contrast, a more complex DIY macramé wall hanging could take four hours or more to complete.

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Japanese Traditional Way – Screen Dividers

Japanese screen dividers are also a great way to cover your doorway.

Shoji Screens

If you have familiarity with Japanese architecture, you will recognize the shoji screen. Sliding doors and paper walls are a hallmark of Japanese architecture and culture. 

The classic shoji screen is a room divider made of translucent paper over a wooden frame. In Japan, a sliding wooden frame contains a rice paper screen known as a shoji.

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Byōbu Screen

Japanese folding screens, known as byobu, also play a role in Japanese homes. Byobu paper serves as a room separator but is also valued for its artistic value. 

Japanese uses these dividers to separate a living space into two distinct zones. It will shield you from prying eyes while allowing natural light to fill your room.

These doors are light because they contain paper, and you can easily slide them in and out when needed.

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Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

When deciding on a doorway, you should consider the amount of natural light coming into the room.

Roman Blinds take up only one more inch of vertical space when wrapped to the top. This will need to set up blinds far above the top of the sliding doors. As a result, it will waste valuable floor space during the walk-through.

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To shade your window, roman shades are the standard. The door isn’t necessary, but the entrance into your home is. Some examples are bamboo or decorative fabrics.

It’s a great option because it can touch all the way down for privacy and roll up when it’s not necessary.


If your home’s hallway or staircase is narrow enough, you can put a bookcase to cover your doorway.

To create a more dominant and personal feel, floor-to-ceiling ones are the way to go. But it’s possible to fit a shorter design into a smaller room. Then you can use the open top to learn artwork or store coffee table books.

A bookcase will provide extra storage space, but it will also add character to the room.

Add in some quirky trinkets, ornamental touches, or unique keepsakes. You’ll feel more at home and enjoy the area more if you decorate it with personal objects.

Accordion-Style Divider

Folding doors or accordions is another option to cover your doorway.

Accordion doors consist of several long panels together with a strip of material. To fold doors, this strip can expand and contract.

It’s no secret that accordion doors are a popular way to divide a room into smaller sections. Choosing this can help you save on precious floor space. It only consumes minimal space due to its folding design. The result is that they don’t stick out very far from the opening’s entrance.

Sectioning off a space as open floor plans has become more popular in residential design. Yet, this raises the need to divide a space into distinct zones and creates a doorway.

Accordion doors contain various materials such as wood, glass, plastic, and vinyl.

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Folding Screens

You can use folding screens to divide a large room and change its layout and atmosphere.

You can use these items to conceal hallway features, such as serving as a doorway. Screens can also serve as a passageway leading to another room.

They serve dual purposes in the home as both room separators and decorative accents. They can be plain and undressed to highlight the form and construction. At the same time, you can recreate it into a bold fabric.

Compared to other options, this one is more flexible in its application. This means you can take the cover and move it whenever necessary.

Bohemian Tassels

Lastly, you can decorate your door with colorful bohemian tassels.

A tassel is a decorative trim used in sewing and sewing-related crafts. Different cultures use it as a decorative element, but it always looks the same.

Use them to hold back drapes, as drawer pulls, or as a finishing touch from the ceiling to cover a doorway. The creative potential for using bohemian tassels in interior design is limitless.

Bohemian decor is only complete with the inclusion of decorative tassels. They are the perfect way to liven up a space in your house with color, texture, and fun.

How Can I Soundproof a Room Without a Door?

You can soundproof a room without a door by applying acoustic curtains and blankets. At the same time, by using acoustic room dividers and acoustic panels.

Acoustic Divider

You can use an acoustic divider to separate spaces while reducing noise levels. There are dividers designed to provide a higher level of privacy. Also, to lower ambient noise and avoid eavesdropping in shared locations.

Acoustic Panels

Place acoustic panels on the walls to reduce noise. They do an excellent job of dampening ambient noise within space. These consist of foam or high-density polyester fiber and are available for a low price.

Acoustic Curtains

Although it’s impossible to cut noise with curtains, they do an excellent job of reducing it. They are simple to set up and inexpensive as well. Acoustic curtains are heftier and more woven than regular drapes and blankets.


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