How Wide Is a Sliding Door?

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How wide is sliding door

Sliding doors provide easy access to areas like your home backyard or specific parts of a workplace area. However, finding the right sliding door measurement can be taxing if you remodel or construct your new home or office space.

So how wide is the standard width of a sliding door?

The guideline provided by experts is that sliding doors should be between 60 inches to 70 inches wide approximately.

However, there are other considerations you have to take note of, such as a 2-panel or 4-panel glass door. Or what’s the maximum and minimum allowance of measurement for sliding doors?

If you have these concerns in mind, then the informative article prepared for today will provide you with the answers you seek to install the right sliding glass door for your space and minimize the possibility of any errors.

What Are the Dimensions Of a Standard Sliding Door?

What Are the Dimensions Of a Standard Sliding Door

Of course, every home varies regarding the area size. However, the standard measurement of sliding glass doors provided by experts is that they should have a height of 80 inches and a width between 60 inches to 72 inches, depending on the area size.

In a home setting, the standard measurement one should observe is to make allowance for replacement or remodeling projects in the future. Following the guidelines also make door replacements a lot easier and less arduous.

A regular sliding glass door has two main sections: the fixed glass panel and sliding glass panel, which varies from a 2-panel sliding door to a 4-panel sliding door.

Sliding Door Thickness

In addition to width and height, you also have to bear in mind the thickness of the sliding glass door. First and foremost, the sliding door should have an approximate depth of 6 9/16 inches and 4 9/16 inches.

On the other hand, the standard thickness of the glass doors should be about 1 ¾ inch, while the depth of the glass can vary from ½-inch to 3/4-inch thick.

How to Measure The Width And Height of a Sliding Door?

The proper measurement of your glass sliding door is essential to determine the estimated cost of the installation. It may sound like a difficult task, but it is relatively straightforward.

However, you must be mindful and keen on details to collect the proper measurements.

But before you can begin taking figures, you will need a carpenter’s tape measure and a piece of paper and pen to take note of the measurements.

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The following is the three-step guideline on how you can measure the width and height of a sliding door per area size:

  • The first step is to measure the sliding door outside your home. Start in the middle of the glass door to get the proper dimensions of its width. You have to remember that the measurement must be from the very edge to the other edge of the door.
  • Next, you have to take note of the measurement of the sliding glass doors’ height. Similar to the measurement of the width, start in the middle and extend the carpenter’s measuring tape vertically. And just like the previous step, you have to account that it is measured from the utmost edge down to the very edge of the sliding glass door.
  • Please take note of the measurements and put them on paper. Double-check the figures of width and height of the sliding glass door that you have jotted down and make it as accurate as possible.

How Wide Is a 2-Panel Sliding Glass Door?

2-Panel Sliding Glass Door

The standard height of a 2-panel sliding door is 80 inches tall. However, the width varies depending on the purpose you intend it to use for and the volume of foot traffic going through the door.

Remember that the sliding glass doors will only come halfway through or sightlessly less than because of one of the fixed two-door panels. The entrance of the door will be a little stiff that could accommodate a single person only

But the following are the standard width measurement of sliding doors to give you more accurate figures:

  • 60 inches or about 5 feet
  • 72 inches or about 6 feet
  • 96 inches or about 8 feet

How Wide Is a 4-Panel Sliding Glass Door?

The standard width of a 4-panel sliding glass door is approximately 36 inches per panel. As a result, it gives you a total width of 144 inches. However, the width of the sliding glass door also varies depending on the door frame you are installing it. And this is especially true if you are remodeling your home.

Contrary to a 2-panel sliding glass door, you must make a custom size to reframe the doors appropriately. If you want the best accurate measurement, you can ask for support from your local contractor.

What is The Maximum And Minimum Width Sliding Door?

The width of the sliding doors significantly impacts the sliding doors’ performance. Therefore, the following are the standard maximum and minimum widths of the sliding doors that you have to note.

Maximum Width of the Sliding Doors

The opening or entrance to the premises must have an approximate maximum width of 72 inches. It is the standard size for sliding doors with multiple panels and should not be wider than the recommended measurement.

And this is because a panel larger than what is considered normal renders the doors unstable and breaks eventually.

Although the glass doors have a limit in measurement, the glass panels could contain fixed panels, swing doors, or a combination of both.

Minimum Width of the Sliding Doors

Similar to the previous section, considering the minimum width of the sliding doors is as important because it also has significant implications if you fail this important matter.

Therefore, the standard minimum width of glass sliding doors must be at least 16 inches to be highly functional. Anything that goes under the 16-inch recommendation is considered narrow and unsuitable.

A disadvantage of smaller doors is that they typically come in regular sizes. And this means that you may have to seek customized measurements if you plan to buy a new one for your home or work area.

Can You Replace The Sliding Glass Door?

Sliding glass doors are replaceable whenever you see fit. You can replace them when you remodel your home or observe cracks or cracks on the glass.

In addition, you can replace the sliding glass doors with a typical door or any door like a French sliding door if you no longer see that they are no longer serving you the purpose you intend them to be.

When Should You Replace Sliding Glass Door?

Replace Sliding Glass Door

The most common reason for a sliding glass door replacement is there are obvious signs of wear and tear that could be potentially risky to the people residing in your home.

Also, the seal located at the extreme edges of the sliding doors insulates the air that holds them together so they won’t tumble when you use the doors.

But once the condensation starts to build up, you may have to consider replacing the glass panes to prevent further damage. If you fail to take action, the continuous condensation could weaken the glass and lead to cracks and breakage.

In addition, you have to note that condensation lessens the effectiveness of the insulation and leads the gasses to escape. As a result, it also causes the glasses to slip off from the cavities and break.

Other reasons to replace sliding glass doors aside from breakage are as follows:

  • The doors are not aligned.
  • The rollers of the sliding mechanism are dirty or broken.
  • The tracks of the rollers are bent.
  • You see gaps between the doors that cause the air to escape when your heater or air conditioner is turned on.
  • You find it hard to open and close them.

What’s The Difference Between Sliding Doors and French Doors?

What’s The Difference Between Sliding Doors and French Doors

A glass sliding door is often mistaken as a French door. Although a French door has glass panes and a sliding mechanism, they are not entirely similar to a glass sliding door.

A French Door is Wider

A sliding glass door has a narrow entrance compared to a French door with a wider door frame. Another notable advantage of a French door is attracting more natural light.

Both of Them Have Different Mechanisms

French doors and glass sliding doors contain different sets of hardware which explains their unique functionality. Thus, they also suit a particular purpose.

One prominent example is the door knob. A lever is more suitable for French patio doors, while a handle is preferable for glass sliding doors to allow you to push them aside.

Sliding Glass Doors are Excellent for Smaller Areas

Many homeowners desire the aesthetics of a French door, but they may not always be the best option if you have a small room to work.

Since glass sliding doors can be a combination of fixed and moving door panels, they are ideal for areas with considerably smaller spaces.

Is It Hard To Install A Sliding Glass Door?

Although the sliding glass door installation looks complicated, it is not necessarily the case. And even though it requires a lot of work due to the size of the doors, the procedure is pretty straightforward, and all you have to do is to be accurate in your measurement and mindful of the installation process.

The following is the simple procedure for the installation of a sliding glass door:

  • You have to take note of the accurate measurement of the door frames.
  • Put the sill on the door frames and apply caulk around the opening.
  • Position the glass door in the opening. But be careful as you put the doors up since they’re 90% made of glass and very fragile.
  • Adjust the doors accordingly and make sure that they’re tightly fit.
  • Screw the doors to secure them.
  • Fill the gaps around the frame and trim whenever you see it necessary.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace 2-Panel And 4-Panel Sliding Glass Doors?

The cost of the installation depends on the sliding glass doors. Below are the bull-part figures for installing sliding glass doors.

The Cost of 2-Panel Sliding Glass Door Installation

The estimated expenses involved in the sliding door installation are between $700 and $2,400, including the labor cost. You can do it independently, but it may require the proper skill and know-how despite the straightforward procedure.

The Cost of 4-Panel Sliding Glass Door Installation

A 4-panel sliding glass door is more expensive. Remember that the larger the door, the higher the cost you’ll incur. The cost of a 4-panel sliding glass door is approximately at least $2,500 to a maximum of $7,000.

Again, you can do the project independently, but it will take time and unique expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sliding Glass Doors Expensive?

Yes. A quality and durable sliding glass door could cost around $700 and $2,400 to $2,500 and $7,000 for a 2-panel sliding door and a 4-panel sliding door, respectively.

How Do You Size Curtains For Sliding Doors?

To properly determine the right size of curtains for your sliding glass doors, then consider the following tips to get the correct measurement:

  • For the curtain panel, the standard width is about 60 inches. And you may have to add an allowance of 5 inches if you have a wider door.
  • You may add another 8 inches for more comprehensive curtain door panels to make it 72 inches.
  • Add at least a minimum of 12 inches for an even wider door.

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