Best Black Paint Colors For Decorating Your Home (10 Striking Colors)

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Best Black Paint Colors For Decorating Your Home

Black as an interior theme is unpopular because of their dark, gloomy, and sometimes depressing aesthetic. The good news, however, is that popular varieties of black paint can lift your spirit and fit your personal preferences in interior design.

So what is the best black paint for decorating your home?

Some popular black colors you can try are Black Satin, Black Evergreen, Tricorn Black, and After Midnight. They have undertones that complement and neutralize the strong dark accents of black colors.

Today, I will share additional details about the variety of black colors and help you determine which suits your home’s interior design.

How Do I Choose a Black Paint Shade?

How Do I Choose a Black Paint Shade?

Before I begin discussing the best black paint colors, let’s talk about the factors you need to consider in choosing the ideal black shade for your home’s interiors—

  • First and foremost, you have to note the undertone of the paint. What makes one black paint unique from another variety of black accents is their undertones
  • In addition to the undertones, you must consider the paint’s finish. Do you prefer a matte or flat finish?
  • You must also select the other colors you are partnering the black with. Or are you using the black paint as primary or secondary or trim colors

10 Best Black Interior Paint Colors

The following are the 10 best black colors that are likely to suit the interior design of your home.

1. Black Satin by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Black Satin is your typical ash or charcoal black color. However, it has a balanced undertone of green and blue that results in the deep ashy quality of the paint.

The accent of Black Satin is an excellent choice for the walls and front doors because of the strong combination of black.

It makes the walls and front doors more prominent and emits elegance and calmness simultaneously.

2. Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams

At first, Sherwin Williams’ Tricorn Black may have hints of gray or blue. However, Tricorn Black has no undertones. What makes it different from a solid black is the contrast.

It has a lighter complexion that creates the illusion of hints of gray or blue undertones.

The Tricorn Black is a trendy alternative to the traditional black that gives the interiors of your home a sense of vibrant yet serene aesthetics.

3. After Midnight by Kelly Moore

The hallmark of Kelly Moore’s After Midnight is the deep black base color with gray undertones and tiny blue and green hues.

Same with Tricorn Black has distinguishable similarities with charcoal black. However, it has a darker accent than charcoal black or Sherwin-Williams’ Tricorn Black.

In addition, the blue undertone produces a lighter tone reminiscent of the night sky.

4. Black Evergreen by Behr

Behr’s Black Evergreen is a beautiful black color with a large hue of deep forest green undertone.

The broad dark green accent and cool tone create an uplifting and relaxing atmosphere you will adore.

5. Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron appears to be a gray color at first sight. However, it is among Behr’s black paint varieties that have a strong mix of cool gray. You will also notice hints of blue that neutralize the strong complexion. 

As a result, it produces a lighter and cool tone that is an excellent choice for your bedroom or any part of your home where you usually rest or take your daily siesta.

6. Midsummer Night by Benjamin Moore

The noticeable characteristic of Benjamin Moore’s Midsummer Night is the blend of what appears to be a combination of gray and beige.

However, this is not exactly the case because the light brownish quality is due to the undertones of chocolate with hints of olive green.

The strong black color of Midsummer Night and the chocolate brown create a classical style that creates serenity and a dramatic vibe.

Therefore, if you are aiming for an interior design that has style yet emits minimalism to some extent, then Midsummer Night is the perfect option.

7. Black Fox by Sherwin Williams

If you are searching for the black paint to help improve your home’s lighting condition, then Sherwin Williams’ Black Fox is probably what you are looking for. It has a decent reflective value that attracts natural and indoor lights in a well-lit room.

When you look closely, you will also observe the light shade of brown undertone that makes the paint warm and cozy. Although it’s not as warm, Black Fox is warmer than traditional black paints that are cool and neutral.

8. Black Emerald by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams‘ Black Emerald answers Behr’s best-selling Black Evergreen paint. However, Black Emerald is slightly darker, and the black shade of the paint is more prominent than Black Evergreen.

The color resembles army green or olive green but has a stronger black texture. Black Emerald largely has deep forest green undertones with hints of navy blue that create a stunning black-green fusion.

9. Racoon Fur by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Racoon Fur displays a beautiful shade of deep black with undertones of gray. The black and metallic finish emits a stunning elegant surface perfect for a modern living room.

The Racoon Fur is also a flexible paint that compliments most furniture and fixtures of varying designs and colors.

10. Black  HC-190 by Benjamin Moore

If you are not particularly searching for a variety of black paint, but want to capture the beauty of the traditional solid and dark color of black, then you have to consider Benjamin Moore’s HC-190 paint.

It has no visible undertones but hints of gray to soften the strong black accent. 

What is the Best Shade of Black To Paint Interior Doors?

The best shade of black paint for your interior doors depends on your preferences. As long as the color suits the exteriors and interiors of your home, then you can say that it is the best shade of black because it matches the aesthetics you design.

However, the most popular and best-selling shade of black around the globe is Sherwin Williams’ Tricorn Black.

And this is all because of the paint’s lighter complexion than traditional black paints. It also compliments warm colors that draw natural and indoor lights.

Is Black Paint Good For Walls?

The misconception about black wall colors is they are depressing and claustrophobic. However, this is false because black paint varieties emit peace and serenity.

In addition, they make a specific room appear airy and produce the illusion that an area has a larger space.

It will also emit elegance and style if you match them with the right colors and set of furniture and fixtures.

What Colors Look Good With Black?

Five colors that blend well with black that you have to consider are as follows:

  • Cobalt Blue 
  • Periwinkle
  • Fuschia
  • Royal Blue
  • Off-White

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