Should Your House Front Door Match Shutters and Trims?

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Should Your House Front Door Match Shutters and Trims?

Whether you’re planning on buying a home or building one, your front door is one of the essential parts of your home. Your front door sets the tone for your home’s style and look. So, matching the front-facing trim and hardware would be significant. 

But has it ever occurred to you that matching these things can be achievable? Yet, only sometimes necessary? In this post, we will discuss the factors that influence the selection of colors for your front door.

No, you don’t necessarily have to match the shutters and trim with your house’s front door. You can play around with different color combinations. Or you can also stick with one uniform shade. It is advisable to rely on your preferences when deciding which color will look best.

Do the Front Door And Shutters Have To Match?

Do the Front Door And Shutters Have To Match?

No, you do not have to match the color of your front door and shutter.

It’s okay if you paint the front door differently on both sides. But your interior doors can match the shutters. If you do this, you may figure out what part needs painting by standing outside the opened door. You can also identify which color to use.

But some people would rather have shutters and doormats that match their front door color to play it safe. Try painting them a lighter shade to give your home a more distinctive and stylish look. 

The goal is to direct guests toward the entrance you’d prefer them to use. Having stated that, there are no definite guidelines. In other words, you should follow your interests.

Best House And Shutter Color Combinations

A person’s own home is the most comfortable and welcoming environment. It’s ideal for creating your home the most desirable place in the neighborhood.

Let me walk you through selecting a color scheme for your house and shutters.

Slate Blue And White

Slate Blue And White front doors and shutters

White is a fascinating and far-flung color. But the color blue is also a color. Combining the two colors, slate blue provides a calming, neutral atmosphere.

Slate blue is a fantastic color if you’re the type of man who likes to let his character shine through. But, swatching is necessary due to the wide variety of possible colors. 

Green and Tan

The combination of green and tan is stunning in some homes but not so much in others. If you’re looking for a natural exterior paint color, earthy greens with a tan tone are a great option.

Even if you use a different primary color, this will look great as an accent around the windows.

Black and Yellow

You don’t need to resort to garish hues to make an impression with your exterior design. Combining extremes of light and dark or warm and cool can often provide the same appearance.

The rich black shade provides a tonal and thermal contrast to the yellow exterior. It complements the yellow without looking out of place among the design.

Should the Front Door Match Your Trim?

No, matching the front door with your trim is not necessary.

But doing so might make the design look more planned and deliberate.

Yet, if you decide to match the door with the trim, here are some things to consider:

Style of house

Some house styles have preferred color schemes because of their traditional associations. Therefore, it’s crucial to know what colors are conventional for your sort of house. Whether you want to focus on tradition or make a statement by going against type.


You can pick a few lighter colors if the home sits at the back of a large property.


Painting a house is almost as dependent on its location as purchasing it. This includes lighting, temperature, historical precedent, cultural norms, and customs.


Depending on how you feel about the current look, you might alter the hue to make your home look bigger or smaller. Color and painting can hide or stress size discrepancies.

What Should Your Front Door Match?

What Should Your Front Door Match?

Your front door should match classic shades.

You can achieve a timeless effect by applying a neutral color scheme of brown, black, or gray. Front door colors are often the first thing people see about a house. This is why even dark reds and navy blues are timeless neutrals. 

Using a neutral color scheme for the exterior of your home means you can make adjustments. This is to suit your taste or the current architectural trends. 

Staining your door instead of painting it is another option for a more neutral look. For example, a wooden door’s grain or natural substance can create a stain.

Don’t forget these four points while you’re deciding on the color schemes for your door:

  • If there is a stone or brick on the exterior of your property, it might serve as the primary external color.
  • Even if you like bright colors, you should choose a dark color for the outside of your house.
  • If you want a white or off-white pearl home, you won’t be able to choose a bright white color.
  • If you like cool colors like gray, you might select something much “warmer” than you expect.

What Is the Luckiest Front Door Color?

What Is the Luckiest Front Door Color - red color

According to Real Simple, red is the luckiest door color. 

In feng shui, red means good luck, protection, and fire energy. The fire element aspect can help you stand out and bring inspiration into the home.

But yellow and blue doors tend to look warm too. This is because people like these warm and inviting colors. So, choose a yellow or blue door if you want your house to look welcoming.

A striking black door is an excellent addition to a contemporary dwelling. But darker shades of blue and purple can also give your home a refined appearance. If you choose this route, select paint to complement your home’s decor.

Pink or green are very noticeable and striking colors that are attractive and easy to see. They are getting the attention of people walking by, and if you are looking for a red house, you can’t miss it.

These colors also have deep meanings that can be good, prosperous, lucky, or sexual. Most commercial businesses choose these colors for their buildings or facilities.

Should Front Door Hardware Match Interior Doors?

The front door hardware doesn’t need to match the interior doors.

But, it’s possible to make a creative design by innovating from the usual one sometimes. So, feel free to experiment with interior and exterior door hardware sets.

Choosing the right hardware is a financial commitment for any house. Such details as the form of the knob and the design of the metal plate behind it deserve consideration. You should also consider the hinges of the door. 

For this precise reason, several manufacturers of locks provide customizations. This is to suit the internal and outside hardware shades.

Keep in mind

The door hardware (knobs and handles) should fit in with the general theme of the house. Doors and rooms can adjust their appearance to serve their function better.

Should All Exterior Doors In a House Match?

Should All Exterior Doors In a House Match?

When all the exterior doors are the same color, the building’s facade appears uniform. Yet, you are not obligated to give them all the matching paint jobs.

But, if you have painted every room in your house a neutral hue, it will help create a sense of continuity. 

When there is enough regularity, it can become dull and stifling. Many people want their homes to be an expression of who they are. So they choose laxer design guidelines.

Consider the rest of your home’s exterior when looking for new doors.

Using shades from your current interior doors is the easiest method to ensure balance. Make your front door stand out by painting it a bright external color. But keep your interior doors a more subdued tint.

Consider drawing attention to a specific entrance. Or you may want to coordinate the door and trim with distinctive room furnishings.

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your preferences and financial situation. You can replace one or two doors simultaneously if your budget is tight.

What Color Front Door Adds Value To the House?

You can increase your home’s value by simply painting the front door black.

Until recently, the traditional black front door has been the most popular. This is especially true for contemporary homes.

According to Realtor, dark front doors will make buyers think your home is secure. A sleek black door against a bright façade can inject a fun note into the mix. Black doors give off an opulent sheen, making your home look more sophisticated.

Homebuyers state to pay an extra $6,449 on average for a property that features this striking shade.

If you remain with the incorrect color scheme, you could lose as much as $6,516 in profit.

In a survey, pale pink doors rated it as shabby looking and said they would be ready to spend $6,516 less on average. The highest score went to slate blue, and the lowest score went to cement gray. 

Keep an eye out for small changes in the color of the front door’s paint that could make a big difference in the price.


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