What Color Should The Front Door Be On A Tan House?

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What Color Should The Front Door Be On A Tan House?

The color of your front door can significantly impact the overall look of your home. Therefore, you want to make sure that it blends well with the color of your house. But what if you have a Tan facade? How would you possibly know what other colors would work well with it?

Luckily, whether you go with a rainbow of colors or keep it simple, any color can work well with a tan house. Different hues can still blend well with it and create a cohesive look. 

Choose a neutral shade that will complement a tan house to make a good first impression. Like a brown undertone, a beautiful neutral is neither as cold as white nor as bland as cream. A blue, green, or yellow scheme might complement the bungalow aesthetic. At the same time, colors like pink, black, and red may complement a modern home’s sleek lines.

Best Front Door Colors For Tan House

Tan is a great exterior paint color. However, matching your home’s front door with that shade can be tricky.

If your house’s exterior is neutral, a door with a bright, contrasting color could make it pop. Alternatively, a lighter front door color is preferable if the materials are dark. While doing so, don’t be afraid to take some risks and do things differently.

Before painting your door, make sure to view the swatch or a sample in daylight. Outdoor lighting can cause the color to look different than it does in the shop. Ensure the paint appears good in natural light outside before using it on your front door

Here are some suggestions you may consider in painting your tan house. In addition, we have compiled a list of the top paint suppliers. These include Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, and Sherwin Williams.

1. Benjamin Moore Blueberry (2063-30) Front Door

Benjamin Moore’s Blueberry is a palette of bright, highly saturated hues. 

It appeals to individuals who like to bathe their homes in pure, fantastic colors. Architects and designers adore this traditional blue for its calming yet energizing vibe. It’s a striking shade without being over the top. The gray undertones dampen the brightness just enough.

Color schemes of tan and blue are ideal for beach houses. You can’t go wrong with these hues for a beach cottage’s decor. In addition, a wide range of blues, from the lightest to the darkest, pair well with a tan.

Incorporating tones of tan and blue, this color scheme creates the ground and the sky.

2. Sherwin Williams Decisive Yellow (SW 6902) Front Door

Sherwin-Williams Decisive Yellow is a sunny choice. This will definitely give your home a welcoming vibe.

The shades are much more appealing and homey in natural light. In addition, this color is rich and abundant and can easily serve as a chic substitute for gold.

These days it’s expected to use a primary yellow, but to use a bright yellow in a new way requires a lot of skill. 

In most cases, there’s a nice contrast between the yellow and the tan. As complementary hues, they will stand out without competing.

Both are great for outdoor use because of the calming brown tones they add to the design. Add instant cheer to your home’s entryway by painting the door a bright shade of yellow.

3. Farrow & Ball Tanner’s Brown (No. 255) Front Door

Farrow & Ball’s Tanner’s Brown is a powerful dark brown. This shade aims for a strong aesthetic effect.

It will also complement your tan house and create a sleek, uniform style. There’s no reason to avoid putting them together. If you consider the range of brown’s tonalities, it will still blend well.

A shade of brown and tan create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. That said, if you have a tan facade, you can utilize several hues of brown to create a harmonious look. The contrasting tones will add the right amount of warmth to any space.

4. Farrow & Ball Duck Green (No.W55) Front Door 

Duck Green is a beautiful tribute to the dazzling palette of nature by Farrow & Ball.

Powerful yet restrained, it provides a sophisticated alternative to charcoal tones. Some designers claim that this is subtle yet striking to the eye. In addition, they love how it contrasts with the greenery streets. 

Green, a primary color, would lend a classic air to your home’s entryway. However, it is also the color of nature. Thus it may bring a sense of roundedness to your home’s interior design.

Overall, green will complement the tan. That is why homeowners combine earthy green with a neutral earth tone, such as tan or brown.

5. Farrow & Ball Down Pipe (No. 26) Front Door  

Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe is an inky lead grey with a complex blue undertone.

Supremely well-liked for its versatility, Down Pipe has numerous applications throughout the house. Moreover, because of its uncommon gentleness, it is rarely overbearing. 

As a result, it has become the “go-to” hue for bold accent walls and cozy sitting areas. It also blends on woodwork to create a slightly gritty, industrial vibe.

If you’re worried about the color being too gloomy, keep in mind that you may lighten it by adding white woodwork. 

Meanwhile, you can always go for a more classic and elegant look by pairing your tan house with a gray front door. Your gray door and the tan house would make a wonderful statement all on their own.

Combining a gentle gray with a rich tan would be a beautiful sight. This is a timeless pairing. In a nutshell, grey is the epitome of neutrality, steadiness, elegance, and sophistication.

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6. Farrow & Ball Nancy’s Blushes (No. 2780) Front Door  

Farrow & Ball’s Nancy’s Blushes stands out beautifully with a rich tan surface. 

One of the most appealing contrasts to tan is pink because of its muted hue. Consider using pink as an accent color for your home’s door. As a result, you can create a welcoming, homey, and gentle atmosphere.

It can also create softly lovely exteriors when used with a muted neutral in a quiet space.

Remember that blending a darker tan with pink makes for a more daring combo.

7. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (OC-65) Front Door  

OC-65 is the most accurate white by Benjamin Moore. The trend toward using Chantilly Lace as a synonym for “white” has been rising rapidly in recent years.

As a result, it is possible to use this pure white as a backdrop for a wide range of other colors. However, the contrast can be too strong when paired with softer hues.

Generally, the appearance of a white front door is simple and uncluttered. It’s a classic option for entry doors and looks well with tan exteriors. Dazzling white will bring out the best in a lighter tan for the best contrast. 

Overall, white is universally flattering and goes with any shade.

8. Benjamin Moore Black Beauty (2128-10) Front Door  

Black Beauty, from Benjamin Moore, is a deep black with a welcoming undertone.

Look no further; she is the perfect black matte color you’ve been seeking.

Black Beauty is the essence of its name, a stunning fusion of sophistication and deep tones. Because of its attractive exterior as a door, it serves as a decorative focal point.

Black entry doors will always be in style as a timeless design element. This is the best option for you if you want things simple and devoid of flashy colors.

9. Sherwin Williams Positive Red (SW 6871) Front Door 

Sherwin-Williams’ Positive Red is a red paint that packs a powerful aesthetic punch. It profoundly unifies any design.

It has rich, luxurious, bold red paint with a touch of pink. 

A bright red door in front of your home can lead to a conversation starter.

This is one suggestion for your front door color if you want to add a little visual interest and a “wow” element. No wonder every neighbor strolling by tends to observe and notice.

And yes, it works wonderfully with ranch or tan house exteriors. 

10. Sherwin Williams Tame Teal (SW 6757) Front Door 

Sherwin-Williams’ Tame Teal is a periwinkle-green turquoise hue.

There will be fresh air once it gets inside any room. It’s airy and bright that it chases away any gloom.

Teal, with its beautiful jewel tones, complements tan quite well. The earthy, subdued tan color contrasts nicely with the lively teal.

Tan is a great complement to teal because it is neutral. These are great for adding coziness to a room and setting off bold accent colors like turquoise.

Therefore, the combination of teal and tan radiates a warm, homey atmosphere.


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