What Color Is Benjamin Moore Spanish Olive?

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What Color Is Benjamin Moore Spanish Olive?

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of life in your home, Benjamin Moore’s Spanish Olive is for you! This shade brings back some peaceful vibe right into your space. 

It’s an excellent choice for your home if you want to create a cozy atmosphere with earthy undertones. Unsurprisingly, it creates as if you’re in the middle of the Mediterranean—or even better, at an olive grove. It’s a gorgeous color that would go great in many spaces.

Benjamin Moore’s Spanish Olive is a warm, subdued green. It’s the color of unripe green olives but has faded olive notes. Furthermore, Spanish Olive has generally considered a warm shade with gray undertones.

This paint makes it perfect for rooms that evoke the outdoors, whether a kitchen or a living room. Additionally, you can pair it with light and dark greens. As well as blues and soft and crisp whites.

What Color Is Benjamin Moore Spanish Olive?

What Color Is Benjamin Moore Spanish Olive?

Spanish olive is a subdued, earthy green with much depth but not too much brightness. 

Furthermore, Spanish Olive is a relaxing gray-green that looks well in homes. The fading olive tones in this mid-tone give it a little more personality than standard gray

Additionally, Spanish Olive is the top pick by homeowners looking for eco-friendly paints.

As you can see, Spanish Olive is a neutral color even if many tints of green are not. This is because of the underlying naturality. 

According to Benjamin Moore, it has similar colors to their paints, like Gray Mirage. It is also close to Paris Rain, Camouflage, and Wind Chime.

Overall, it creates warm summer days at the beach with a soothing, upbeat mood.

What Undertones Does Benjamin Moore’s Spanish Olive Have?

Spanish Olive has a definite gray undertone.

If you look at Spanish Olive by itself, you could mistake it for a dull green. However, you’ll notice a gray backdrop when you put it next to other colors.

Because of the grayish earthy quality, it creates a cozy feel. Furthermore, a mid-tone color works well with lighter and darker shades.


Spanish Olive has an LRV of 52. Having that value means it reflects more light and is almost near to being white.

As you can see, Spanish Olive is not the palest shade. At the same time, it’s not as light as certain pale grays or beiges. However, it is not generally considered a dark shade either.


As mentioned earlier, Spanish Olive blends well with light and deep shades of green. These are also ideal for a blue and crisp white.

This shade works as well in a formal dining room as in a cozy living room. It is also ideal for applying it on an off-white trim.

What Colors Go Well With BM Spanish Olive?

Spanish Olive works well with a wide range of complementary tones.

Combination Ideas: Beige, Black, Gold, Gray, Maroon, Pewter Plum, Purple Red Tan.

Let’s see how this blends well with other paint colors!

1. Pashmina, Benjamin Moore

One of the colors that go well with Spanish Olive is beige. Pashmina is a great option for anyone experimenting with BM’s famous beige tones.

Spanish Olive is a natural-looking color. At the same time, Pashmina complements it with their earthy tones. 

Together, beiges and greens create a possible balanced contrast.

2. White Flour, Sherwin Williams

SW’s White Flour is the ideal mellow white, with just a hint of brown for coziness. 

This perfectly complements Spanish Olive and may be highly used interchangeably. 

As you can see, a paint scheme of greenish grays and creamy off-whites will serve as the right reflection. 

By all means, white will quickly provide contrast and freshness to any color scheme, from dark greens to bright limes.

3. Waterloo, Sherwin Williams

Spanish Olive might go well with blue-green if you want to use blues and greens in your design.

So, Waterloo from Sherwin Williams is a perfect paint color to mix with.

Often, traditional rooms look stunning when painted in Waterloo paints and Spanish Olive.

These varying tones complement one another. Thus, it can be highly paired with any other color palette.

Is Benjamin Moore’s Spanish Olive Good Exterior Color?  

Yes, Spanish Olive is a remarkable choice for home exteriors.

The image shows that white trim creates a crisp appearance with any field color. It creates the look and feel of a trendy Spanish Olive home. 

Furthermore, Spanish Olive also looks excellent on cottages and farmhouses. At the same time, it is also an ideal exterior paint for rustic contemporary residences. 

Spanish Olive horizontal lap is always a safe bet for a traditional downtown look. The white shutters and trim provide an attractive contrast. In addition, it emphasizes the homey, familiar qualities of a classic domestic style.

In addition, any architectural style may benefit from the paint’s subtle sophistication.

Is Benjamin Moore’s Spanish Olive Good For Kitchen Cabinets?

Yes, Spanish Olive is nice for kitchen cabinets.

For some designers, Spanish Olive paints will never go out of style. They go well with various colors and are a versatile addition to any color scheme, whether classic or modern. 

It’s high-end, and it’ll make your kitchen seem impressive. 

As seen in the image, the sun shines directly into the kitchen. As a result, Spanish Olive takes on a deeper, more golden tone. 

Without the morning sun, the kitchen will create a shade with robust dark overtones. 

Overall, Spanish Olive paint works wonderfully for cabinets. They provide fresher greens, making the room feel more alive.

BM Spanish Olive Versus Other Similar Colors 

Let’s compare BM Spanish Olive among other similar ranges of colors.

Spanish Olive vs. October Mist

Spanish Olive vs. October Mist

The luscious green of Spanish Olive is deeply saturated and muted. Alternatively, the sage-green October Mist has warm sage-green hues.

However, underneath both colors is a gray organic undertone.

With an LRV of 46.33, October Mist is very reflective. At the same time, Spanish Olive has 52 LRVs. Therefore, Spanish Olive appears to be whiter in tone. 

If you plan to paint your walls in October Mist, pair them with neutral furniture. You can try creams and linens. 

On the other hand, use Spanish Olive for white and off-white trims.  

Spanish Olive vs. Bleeker Beige

Spanish Olive vs. Bleeker Beige

Spanish Olive are always at their most beautiful when there is little sunlight. So, a location with a lot of light is not highly suggested. 

On the other hand, Bleeker Beige may seem dingy when exposed to fewer lights. Therefore, this paint needs adequate lighting to bring in its beauty.

Generally, Bleeker Beige is a yellowish-tan shade. Yellow undertones gravitate toward other colors, with green or orange. When compared, Spanish Olive has a little gray undertone. 

In terms of LRV, both colors have an amount of 52. 

Overall, both paints have a medium amount of depth. As a result, both hues provide more contrast with white trims.

Spanish Olive vs. November Rain

Spanish Olive vs. November Rain

Benjamin Moore’s November Rain is a muted light gray that leans slightly green. At the same time, Spanish Olive is a muted green that leans toward gray. 

November Rain is an inviting soft gray with a greenish undertone with an LRV of 71.03. When compared to Spanish Olive, it is lighter.

In addition, November Rain can appear off-white when paired with high-contrast, dark hues. Spanish Olive creates a more natural look when coupled with dingy tones.

Tips For Using Spanish Olive In Your Home 

Discover new and exciting ways to use Spanish Olive paint in your home. Here are some useful tips to follow!

Tip No. 1. Make A Stunning Backdrop

Never settle on a white wall. A coat of Spanish Olive will tone down the room’s other colors. It will also maximize the artwork and fixtures surrounding it.

Tip No. 2. Balance Out Flashy Tones

Use a bold color like Spanish Olive to paint the walls. With flashy window contrasts, it will stand out even more.

Tip No. 3. Lighten Up a Dark Washroom

A tiny, windowless bathroom can benefit from the addition of 

Spanish Olive walls. In this case, it reflects color and character.

Tip No. 4. Apply On Kitchen Cabinets

Apply a new coat of Spanish Olive to your cabinetry. Use a soothing color scheme of Spanish Olive on the walls. Then apply it with white or cream countertop materials. 

Tip No. 5. Create a Small Space

The warm walls, with Moore’s Spanish Olive, make a small yet pleasant space for any room. When you paint with a Spanish Olive color, it looks like white but has much more character.

Tip No. 6. Showcase Your Trims

A modest bathroom can have a great impact with Spanish Olive paints. This is because green walls make pristine white moldings stand out. 

Tip No. 6. Replace Dull Features

By painting your living room Spanish Olive, you can hide dull spaces. It will create a vivid backdrop for the flat features of your home. 


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