What Color Is Blush Pink?

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What Color Is Blush Pink?

If you’re looking at a rose that has just bloomed and is ready to be genuinely picked, then you might think of blush pink.

Blush Pink is one of the most delicate and beautiful colors in existence. You’ll probably be highly surprised at how much more brash and bold this shade of red can be.

One thing is for sure, no matter what color you think blush pink is, there’s no denying its beauty!

Blush pink is a light, pastel shade. It can be generally described as pinkish or rosy, and the lighter shades of blush pink are closer to the color of a rose. Blush pink becomes closer to a deep red or plum as it gets darker and richer in tone.

The most common shades of blush pink are light and medium bright tones of pink. These tend to be on the lighter side of the spectrum.

What Color Is Blush Pink?

What Color Is Blush Pink?

Blush pink is a pink shade between light pastel and medium bright. 

It’s a light, pure tone of pink that tends to be on the lighter side. 

You may think of blush pink as being more of a traditional rose color than other shades of red or pink. However, it’s not necessarily limited to just that shade alone. 

You can find blush pinks in every hue imaginable—from soft to bright hot pinks to coral tones.

Blush is a light pink color that painters often choose. It’s not quite the same shade of pink as baby powder or bubble gum, but it’s quite close. 

As you can see, blush pink is often more muted and feminine. As a result, they may be widely used to complement a large palette of colors effectively.

Moreover, they don’t resemble fuchsia or hot pink at all. Keep in mind that blush pinks are airy and delicate.

Overall, the beautiful neutral tones they have are perfect for any setting. 


Generally, the LRV for blush pink is 56.68%, right in the center of the color wheel. 

Additionally, the percentage shade of blush pink is typically made up of the following:

  • Red (100%)
  • Green (51%)
  • Blue (55%)

As a result, this will cause a certain amount of light reflection.


Blush pink typically has red, green, and blue undertones.

Depending on your lighting and perspective, their undertones will seem either warm. You can see shades of yellow, gold, and peach.

It can also appear cool with blue, pink, or red tones. When used together, they form a subtle background tone. 

Warm Tones

Blush pink is a soft, welcoming, and warm color.

They may seem orange under certain lights, like red and yellow. Sometimes, it appears to be a mauve-toned, somewhat purple blush.

In general, purple makes blush pink cooler and more blue.


Paint your accent walls a soft pink for a lovely effect. If at all feasible, your daughter’s bedroom. 

This painting is also suitable for ceilings and moldings.

Oftentimes, blush pink walls might be intimidating. But they can be practically balanced by adding warm neutrals or darker tones. 

Blush pink can seem more modern when paired with other bright hues.

What Are the Most Popular Blush Paint Colors?

Let’s look at the 5 blush paint colors from trustworthy manufacturers.

1. Cream Puff, Benjamin Moore

Cream Puff is an extremely light neutral off-white hue with a hint of red. It’s an ideal shade for adding order and sophistication to a room’s decor.

Cream Puff by Benjamin Moore is a delightfully unexpected focal point for a modern room. It works best with soft, pure whites like those in the image above.

2. Proposal, Benjamin Moore

The little gray undertone in BM’s Proposal makes this blush pink work neutral.

This is popular for a daughter’s bedroom because of its soothing, homey vibe. 

It has also delicate, rosy tones that evoke a sugary mood. 

3. Mellow Coral, Sherwin Williams

Mellow Coral has a deep depth of color and is more coral- or peach-toned pink than a true pink.

Orange, red, and pink tones make up the coral color palette. You can compare it with the cnidarian’s colors known as priceless jellyfish.

This shade works well in spaces that get lots of natural light. You can also mix it with pieces of furniture with contrasting light finishes. 

4. Faint Coral, Sherwin Williams

Faint Coral is a mild, gentle pink-coral from Sherwin Willaims.

It belongs to the “white and pastel” color family. It works well on front doors, children’s rooms, and nurseries.

Designers also find this charming and engaging. 

As you can see, there is a freshness that goes wonderfully with its bright hues. Faint coral allows you to design a sensual and appealing room.

5. Noble Blush, Behr

The noble blush color from Behr cannot be easily blended in any setting. 

However, if you are bold enough to experiment, you can see how great it would look on a front door. 

Think of it as the 21st century’s answer to baby pink.

It appears to be a beautiful, vibrant shade of blush with just the right depth.

What Paint Colors Go Well With Blush Pink?

Blush pink is a versatile shade that works well in various design contexts. This is because of its versatility and softness.

Here are 5 paint colors to incorporate blush pink into your home’s color scheme.

1. Cloud White, Benjamin Moore

Cloud White by Benjamin Moore is a gentle, warm white. 

It produces a little sheen, most noticeable in the warm, southern sunlight.

Blush pink with BM’s Cloud White is a timeless color combination that never fails to impress.

It may be practically used in every part of the house. You can apply it from the playroom to the kitchen, the bathroom, and the walk-in closet.

2. Aegean Teal, Benjamin Moore

If you wonder if teal and blush pink go together, the answer is an emphatic yes.

With this color scheme, you may give a place a revitalizing vibe.

As both teal green and blush pink exude reviving vitality. Therefore, these color combination works wonderfully.

Overall, Aegean Teal and Blush Pink tones also help you achieve a relaxing bedroom space.

3. Naval, Sherwin Williams

Naval is one of the top blue shades of Sherwin Williams. 

The combination of blush pink and SW Naval is so sophisticated and eye-catching. It is apparent since the two colors represent such polar contrasts.

In most cases, the gravity of blue is highly contrasted by the playfulness of blush pink. 

These details produce a fascinating appearance. Both colors are very modest. As a result, the painting outcome will be mild as well.

4. Gray Screen, Sherwin Williams

The lovely blue undertones of the Gray Screen give a space lot of character.

Therefore, blending it with a blush pink color works beautifully with it.

Gray Screen is a fantastic option if you’re going for a more solemn look throughout the house. A room with pure gray walls is deep and dramatic, while blush pink accents serve as a beacon in the night.

5. In the Moment, Behr

Behr’s In The Moment is a calming blue-green color ideal for bringing serenity to any space.

The combination of blush pink and In The Moment is as complementary as that of blush pink and navy blue. The two shades provide a contrast between bright and dim.

Therefore, it contrasts wonderfully with blush pink since it blends with complementary colors.

Do Beige And Blush Pink Go Together?

Yes, blush pink and beige go well together. 

Blush pink is a feminine hue, and beige is a neutral tone. Therefore, the two may complement each other.

Oftentimes, you can achieve a soft, girly mood by combining the colors beige and pink.

Beige’s natural, domestic warmth is pleasant and inviting. This makes it an elegant choice for any space. While blush pink tends to create a relaxing, upbeat, and motivating atmosphere.

Because of the beige tones in blush pink, the colors harmonize. In addition, they also provide a subdued yet aesthetically pleasing effect.

When you combine them, they produce a pinkish-beige shade. Pink Beige is a muted, veiled beige. It’s the best paint color to make a place seem cozy and elegant.

Is Dusty Pink the Same as Blush?

No, Dusty Pink and Blush Pink are not the same. While they share the same pink shade, their difference is noticeable.

Blush pink is a gentler, subdued pink. It’s typically described as a soft pink with a peachy or coral undertone.

On the other hand, dusty pink is a muted shade of grayish pink. It has pink with a tinge of gray or beige.

Blush pink is a warmer, more passionate shade of pink, whereas dusty pink is colder and more muted.

Dusty pink is a neutral color that works well with other colors and patterns. Blush, on the other hand, is typically used to give a splash of color to any space.

Both paint colors are widely used in interior design and home decor.


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