How To Cover Glass Doors For Privacy?

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How To Cover Glass Doors For Privacy?

Privacy and protecting your home from the prying eyes of peeping toms is a primary security concern in a household. And one of the best ways to do this is by putting covers on glass doors to prevent them from peering inside a home.

But the problem with such a setup is that they would also block natural light. So how do we properly cover glass doors for privacy?

Two popular and best options to cover glass doors for privacy are drapes and privacy films. But other good alternatives include shutters, blinds, roman shades, and sliding solar screens.

For today, I will provide you with more information about the mentioned covers to help you determine which of them the right choice is for your home. So without further ado, let’s begin…

What Can I Use To Cover Glass Doors For Privacy?

The 10 Best ways to cover glass doors for privacy are:

  1. Shutters
  2. Blinds
  3. Privacy Film
  4. Sliding Solar Screens
  5. Drapes and Curtains
  6. Roman Shades
  7. Glass Paint
  8. Stained Glass
  9. Frosted Glass
  10. Etching Cream

1. Shutters

use Shutters To Cover Glass Doors For Privacy

The materials used to make shutters include metal, tainted glass, and wood. Therefore, these types of covers provide reliability and better security because they are solid and won’t sway if there’s a gust of wind.

In addition, they are stylish in their unique way, especially for shutters made of wood. And to make them more suitable for your home’s interior design, you can ask for a custom made if there are available options near you.

Aside from keeping your nosy neighbors, they also block out sunlight effectively. But this may be inconvenient because you won’t get all the natural light. After all, it prevents them from going in even if you open the panels.

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Can You See Through Shutter At Night?

No. Unless it’s glass, the materials of shutters are solid, and you won’t be going to see through them at night. It could be a concern if you want to investigate movements at night or during the wee hours.

2. Blinds

Blinds are the most common shades used in windows and glass doors, especially in commercial establishments. And the reason why many homes and businesses use them is that they are solid, and no one outside can peer inside.

Also, they are not as hard compared to a shutter cover. You partially open the blinds to see outside the window or allow natural lights to go in. Or you can pull the entire blinds up to expose the window fully.

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Can You See Through Blinds At Night?

You can have a good outside view even with the blinds partially open. Unfortunately, if a person is walking around your backyard, they may also see you.

3. Privacy Film

If you see blinds or other covers as clutters, you can opt for a window or privacy film instead. It is like wallpaper, but instead of sticking them onto your wall, you put them on your glass windows or doors. They are semi-transparent, and it taints the interiors of your home.

A privacy film is excellent for minimalistic homes. Another advantage of this item is that it also lessens the accumulation of dust particles and is much easier to clean. However, maintaining it is a different story because you may have to replace the entire door film once it deteriorates.

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Can You See Through Privacy Film At Night?

The great thing about privacy films is that it would be extremely difficult to look inside due to the tainted characteristic of the item. But the good news is that this is not exactly the case if you are within the vicinity.

The tincture of the glass is more visible inside, giving you a better view of what’s happening in your backyard.

4. Sliding Solar Screens

The other name for a sliding solar screen is a UV reflective cover. And this is because it blocks the harmful UV rays without affecting the amount of natural light inside the premises. What makes sliding solar screens more advantageous is that they provide a clearer view of the outside yet block the vision of your home’s interior.

If you are not fond of the tincture nature of a privacy film, sliding solar screens are the obvious choice.

Can You See Through Sliding Solar Screens At Night?

Yes. These glass door covers are usually almost transparent, allowing you to monitor the background without worrying about people seeing you inside.

5. Drapes And Curtains

curtains to cover glass doors for privacy

Drapes and curtains are popular glass door and window covers because they add style to the home’s interior design. You can easily mix and match the drapes and curtains according to your liking and ones that perfectly blend with the style of your home.

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Can You See Through Drapes And Curtains At Night?

You won’t see anything from either side once the curtains are closed. You may have to push aside the curtains to get a better outside view.

6. Roman Shades

Roman Shades to cover glass doors and windows for privacy

At first sight, some might mistake a roman shade for a regular blind. However, the roman shade has better characteristics than the blind regarding aesthetics and quality of materials.

For one thing, it is simple in design and doesn’t use several open and closed panels. The mechanic is straightforward; you only have to pull down the rope to pull the shades up and open it fully or partially.

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Can You See Through Roman Shades At Night?

Like shades and blinds, they’re pretty solid, and you won’t be able to see through them unless you pull the rope.

7. Glass Paint

As the name suggests, a glass paint cover is a type of tainted glass with a specific color. Aside from choosing the color of your preference, you also have to decide whether the paint is a gloss or semi-gloss finish.

Although it gives your home a sense of style and keeps the peeping toms, it also blocks your vision.

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Can You See Through Glass Paint At Night?

A painted glass invites natural lights in, but you won’t be able to see through them no matter what time of the day due to the colored glass cover.

8. Stained Glass

Stained Glass to cover glass door for privacy

Stained glass is similar to painted glass, the only difference being that it combines colors and designs like floral or nature-themed. You typically see stained glass in churches and homes. And like a painted glass, visibility through them is almost zero.

Only sunlight gets to pass through the glass. And once it does, it emits a beautiful glow coming from the designs of the stained glass panel.

Can You See Through Stained Glass At Night?

Again, the visibility through stained glass is pretty bad. And you may only see the silhouette of what’s moving outside your backyard during broad daylight.

However, this isn’t the case at night, especially if there’s very little light that would cast a shadow of the person or thing that may be roaming around your backyard.

9. Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass to cover glass doors for privacy

Frosted glasses are a type of cover with a clear design but blurry sight if you peer through it on either side. It is similar to stained and painted glass, except the texture is colorless.

And from the item’s name, the glass’ pattern has a frosted consistency. These glass covers may not be the best option for privacy purposes, but they may only be a good choice to enhance your house’s interior design.

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Can You See Through Frosted Glass At Night?

You won’t be able to see through a frosted glass at night. Even in the daytime, it would not be easy to discern whatever is moving outside.

10. Etching Cream

Lastly, and probably one of the unusual ways to prevent someone from peering inside your home, is using etching cream. Although it is not as reliable, it can be an alternative to block the view inside of your home temporarily.

All you have to do is apply them inside the premises. And it is inside the home because anyone could spray water onto the cream to wash it off and peer through the glass door.

Can You See Through Etching Cream At Night?

If you suspect someone peeping in your home at night, an etching cream will temporarily blind them and protect your family from such people. However, it also prevents you from seeing through at night.

How To Cover Sliding Glass Doors For Privacy?

Drapes or Blinds

You can choose from different kinds of glass doors and window covers. And two of the most popular options are curtains or blinds because they’re affordable and very easy to install.

Drapes and curtains are soft and portable, and they are a lot easier to maintain. In addition, they are a perfect choice, especially if you are conscious about your home’s interior design.

On the other hand, blinds provide better privacy because they won’t easily sway with movement or air. However, blinds are more susceptible to dust accumulation and not as reliable compared to drapes.

But there’s no wrong choice between the two, and it will all depend on your personal preference and the theme of your home.

Spray Paint or Colored Glass

If you are going for a minimalistic design, most homeowners spray paint or install colored glass instead of putting up curtains or shades that clutter your view.

Painting your glass is more advantageous regarding saving money and is a budget-friendly option. And this is because you won’t have to buy a new set of glass panels. You can use your existing panels instead and paint them with whatever texture.

On the other hand, colored glass ensures that the consistency of shade won’t fade as easily compared to painted glass covers. Plus, they are more stylish and have a clearer texture.

Adhesive Film or Stained Glass

Adhesive privacy films can be taxing work that requires diligence as you place them on the glass. And this is a cheaper option because adhesive films don’t cost that much.

But if you have to budget and are not particularly fond of the work involved, you can purchase stained glass instead with the color or design you desire and have a professional install them.

What Can I Put On Windows So No One Can See Me But I Can See Out?

The most common and inexpensive way to cover your window is by using drapes/curtains or blinds/shades to block the view of the inside of your home. Another benefit of a curtain or shades is that they come in various designs and quality. You can freely mix and match until you find the perfect blend of colors and style.

You can also use tainted glass or adhesive films for such a purpose. They are also stylish, but the problem is that the panels are already immovable once the installation is complete. Thus, you must be careful of the design and color you wish to use in your home.

In addition, although it does attract natural light, visibility is next to impossible because all you can see through them is the silhouette of the person or thing moving from the other side, even in broad daylight.

How Can I Gain Privacy But Keep Light In?

Stained glass and colored covers provide excellent measures for privacy, but it doesn’t allow you to see if anybody is stalking your home completely. However, it does attract natural light.

These types of glass covers also produce unique designs and patterns once it interacts with a light source that could boost the style of a room.

On the other hand, drapes and blinds are a great option if you want to fully block the view of the outside and sunlight once you close them. But it still allows you to peer outside and monitor your surroundings.

The advantage of tainted glass is that it blocks the view of the inside of your home yet gives you a good sight of your surroundings. However, it affects the quality of natural light on the premises.

What Glass Door Coverings Are The Best?

The truth is that the best glass door covering is subjective. You can never go wrong with any of the options available because the right one depends on your personal preferences or the interior theme of the room.

How Do You Blur a Glass Door?

You can blur the glass door cover without drapes or curtains by turning to adhesive privacy films or painting the glass. They are an inexpensive way to enhance your home’s defenses against peeping toms.

However, the task may be taxing because you must be careful when applying it to your glass door covers.

Another way to blur your glass doors is by removing the old ones and replacing a new glass panel, such as stained or frosted glass. They may be a little costly, including professional fees and materials, but the great thing about them is that you no longer have to concern yourself about mishaps that would ruin the overall design of the door.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Cover Glass Doors For Privacy

Can You Cover Glass Doors With Paper?

Yes. You can use colored or decorative paper on your glass doors to improve privacy in your home. However, you must note that it will also completely block the view from either side.

If a regular wallpaper is your choice, you may have to apply a clear adhesive layer on top of the paper parchment to strengthen the bond between the two surfaces.

Does One Way Privacy Film Work At Night?

An adhesive film works extremely well in the daytime. It blocks the view inside the home but doesn’t affect how you can monitor your surroundings.

Prevention of outside view works at any time of the day. But this may not be exactly the case if you are within the vicinity and it is nighttime.

Regular privacy won’t be as effective during these hours, especially if no light sources exist. Thus, you may have to turn on your porch to monitor outside somehow.

What Is The Non-See-Through Glass Called?

The non-see-through glass has several names. The most common references are opaque glass, fully opaque glass, and privacy glass because it completely obstructs the interiors of the premises.

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