Benjamin Moore’s Bestselling Red Paint Colors

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Benjamin Moore’s Bestselling Red Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore has been among the top aesthetic paint brands around the globe, alongside Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Kelly Moore. And one of their most popular lines of paint is the red color.

The brand’s red paint emits style and elegance and has a dramatic vibe that captivates our emotions.

With so many red paint varieties, what are Benjamin Moore’s bestselling red paint colors that are likely to suit your preferences?

Some of Benjamin Moore’s popular red paints that you have to check out include Dinner Party, Caliente, Heritage Red, and Classic Burgundy, to name a few.

I will share with you further information about these bestselling paints and then help you determine if they’re the right fit for the interiors of your home.

What Are Benjamin Moore’s Bestselling Red Paint Colors?

The following are five examples of Benjamin Moore’s popular red paints that can transform specific points in your home into a vibrant and elegant space.

1. Benjamin Moore Dinner Party

Benjamin Moore’s Dinner Party features a vibrant red and romantic aura. It has a warm, spicy neutral scheme emits confidence, power, creativity, and determination.

What Color Is Dinner Party?

At first sight, you might mistake Benjamin Moore’s Dinner Party for the color Maroon. However, Maroon has a stronger shade of dark red and rich brown.

On the other hand, the Dinner party has deep and vibrant marsala red that produces a warm accent. The color has undertones of purple and a luscious shade of burgundy that reinforces the red color, resulting in a higher reflective value. 

It also has hints of copper-like quality that create the paint’s beautiful faded texture.

Where To Use Dinner Party Paint Color?

Dinner Party’s combination of marsala red and burgundy produces a stunning variety of red perfect for parts of the home where you usually entertain guests.

The living room, kitchen, or dining room area are perfect examples.

Although the color has a warm tone, the faded and burgundy undertone makes the paint texture relaxing and pleasing. Therefore, applying them to rooms where you usually rest, or study is also great.

Among the areas where you may want to consider is the bedroom or home office.

Lastly, you will also love Benjamin Moore’s Dinner Party as the exteriors of your home because the neutral bright red color of the paint gives a subtle message of confidence and determination to the people passing by.

2. Benjamin Moore Caliente

The characteristics of Benjamin Moore’s Caliente are the bright red color with a high light reflective value that draws a lot of the natural light during daytime.

You must also note that they are part of Benjamin Moore’s Affinity colors. And what this means is that you can expect rich but deep paint colors from their collection.

What Color Is Caliente?

Initially, the color quality of Benjamin Moore’s Caliente appears to resemble the industrial red we see in firehouses or the typical Christmas red color. However, they are not the same because Caliente has a richer and more defined red color that is deep.

Caliente’s color profile is a vibrant red shade with undertones of brown that creates the paint’s depth. It also has hints of orange and pink, producing a brighter red and increasing the light reflective value.

Is Benjamin Moore Caliente Good Door Color?

Since they draw light, one of the best places to apply them is in areas with windows or many light sources. The Caliente paint is warm and neutral and blends well with various paints with warm or cool accents. 

But one of the most popular uses of Caliente is in the living room area, dining room, kitchen, or any part of the home where you usually host guests. And this is because the bright red color of Caliente is uplifting and extends your positivity to them.

3. Benjamin Moore Heritage Red

The hallmark of Benjamin Moore’s Heritage Red is its warm and spicy accent. It has a Christmas red aesthetic that is perfect during the winter festivities.

Their bright and deep red color encompasses vitality and positivity, which makes them an excellent choice for either the exteriors or interiors of the home.

What Is Heritage Red?

The word “heritage” in Benjamin Moore’s Heritage Red symbolizes the classic red of the early 1900s we see in firehouses or ambulances during those eras.

Heritage Red has a deep red color with a surprisingly very low light reflective value of 10.26 despite the warm accent of the paint. It also has the same red undertone of muted red earth, creating a bright crimson red.

Where To Use Heritage Red Paint Color?

Heritage Red is a popular choice of color because they blend well with either dark or light color. In addition, the flexibility of the Heritage Red makes them aesthetically pleasing, no matter if you apply them in the exteriors or interiors of your home.

But some of the popular uses of Benjamin Moore’s Heritage Red that might also work for you are as walls for the living room or front door color.

4. Benjamin Moore Red

If you are looking for paint with the traditional red color, then Benjamin Moore’s Red is likely the one you are looking for. It has the base color of red in the color wheel with no undertones.

It has a bright accent with a high light reflective value that draws a lot of light. It is the perfect paint for wall interiors or your home’s exteriors, such as doors, fences, or furniture.

5. Benjamin Moore Classic Burgundy

The main description of Benjamin Moore’s Classic Burgundy is its aristocratic edge advantage. And what it means is that it has a generally warm accent but balanced light reflective value.

Its deep red color expresses elegance and minimalism, so they are a popular option among interior designers and architects. 

What Color Is Classic Burgundy?

Benjamin Moore’s Classic Burgundy has a primary color of dark and deep Merlot red, creating the Burgundy shade of color. It also has a dark oak undertone that results in a darker variety of red.

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