How White Is Sherwin Williams Snowbound?

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How White Is Sherwin Williams Snowbound?

If you want a new white paint color, go with Sherwin-Williams Snowbound. This paint is perfect for brightening up your home or office. It will also add brightness to any space.

And if you’re looking to get rid of any old yellowed walls? This paint is perfect! The color is soft and subtle but bright enough to make your space feel fresh and new. 

Don’t let the world keep you in an old, bland space! Go ahead and paint with SW Snowbound.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound is a beautiful, crisp, bright white paint. Snowbound has an LRV of 83, making it reflective enough to be a true white. It has gray undertones and is generally considered to be a cool tone. Its soft white finish will make everything appear fresh and clean. Overall, Snowbound is a more muted version of the standard white.

What Color Is Sherwin Williams Snowbound?

What Color Is Sherwin Williams Snowbound?

Sherwin-Williams classifies Snowbound as a member of the white family of paints. Currently, Snowbound is becoming popular with many homeowners. White paint colors like Sherwin Williams are always in high demand. 

Because of its freshness, this shade is a practical addition to any set of neutral colors. Greige, the combination of gray and beige, is best described by Snowbound paint. However, it does not seem gray when applied to walls.

A light white wall will create a muted but vibrant atmosphere. It’s cheery and clean, making any room more open and inviting. It is also considered an extremely stark white. It can often appear as pure white, as seen by a fabric sample.

However, when compared to other whites, it might appear muted. Overall, Snowbound is often applied to trim. However, it is also suitable for interior and outdoor walls, ceilings, and furniture.

How White Is Sherwin Williams Snowbound?

Snowbound is an extremely light white shade of paint. Thus, it offers a pure white color.  

Snowbound is a more muted version of the color compared to bright white. This color works wonderfully as a muted background when set against vivid highlights.


LRV for SW 7004 Snowbound is 83. 

In other words, it will be quite reflective. For that reason, it will allow for a great deal of ambient light to reflect into the space.

Here are some of its specifications:

HEX Color Code = #edeae5





You can apply Snowbound to your cabinets and trim. That way, it will create a modern feel without being too sharp.

Because of its versatility, this shade may be practically used in various settings. 

  • Exterior House 
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Baby Rooms
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Interior Spaces
  • Powder Room

Use Snowbound for the primary or secondary tone in your home’s color scheme. It looks great next to black, blue, and green. However, it also works with certain lighter colors that have cold undertones.

Is Sherwin Williams Snowbound Warm Or Cool?

Snowbound is an endearingly mellow white. 

As whites go, Snowbound is on the neutral side. While the red-orange family indicates warmth, this shade is cooler than most whites.

It might appear warmer than normal in the south-facing light or the warm midday western sun. At the same time, if your home faces north, you may take advantage of the softer lighting.

However, some find it difficult to categorize Snowbound as either a warm or cool tone. In its place, it is usually characterized by a fusion of warm and chilly tones. 

But in any case, Snowbound is not a very warm white because of the beige undertones.

When a surface receives more shade, its texture and color become more apparent. Thus, it requires a change in the coordinating elements.

What Are The Undertones In Snowbound?

There are gentle, warm undertones to Snowbound.  

Usually, a creamy pink or beige undertone can be seen. On other occasions, though, it takes on shades of green and sometimes even light pink. Oftentimes, there are hints of gray with some purple overtones like taupe.

While it appears neutral white, Snowbound is closer to a genuine light gray. Perhaps a slight tinge of greige. Thus, it makes it prone to reflecting the tones surrounding it. 

Snowbound is a cool-looking white that is sharp and has a faint gray undertone. It reads as pure white on its own. But when contrasted with other tints, its underlying gray becomes apparent.

If you put Snowbound on a wall adjacent to a bright white, it will look darker. When paired with a true white paint, cool gray becomes apparent. 

Although it might look somewhat on the warmer end of the range, depending on the lighting.

Overall, without being overly clinical, it has grayer undertones. 

5 Beautiful Colors That Go Well With Snowbound

Let’s discover the 5 beautiful paint colors that blend perfectly with SW Snowbound.

1. Sea Salt, Sherwin Williams

Combining Sea Salt with Snowbound would create a spa-like, modern atmosphere.

As you can see, Sea salt is a favorite among homeowners. It’s a soft green that’s warm and inviting despite its lack of saturation.

When you blend the two, you will create a breezy space that is always desired. It is ideal for applying it for lake cabins and summer homes.

2. Iron Ore, Sherwin Williams

Snowbound’s clean, soft white walls complement colorful trim or doors well. 

Applying SW Iron Ore on the trims of your bedroom is ideal against the Snowbound, just like what we can see from the image above.

Generally, Iron Ore is a refreshingly modern paint element. This color scheme may bring coziness into your house. But it’s also a great way to create a striking style statement.

3. Wish, Benjamin Moore

BM’s Wish is an incredibly adaptable gray with soothing warm undertones. That explains why it goes so well with SW Snowbound. 

Although it’s commonly used for trim, Snowbound also looks good when applied to walls. 

Wish paint color is quite adaptable to Snowbound because of its beige undertones. 

As seen in the image, Wish appears to be clean and white. With this blend, it’s no surprise that it will graciously work well.

4. Palladian Blue, Benjamin Moore

Combining Palladian Blue with Snowbound will provide a soothing, gentle, and airy atmosphere. 

In some cases, it will appear to produce a warm, seaside cottage when combined with Snowbound. 

Because of its adaptability, Palladian Blue is a designer’s ideal shade.

Overall, Snowbound is a great combination if you need a neutral yet lean toward green.

5. Silver Bullet, Behr

Behr’s Silver Bullet features warm grays that pair beautifully with Snowbound. 

Depending on the angle of the light, there’s a chance it may read as a soft lavender gray on the walls. You can see it in the image above. 

As mentioned earlier, Snowbound is pure white with a tinge of gray to it. That’s why you won’t have to think twice about mixing it with Silver Bullet.

Is Snowbound Brighter Than Pure White?

When compared to Snowbound, Pure White is warmer and brighter. 

The LRV for Snowbound is 83. At the same time, Pure White’s a higher LRV of 84. Therefore, Pure White is a little whiter and lighter than Snowbound.

As you can see, Snowbound and Pure White fall within the category of warm whites. 

Snowbound is a soothing, comforting vibe. It has undertones of beige or taupe. On the other hand, Pure White hints of yellow in even the whitest of whites. It avoids appearing chilly or stark since it is not yellow but rather softly creamy.

What Color Is Closest To Snowbound?

Let’s identify the shades that are closest to SW Snowbound.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs. Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs. Alabaster

Snowbound and Alabaster are generally categorized as warm whites in the color wheel. 

The LRV for Snowbound is 83, whereas that for Alabaster is 82. As a result, the beige undertones of Alabaster make it feel cozier. 

When compared, you can tell that Alabaster has a yellow undertone. Whereas, Snowbound has more of a purple/pink undertone.

Snowbound is a touch more crisp and futuristic. At the same time, Alabaster is ideal for a more classic house with a softer appeal.

Overall, Alabaster is creamier than Snowbound, yet Snowbound is brighter.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs. BM White Dove

Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs. BM White Dove

When compared to Snowbound, White Dove is lighter and more golden. White Dove is often promoted as Benjamin Moore’s equivalent color paint.

However, they differ in LRVs. Snowbound has 83, and White Dove has 91.82.

With its creamy off-white tone from gray and yellow tones, White Dove is a lovely neutral. Snowbound, on the other hand, leans more toward a pinkish-purple undertone.

Above all, White Dove is the best BM paint color to select to avoid a subtle mismatch.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs. Greek Villa

Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs. Greek Villa

Snowbound and Greek Villa are both off-white paint tones. Generally, Snowbound seems chilly and cool, but Greek Villa sounds warm and cozy.

If you’re looking for a white that goes nicely with neutrals like grays or browns, try Greek Villa.

At the same time, Snowbound works well as a dominant or supporting shade in a residential design. You can blend it with black, blue, and green.

Yes, they are both predominantly white. However, Snowbound contains a significant amount of gray.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs. Extra White

Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs. Extra White

Snowbound, with an LRV of 83, does appear more muted when put next to Extra White, with an LRV of 86. 

It makes Extra White almost blue by highlighting Snowbound’s touch of warm greige. Although Extra White is fairly stark, this shade has no clinical or chilly vibe. 

Bright white trim is necessary for Snowbound to avoid making the walls seem dusty or dingy. On the other hand, use Extra White instead of Snowbound if you’d want less icy white paint.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs. Swiss Coffee

Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs. Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee is as light as Snowbound but has a more intense yellow tone and more saturation. The only difference between Swiss Coffee and Snowbound’s LRV is 0.93%.

Therefore, Swiss Coffee creates an appearance of a highly creamy white. Contrasting with the neutral/gray tone of Snowbound.

Swiss Coffee leans somewhat yellow, green, and gray. Having this effect creates a feeling of coziness and welcome. At the same time, Snowbound is a versatile warm white that you can pair with everything.

Where Can I Use Snowbound In My Space?

Snowbound is the dominant exterior paint color. You may use it on trims and window treatments, especially darker shades.

As mentioned earlier, Snowbound is appropriate in any indoor space. These include kitchens, bedrooms, and even nurseries. 

You can apply this paint to the living room, dining room, interior spaces, and guest bathroom. Choose Snowbound for molding and cabinets if you use cold greys and whites. 


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