How To Hang A Blanket On The Wall?

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How To Hang A Blanket On The Wall?

Hanging the blankets on the wall serves a dual purpose that can be decorative and functional.

They can boost the home’s interior design, especially if the blanket has an elegant style that you can proudly put up in the room.

However, the real question is how can we hang the blanket on the wall without damaging them.

Some common materials are nails, rods, hooks, pins, magnets, and canvas stretchers. If you are uncomfortable pinning them on the walls, other options, like adhesive tapes, velcro strips, and double-sided tapes, are available.

In this article, I will provide simple instructions on how to use them in hanging your blankets on your walls.

How To Hang A Blanket On The Wall? 

The following are steps for hanging a blanket on the wall using various materials presented below.

1. Nails

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Nails are the most common material used by homeowners in hanging their blankets on the walls. It is very strong, and it keeps the drapes from falling.

Materials needed for the project:

  • The blanket
  • 6 nails and 6 plastic anchors depending on the length of the blanket
  • A hammer


  • First Step: be sure that the nails fit inside rubber anchors
  • Second Step: put the blanket on the wall and mark the areas where you will put the nails
  • Third Step: drill the markings and make sure that the holes are big enough for the anchors to fit in
  • Fourth Step: position the anchor and hammer them inside the holes
  • Fifth Step: place part of the blanket inside the anchor. And then, position the nails inside the anchor and hammer them tightly
  • You may need additional screws for heavier blankets so they wouldn’t damage the blankets or walls

2. Pant Hangers

You can use a pant hanger instead if the blanket is relatively short. It is very easy; you only have to get the pant hanger and put it where you prefer to hang the blankets.

If there is nothing to hang them on, you can drill a hole in the wall, hammer a nail, or screw a hook.

However, you must remember that a pant hanger is not the most stylish option; it does the job nonetheless.

3. Rods

You can also hang your blanket like a regular curtain or drape using a curtain rod.

In addition, it is the most practical method of hanging your blanket on the walls because it provides easy installation and removal.

Materials Needed:

  • Tension rods
  • Blanket
  • Blanket hangers
  • Curtain tabs
  • Screws and screwdrivers


  • First Step: if your blanket does not have a rod pocket, then you may have to sew them manually or by using a sewing machine
  • Second Step: in sewing a rod pocket, you need to measure the rod first and make sure that they fit perfectly
  • Third Step: install the curtain rod where you want to place the blankets
  • Fourth Step: insert the rod inside the rod pocket of the blanket and put them on the curtain rod 

4. Hooks

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You will need a wooden frame for hanging blankets using hooks. Similar to nails, hooks are also excellent for heavy blankets because the wooden frames increase in capacity to handle tension.

The great advantage of hooks is that they won’t potentially damage the blanket since it is necessary to modify it.

Materials Needed:

  • The wooden plank that is about the length of the blanket
  • Hooks – the number of hooks also depends on the length of the blanket. You to make sure that the number hooks can support the weight of the blanket
  • Nails
  • Screws and screwdriver


  • First Step: drill holes in the wooden planks using a nail and hammer
  • Second Step: screw the hooks inside the holes of the wooden frame
  • Third Step: position the blanket against the walls and mark the areas where you’ll put them up
  • Fourth Step: drill the holes where the markings are
  • Fifth Step: install the wooden frame using screws or nails, depending on which material you prefer
  • Sixth Step: hang the blankets by hooking them on the wooden frame

5. Upholstery Pins

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Upholstery pins are an unpopular way to hang your blankets on your walls because it requires you to puncture them. And it could be problematic, especially if the blanket holds special meaning to you.

Upholstery pins are the best option for lighter blankets and are relatively cheap. But it may cause damage to the blanket, especially if it is heavy.

Materials Needed:

  • Upholstery pins – the number of upholstery pins depends on the length of the blanket
  • Hammer
  • Blanket
  • Ladder


  • First Step: position the blanket against the walls and make markings where you want to place them
  • Second Step: carefully position the blanket and the upholstery pin
  • Third Step: hammer the upholstery pins one-by-one

6. Canvas Stretcher

A canvas stretcher is one of the most creative ways to display your special blanket. However, it is also the most costly and time-consuming because you will place the blankets on a wooden frame.

And then, you will hang them like a painting or portrait photo.

Using a canvas stretcher may also mean that the blankets would be a permanent display, or you may not use them for a long time.

Materials Needed:

  • Your blanket
  • A piece of plywood whose measurements depend on the size of the blanket
  • Clothes iron
  • Hooks
  • Fabric staple gun


  • First Step: iron the blankets first and foremost
  • Second Step: position the blanket on top of the plywood frame
  • Third Step: fold the edges of the blanket
  • Fourth Step: staple the blanket on the plywood frame
  • Fifth Step: install a few hooks on the walls and hang them like a typical frame

7. Magnets

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Regular magnets are perfect for lighter blankets, but bigger magnets are necessary for heavier blankets. In any case, magnets provide easy installation and removal of the blankets.

Materials Needed:

  • Adhesive tapes
  • Magnets
  • Blankets


  • First Step: put adhesive tapes on one set of the magnets and tape them on the edges of the blanket
  • Second Step: put another adhesive tape on the other set of magnets and position them on the walls
  • Third Step: position the blanket against the wall using the magnets

How To Hang A Blanket On A Wall Without Nails?

Using nails or pins can sometimes ruin the blanket, which could be especially stressful if the blanket is special to you.

With this in mind—the following are the alternative to nails that will preserve the integrity of your blanket.

1. Velcro Strips

Velcro strips are cheap, but sewing them on the blanket may take time. Furthermore, if you don’t mind sewing velcro on the blanket, it provides easy installation on the wall and removal when needed to keep you warm and comfortable.

Materials Needed:

  • Velcro strips
  • Adhesive tape
  • Sewing kit or sewing machine (if you own one)
  • Blanket


  • First Step: sew the velcro using a sewing machine or manually on the blanket
  • Second Step: position the other end of the velcro strip on the walls
  • Third Step: put up the blanket by connecting one end of the velcro to the other

2. Double-Sided Tape (Command Strips)

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Command strips or double-sided are perfect if you don’t want to leave a mark on the blanket or walls. However, they may not be as reliable in keeping your blankets on the wall, and you may have to re-apply whenever necessary.

Materials Needed:

  • Command strips
  • Velcro strips (you don’t need to sew them on the blankets)
  • Blankets


  • First Step: put the command strips on the velcro strips and place them on the blankets
  • Second Step: put another set of command strips on the velcro and position them on the walls
  • Third Step: hang the blanket on the walls

3. Removable Adhesive Hooks

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Wall Hooks with Adhesive Strips

Adhesive hooks are inexpensive; you can find them at any local department store. In addition, their installation is relatively easy. All you have to do is mark the wall section where you want to put the blankets.

Remove the adhesive tapes of the hooks and put them on the markings. Afterward, you can now hang the blankets. Again, adhesive materials are not the most reliable, and you may have to re-apply once it dries out. 

What Is The Best Way To Attach a Blanket To a Wall Without Damaging It?

Anything that punctures the blankets could potentially damage them. Some examples are hooks, nails, and pins.

If you take special care of the blankets, the best way to attach a blanket to a wall is to use velcro strips, adhesive tapes, and magnets.

How To Hang Heavy Blankets?

For a heavier blanket, adhesive tapes, velcro, and magnets may not yield the desired results.

If you want to add the aesthetics of your blanket to the interiors of your room and don’t mind them having punctures, then the best option for heavier blankets are nails and hooks.

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