What Color Is Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain?

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What Color Is Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain?

If you’re looking for a soft black shade that’s not too intense or harsh, Iron Mountain is sure to please. 

Benjamin Moore’s Iron Mountain is a black paint color that looks great on anything. Whether from the walls of your home to the furniture in your living room, it will recreate a space without making it feel too cold or cool.

Iron Mountain is a warm black paint color with soft and subtle tones. It is generally the most popular soft black paint color of Benjamin Moore. The LRV of this paint is 10.96, which means it’s an excellent choice for warm and cool color schemes. It has brown and violet undertones making it low-reflectivity.

It usually reflects bluish overtones over direct sunlight but resembles a muted black in the shade. You’ll get the best results if you blend it with warm whites and subtle warm grays.

What Color Is Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain?

What Color Is Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain?

Iron Mountain is a soft black paint color. Most of the time, it has a warm appearance when illuminated by indirect sunlight. It’s a dark color, yet it doesn’t feel too gloomy.

In addition to the walls, this shade looks great on interior doors and trims. You can see its versatility when applying it to different schemes.

Iron Mountain is a lavishly dark black popular option for residents and designers. This color is a part of Benjamin Moore’s Color Preview collection. It falls under the neutral shade family. 

BM’s color preview collection includes vibrant and subdued hues that reflect the tones of Iron Mountain.

At some point, several designers believe that Iron Mountain is a daring shade of gray. They usually love the combination of all-white decor and greenery furnishings with it.

Is Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain Warm Or Cool?

Iron Mountain is an enigmatic warm black paint color. It’s the perfect deep color to create a cozy atmosphere in your home. This black paint has a matte finish and won’t reflect much light.

In the midday sun or a west-facing room, Iron Mountain can become very warm and show a slight browning effect. At the same time, it gives a north-facing room a cold, dark appearance.

Yet, Iron Mountain gives a warm and lighter appearance in the west- or south-facing space.


If you’re looking for a great paint color for trim, doors, shutters, or an accent, you can apply Iron Mountain.

Painting your entire home with Iron Mountain will warm you in colder climates. Since it absorbs and reflects the sun’s heat. It will also warm up the atmosphere both indoors and exteriors.

According to Benjamin Moore, they recommend matching Iron Mountain with White Dove. It might also look good with Snowfall White, Stardust, and Barren Plain. 

In Living Rooms

The family room might benefit from an accent wall of Iron Mountain. 

Whether the focal wall or the fireplace wall, this paint will bring out the best in your property.

Light-colored curtains could assist in mitigating the sun’s glare. This is especially true if they are white or somewhat transparent. 

Kitchen Spaces

Feel free to design as dark and dingy a kitchen as your heart desires.

White tops and cabinets will complete the look when you use Iron Mountain. 

If you paint the cabinets with Iron Mountain, leave the walls white. In that case, you’ll have a truly unique kitchen. 

In Bedrooms

Keep the rest of the room a restful, warm, or cool white, and use Iron Mountain on the wall behind the headboard. 

You can choose from various metals to craft an eye-catching accent. Then add some feather pillows to provide a plush finishing touch.

Exterior Spaces

Once you apply Iron Mountain on exterior walls, it will appear brighter. This is because of natural light.

When you use it on the exterior of a ranch-style home, it elevates the aesthetic value of the structure. 

Also, this paint color is perfect for homes with a modern, minimalistic style.

What Are the Undertones Of Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain?

Iron Mountain has a touch of blue, brown, and violet undertones.

It has a hazy sense of warmth despite its apparent coolness due to the presence of a tinge of brown. In addition, Iron Mountain takes very bright light with a violet undertone. You can also observe a small crisp texture because of its deep blue tones.

Before applying Iron Mountain, consider how much natural light your home gets. Since Iron Mountain has a blue undertone, it appears blue-gray in direct sunlight. Yet appears more subduedly black in low light. 


Iron Mountain has an LRV of 10.96, perfect for adding a sophisticated accent to any space. Surely, it is dark and dim, but not so dark that it could be mistaken for a dark deep black

HEX Code

Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore has a HEX code of #575553 and RGB values of 87, 85, and 83.

What Colors Go With Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain?

Iron Mountain is a versatile paint shade you can apply anywhere. This is due to its modest sophistication.

In terms of white paint, Iron Mountain is rather adaptable. You can blend it with Sherwin Williams Pure White and Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.

Let’s see what other complementary paint colors we can match!

1. Pure White, Sherwin Williams

Pure White is a warm white that can complement Iron Mountain due to its understated nature. 

Iron Mountain has a shade of gray that is so dark that it is almost black in appearance. You should consider combining it with Pure White for the freshest and cleaner look.

In this setting, it’s a gorgeous color that would look great on a feature wall in a living room.

2. Big Chill, Sherwin Williams

Big Chill from Sherwin Williams is a seriously awesome neutral tone. 

It’s a pale gray with a little blue tint but doesn’t give in readily as most grays do.

Big Chill is an elegant, serene, neutral periwinkle blue-purple. It’s the ideal shade of paint for making a small room feel larger.

It works so well with other gloomy elements, such as Iron Mountain.

3. White Dove, Benjamin Moore

The contrast between Iron Mountain and White Dove, a bright white, is striking.

As you can see, black and white paint always blend. Thus, it can be one of the most sophisticated and unbiased color schemes a designer can use. 

Black paint, such as Iron Mountain, and white paint, like White Dove, are classic. It can be highly used with either a modern or traditional aesthetic.

4. Barren Plain, Benjamin Moore

Barren Plain is a warm, inviting gray that is easy on the eyes.

It is a neutral gray hue with a subtle brown undertone. Thus, it makes an ideal complement to Iron Mountain’s cool blue tone. It would look great with a sleek black paint job.

Applying it with Iron Mountain is a surefire way to make the place feel more welcoming, cozy, and homey.

5. Stardust, Benjamin Moore

According to Benjamin Moore, Iron Mountain is a matching color paint to Stardust. 

Stardust is a versatile neutral, encompassing shades of gray, green, and brown. 

Generally, brown and black paints are a classic color scheme since they are neutral. These two neutrals complement one another beautifully, creating a sophisticated ambiance.

When combined, Stardust and Iron Mountain produce a strong rustic vibe.

What Is the Difference Between Benjamin Moore’s Iron Mountain And Sherwin Williams Iron Ore?

What Is the Difference Between Benjamin Moore's Iron Mountain And Sherwin Williams Iron Ore?

Iron Ore from Sherwin Williams has a very low LRV of 6 compared to Iron Mountain, which has 10.96.

They vary widely in applications.

Iron Mountain would always look fantastic with white accents. They are also frequently applied to kitchen cabinets and living rooms.

On the other hand, SW Iron Ore, a dark gray charcoal paint, is frequently used on front doors. Several residents also apply them on furniture, exteriors, and accent walls. 

However, both paint colors blend well with warm and cool tones.

What Is the Difference Between Iron Mountain And Wrought Iron?

What Is the Difference Between Iron Mountain And Wrought Iron?

Iron Mountain is slightly more versatile ways than Wrought Iron.

Wrought Iron is a deep, classic black velvet with navy blue undertones. At the same time, Iron Mountain combines violet, blue, and brown undertones.

Despite its complexity, Wrought Iron can be used as a home neutral. Especially when combined with white paint or neutral tones of gray or beige.

Overall, Wrought Iron’s intense blackness surpasses that of Iron Mountain.

What Is the Difference Between Iron Mountain And Kendall Charcoal?

What Is the Difference Between Iron Mountain And Kendall Charcoal?

The earthy warmth of Kendall Charcoal comes from the color’s deep, rich gray hue. It consists of green undertones.

However, Iron Mountain is a soft black color with a low reflection. And has a presence of brown and violet undertones. 

Kendall Charcoal, with its lower LRV of 14.61, is notably lighter in color than Iron Mountain. 

In terms of versatility, Kendall Charcoal is better compared to Iron Mountain.


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