Benjamin Moore Cloud White Vs. Swiss Coffee

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Benjamin Moore Cloud White Vs. Swiss Coffee

In the past years, Swiss Coffee and Cloud White paints have always been compared to each other. But what exactly about these paint color palettes makes them differ?

Such factors contribute to the differences between these paints: their applications, formulas, and functionality as wall paint colors. So, let’s take a closer look at these elements to see which paint is better for your home!

Swiss Coffee is a darker off-white paint, while Cloud White is a soft off-white shade. Moreover, Swiss Coffee has a creamier tone because of its mild green undertones. At the same time, Cloud White offers a warm, invisible taupe backdrop. Furthermore, Swiss Coffee is the ideal paint in kitchens and living rooms.

Meanwhile, Cloud White is perfect for interior areas like trim, wall, or ceiling colors. These warm whites combine as a wall and trim color scheme when you combine them.

What Is the Difference Between Cloud White vs. Swiss Coffee From Benjamin Moore?

Cloud White and Swiss Coffee are two quite different shades in terms of the warmth they produce. As well as their LRV and RGB values, the undertones, and applications.

Cloud White is a beautiful creamy warm white paint color. However, Swiss Coffee has a slightly mellow color that comes a little bit darker than Cloud White.

Some homeowners prefer Swiss Coffee because it is a soft, creamy off-white with a hint of warmth. At the same time, others view Cloud White as an ethereal and brilliant white gentle color.

Overall, their warm white tones look great together as a wall and trim color scheme.

What Color Is Benjamin Moore Cloud White?

What Color Is Benjamin Moore Cloud White?

Cloud White is a lovely off-white shade we could paint our walls anytime. It has gentle taupe undertones that are hard to notice.  

In addition, Cloud White is a neutral white that is soothing and energizing. As an off-white, it complements pure and creamy whites. It looks stunning when contrasted with cool-toned accents, like black trim & dark furniture.

Benjamin Moore states it is compatible with paint colors like Pale Oak. Moreover, it is also ideal for blending with Champion Cobalt, White Down, and Yosemite Yellow.

Above all, almost any room would benefit from having walls painted Cloud White. As a beautiful white paint, it works well for ceilings, cabinets, and trim.

What Color Is Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee?

What Color Is Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee?

Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee is an off-white color with many rich, creamy overtones. 

As you can see, Swiss coffee is as comforting with its rich state. It is not a bright white at all. 

Oftentimes, this shade reflects like a golden hour because of its mild yellow tones.

Applying it on a home’s exterior provides a home’s facade with a classic and timeless look.

Benjamin Moore claims that their White Drifts paints are a close match. As a bonus, it also pairs nicely with paints like Lush, Fossil, and Newburg Green.

Therefore, this shade is suitable for both classic and contemporary interiors. Additionally, it can perfectly blend well with a minimalist and country setting. 

Is Benjamin Moore Cloud White Warm Or Cool?

Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White reflects a warm color state.

Because of its taupe undertones, this off-white paint is cozy. In contrast to Swiss Coffee, Cloud White is milder.

As you can see, Cloud White has extremely gentle undertones. It also slightly emphasizes yellow and has a neutral base to calm things down.

In light of this, Cloud White may seem yellow next to a pure or icy white. 

Cloud White is a warm white that isn’t too yellow, perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere. It reflects brilliant white without the bluish or greenish undertones of other whites. 

You can apply this paint to compliment your wood furniture and artwork frames.

Is Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee Warm Or Cool?

Swiss Coffee is a warm white that is mellow and subtle.

It has a base color with green and brown undertones, making it warmer than pure white.

Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee is a much more neutral white than many others on the market. It’s like having the comforting feel of cream in paint.

However, it has some yellow undertones, as do all off-whites.

After all, an off-white color is mainly created by yellow undertones. As a result, there are conditions under which it appears slightly yellow or gold.

Swiss Coffee could be the way to go if you want white paint that leans more toward an off-white than true white. 

Benjamin Moore Cloud White vs. Swiss Coffee RGB And LRV

Regarding light reflectance value, Cloud White has an LRV of 85.05. This makes it more luminous off-white than true white. 

This fairly light shade has a lot of depth and warmth, so it won’t risk seeming too cold on the wall.

RGB values: 243, 238, 225 

HEX code: #F3EEE1

On the other hand, Swiss Coffee has an LRV of 81.91, as stated by Benjamin Moore.

Swiss coffee is highly reflective. It’s so light that it almost qualifies as white. Yet the subtle yellow undertones give it a warmer, more pleasing appearance.

RGB values: 237, 234, 224

HEX code: #EDEAE0

In conclusion, the LRV of Swiss Coffee is lower than that of Cloud White. This makes it somewhat less brilliant and slightly more beige.

What Colors Pair Well With Cloud White And Swiss Coffee?

5 color paints blend well with Cloud White and Swiss Coffee. Let’s have a look!

1. White Dove, Benjamin Moore

It will look great with Swiss Coffee and Cloud White when paired with White Dove for the trim.

This can be useful for reducing any underlying tones in the paint since the contrast between a pure white and a creamy color is more pronounced.

It’s always a bright, spotless white that goes wonderfully with beige walls. As a result, you won’t have to give too much thought to the color of paint you use.

2. Lush, Benjamin Moore

Lush is a soft blue undertone that produces a warm and comfortable green. It evokes images of the rainforest after a heavy summer downpour.

Swiss Coffee and Cloud White is a warm neutral. So it will pair beautifully with other warm colors and earth tones.

Lush paint is warm enough to complement a creamy white when put together. Therefore, you can use a deep, forest green to make your off-white paints stand out.

3. Fossil, Benjamin Moore

Fossil paint is one of the colors to match Cloud White and Swiss Coffee. 

It is a calm beige that can help anchor a room. Because it is neutral, 

beige is a fantastic complement to off-whites. It also provides a touch of warmth to any cold space.

That’s why it’s a good idea to mix warm beiges and off-whites; the two colors complement one another.

4. Naval, Sherwin Williams

Neutral and calm tone, Sherwin Williams’ Naval paint is a dark and deep navy blue. It is ideal for contrasting it with warm tones like Cloud White and Swiss Coffee.

As you can see, Navy blue goes well with various whites. This includes crisp whites and warmer creams, and off-whites.

As seen in the image, white and navy are beautiful colors since they are both timeless classics that evoke a sense of stability and neutrality.

5. Agreeable Gray, Sherwin Williams

Agreeable Gray is ideal for any room because it blends effortlessly with any space.

It makes perfect sense that it goes nicely with Cloud White and Swiss Coffee. So, use grey paints and neutral colors of off-white tones to set the mood for relaxation.

Cool greys will look amazing when coupled with warmer tones, such as Cloud White or Swiss Coffee.

Is Cloud White More Yellow Than White Dove?

Yes, Cloud White has more yellow tones underneath compared with White Dove.

While each has the same percentage of yellow, the shades are incredibly similar. In contrast to Cloud White, White Dove is less yellow and more gray, making it warm but more neutral off-white. 

Due to the absence of gray in Cloud White, the color can appear slightly more yellow than in White Dove.

Regarding LRV, White Dove is 83.16, while that Cloud White is 85.05.

Ultimately, White Dove is a highly adaptable color compared to Cloud White.

Does Cloud White Look Dingy?

Yes, in some cases, Cloud White can look dingy and gloomy when north-facing light touches it.

It can appear drab in spaces bathed in icy north sunlight.

Moreover, Cloud White can create more passive warmth. And the undertones can usually shine through flat, dreary light.

It can look slightly more yellow at times, depending on the lighting. However, it will appear more inviting in south-facing rooms.

Cloud White is most flattering in extremely bright settings. Yet it also works well with moderate lighting and even some shadows. 

However, good indoor lighting is necessary to bring out the full potential of this color.

What Color Is Lighter Than White Dove?

Lighter paint colors than White Dove include Cloud White and Simply White. You can also consider Super White and Chantilly Lace. 

Compared to White Dove, Cloud White can look more yellow because of its lack of gray.

Simply White, less beige than White Dove, is an excellent wall choice. Thus, especially baseboards and trim. 

Meanwhile, Super White is preferable to White Dove. Since White Dove still contains a trace amount of yellow due to its formulation.

When you compare it with Chantilly Lace, White Dove isn’t a real white. However, it’s still a nice neutral paint to use. 

Does Swiss Coffee Look Gray?

No, Swiss Coffee does not look gray in appearance.

However, Swiss Coffee can gradually show tiny shades of gray, yellow, and green.

The small touches of gray prevent Swiss Coffee from being a full standard yellow paint.

In some lights, Swiss Coffee may take on a slight beige-yellow hue. It won’t be a bright yellow but a barely perceptible tinge of color. 

Because of this, it feels homey and welcoming. 

However, depending on the lighting, it may look excessively yellow rather than gray.

Is Swiss Coffee A Greige?

No, Swiss Coffee is not considered a greige tone.

However, Swiss Coffee can appear as a greige hue in some lighting conditions.

As you can see, Swiss Coffee is neither yellow nor greige. Thanks to its gray-green undertones, which maintain it firmly in the White family. 

Instead of a cold, sterile white, Swiss Coffee is a beige, warm white. 

It’s a neutral off-white that may pass for either white tone depending on the light exposure.

Overall, Swiss Coffee is off-white rather than genuine white. Nowhere near as greige, either.


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