Am I Allowed To Drill Holes In Apartment Walls?

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Am I Allowed To Drill Holes In Apartment Walls?

You are allowed to drill holes in apartment walls. In most apartments, you can paint, drill holes and make changes in your apartment, but you have to cover them up before you move out.

You must ask your landlord directly or check your rental agreement before drilling any holes in your apartment. 

Can I Drill Holes In Apartment Walls?

Can I Drill Holes In Apartment Walls?

Do you not want a creative wall? If you have your own space and home, you are urged to put everything in order according to your taste or personality.

Many people want decorations and memories. Frames, pictures, and ornaments are the common reasons we need a nail, hooks, or screws in the house. 

You are safe to drill holes in your apartment building. However, this does not apply to every property owner. Although renting the place, you can still dig small holes in the walls.

But, I will not recommend drilling multiple holes or screws on your walls. Some are against it, and you can be evicted for doing so. 

How to Know if You Can Drill Holes in Apartment Walls?

How to Know if You Can Drill Holes in Apartment Walls?

You need to ensure your landlord will not be disappointed with your actions before starting your project and DIY. You may get into trouble digging huge holes in your rented house without permission.

So, how to know if you are eligible for any changes you can make to your apartment? Let me elaborate on these two most reliable ways to avoid being evicted and homeless.  

  • Reference Your Lease

Rental agreements contain the dos and don’ts method of flat decorations and modifications. Each lease is not similar, and specific requirements have different complaints. 

The rental agreement contains the list of things the tenants can and cannot do to the apartment. It has all the possible customizations that you are allowed to perform. If you think you can cover up the craters and hollows you made without notice, feel free to start digging now.

But, if the holes and trenches are not appropriate anymore and you might get fined, then respect your contract and agreement.  Check your agreement to understand all the rules coordinated with the Residential Tenancies Act

  • Contact Your Property Manager Directly

You can get permission from your landlord before trying to decorate and give a personal touch to your quarters. Try to negotiate with your agents or landlords; the law requires communication between tenants and landlords. You should know who your landlord is and have a way of contacting them. 

What Happens If I Drill Holes In Apartment Walls?

What Happens If I Drill Holes In Apartment Walls?

Disappointment may not be the only response you can get from your landlords. You might even forfeit your security deposit. Do not conclude that the owner or manager is up to sabotage your do-it-yourself and customization plans.

The building must stay neat and functioning to continue its business. Since some holes can be useless, this unpleasant habit of repeated drilling or hammering through the walls must be adequately addressed. 

Can you be evicted for drilling a hole in my apartment?

The answer is NO. You can not be immediately evicted for making some cavities in your walls. You still have the choice and permission to decorate your place if it is included with the rules you and your landlord have prior agreed to.

Otherwise, you must pay damages, a security deposit, and expenses to restore it. Eviction can be the last and worst outcome of not following regulations.

Reasons For Holes In The Wall

Making your apartment feel like a home needs a little effort and labor. The most typical way is hanging some pictures, sentimental things, and even plants.

Drilling holes in a wall seems intimidating, but it can be simple. You must take some basic precautions and know the right tools. Large gaps are difficult and expensive to fix; therefore, the hole should be appropriate for its purpose. 

  • To Hang Artwork

Hang artwork on the wall

Homeowners claim their place by displaying some photos of themselves, family, friends, journeys, pets, and artworks. This is a very acceptable reason to put small nails into the walls. For paintings that do not have huge frames, you can also use small nails to help personalize your home the way you are. 

  • Mount a TV

Mount TV on the wall

You want some entertainment and hanging a television is the best option to look neat. High-definition TVs are usually heavy, and it would be necessary to use bigger screws or nails to ensure stability. Purchasing A Tv stand is more expensive than a mounting kit. You have to prepare at least to drill four screws into your beams to hold the TV from falling off. 

  • Installing Curtains

Window curtains and window blinds are sometimes already included in your apartment when you lease it. But these are the most basic they can provide you. Installing a curtain is challenging. You must ensure all the brackets are in their proper place to maintain a balanced rod.

The amount of work you have to accomplish depends on the number of curtains you install. Most apartments need six to seven curtains; each curtain rod will need three holes in the wall. This will total 18 to 21 holes. 

How To Repair Holes In Apartment Walls?

How To Repair Holes In Apartment Walls?

Putting holes in your house is acceptable, and it is something that can not be avoided anymore. But this is not a privilege, and you must repair any tampering or alteration you made during your stay. All the holes that you punctured need to be covered. So, how can you conceal them? 

Step 1. Identify the holes

Use a marker to identify all the holes for a more straightforward process. You have to make sure that doing this will not cause any more significant problems for you. A tape can also be utilized for identification. To help you save time, gather all the materials and items needed, which you will know in the following steps. 

Step 2. Apply the solutions

There are a lot of DIY solutions that you can find online and on Amazon for small holes. Here are some ways to reconstruct your apartment walls:

    • Use a patch, joint compound, or sheetrock putty on your drywall to return it to its normal surface.

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    • You have to use veneer plaster for plaster walls, and your apartment will look like a newly constructed one. 
    • Wood filler products for wood trims will never let you down. At a low price, you will not worry about the holes that you drilled months or years ago. 

Elmer's E868 Carpenter's Wood Filler, 3.25-Ounce Tube, Natural

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Step 3. Sand The Patches and Apply The Paint

After applying these solutions, your work is still not done. You will have to sand the spots and patches to smoothen it. Fine-grain sandpaper can help you to avoid any dent on the wall carefully. Choose the best paint to color to complement the uneven tones. Blend it carefully to make your digging unnoticeable. 

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However, there are some alternatives that you can pick. Prevent unwanted holes that will require some effort if you plan to move out and change your home address by using sticky hangers. You can hang items without damaging the structure of your flat. 

You can utilize adhesive fasteners in exchange for small nails. Use a simple TV stand instead of hanging your TV.

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The item can include expenses to your budget, but it will save you from additional charges in the future. Command strips are the best hooks that can withstand frames and items. It also has various colors and styles that match your window curtains. 

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Can Landlords Charge For Nail Holes?

In general, your landlord can reasonably charge you for the expense and cost of a contractor that will fix the holes and repaint the wall section.

For a regular wall to go back to its normal state, it can range from $800 to $1000. The actual price depends on the hole size, the number of holes, the surface material, the finishes, and the contractor’s rate to fix it.

Do not forget that you signed a contract. You are charged a security deposit to fulfill the rental leasing. After vacating and the owner notices any hole you drilled or drugged, they will charge you for the restorations.

It must be in the same condition as when you rented it–no holes, no damages, and no sore eye paintings. 

What is a security deposit?

security deposit

A security deposit is a financial protection for the landlord if you damage the apartment and do not fix it before leaving or when you do not pay your rent. Depending on your 

monthly rate, this can be a one-month or two-month rent. Your credit score can also affect your security deposit, if you have pets with you, or how much your landlord will charge you.

Do I Need to Fill Wall Holes When Moving?

If every tenant leaves without undoing the drills, their drills and diggings on the wall will look messy. Imagine how annoyed the next renter will feel with the horrible walls that will welcome them.

The value of the property can drop a bit. Even after restoring and patching, your mending can still stand out, which is not a good idea.

There are very strict apartment owners. They can complain about it and charge you a fine or make you repaint the entire wall. 

Remember that it is your responsibility to undo whatever you change in the apartment. These changes are considered permanent, like painted walls, nails, and holes. 

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