What Color Compliments Green Smoke By Farrow And Ball?

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What Color Compliments Green Smoke By Farrow And Ball?

The color green provides a neutral and relaxing vibe. However, several types of green shades can uniquely transform your home. And one of the popular varieties you will find is Farrow and Balls’ No. 47 Green Smoke. 

And they are a desirable paint in a home’s interior design because it provides a metallic and pale green aesthetic that emits a minimalistic yet elegant vibe. 

So the next question you may ask is, what colors complement Farrow and Balls’ Green Smoke? 

The trend with Green Smoke goes along with varieties of white such as Off-White, White Tie, and All White. However, it also blends well with other color schemes like Bancha and Black Blue. 

In today’s short article, I will share my thoughts about the said color combination and add further insights about the features of Farrow and Balls’ Green Smoke, such as its undertones, and then help you determine if they’re the right choice for your home. 

What Is The Best Color That Blends With Farrow And Ball Green Smoke? 

Farrow and Balls’ Green Smoke is a variety of green that has metallic and muted green qualities. Green Smoke is not new and has been a popular choice in interior design since the 19th century. 

And they are a desirable color scheme because it has a deep and attractive weathered aesthetic. Its strong shade of green evokes a serene and calm atmosphere that is inviting and rejuvenating at the same time. 

However, the challenge with Farrow and Balls’ Green Smoke is the limited choice of paints that compliments the color. Therefore, five of the best paints blend well with Green Smoke. 

1. Farrow And Ball Off-White


Initially, Farrow and Balls’ Off-White appears to be a form of beige. However, the pinkish qualities and undertones of beige make Off-White a perfect match for the solid and pale accent of Green Smoke.  

2. Farrow And Ball White Tie


Farrow and Balls’ White Tie has similarities with Off-White. The only difference of White Tie is it has a metallic feature that compliments the steel gray undertone of Green Smoke. 

3. Farrow And Ball All White


Farrow and Balls’ All White name can be a little misleading. The truth about the color is that it is an immaculate white color with blends of metallic gray and blue undertone. 

As a result, the color combination creates a deep and vibrant color. All White is a perfect alternative to the traditional pure white and will certainly match the solid and deep weathered color of Green Smoke. 

4. Farrow And Ball Bancha 

Green Smoke also matches very well with other varieties of green such as Farrow and Balls’ Bancha. It has a dark and strong green accent, so they are often mistaken for olive green. 

The derivation of the name Bancha comes from the Japanese tea leaves. And this is because the colors of Bancha have a deep with slight hints of gray and white that emit calm and serenity. 

In addition, the term Bancha is synonymous with the Japanese reference to security. 

5. Farrow And Ball Black Blue 

Farrow and Balls’ Black Blue is the color combination of the said colors. You might not distinguish black and blue, but you will eventually observe the hints of the two colors once you observe closely. 

Black and blue are neutral and flexible colors, so they seamlessly pair with Farrow and Balls’ Green Smoke. When you combine the colors black and blue, it produces a rich yet deep accent that’s elegant and modern. 

It also has a gloss finish that balances the strong accent of Black Blue. Also, the glossy tone of Black Blue creates a higher reflective value that attracts natural light in a well-lit room.

What Undertones Look Good With Green Smoke? 

The popular undertones that pair well with Farrow and Balls’ Green Smoke are paint hints of light gray, white, and blue.

Some examples of paints with blue, white, or gray undertones are Black Blue, All White, Off-White, and White Tie. 

Green Smoke also blends well with other varieties of green like Bancha, Sage Green, Rainwashed, or Olive Green.

Also, a less popular match for Green Smoke is colored with beige undertones and tiny mustard yellow hues, like Chestertown Buff.

Is Farrow & Ball Green Smoke Right For My House? 

Is Farrow & Ball Green Smoke Right For My House? 
Source: farrow-ball.com

Farrow and Balls’ Green Smoke is a neutral and solid interior color. It has been a popular paint since the 19th century because of its beautiful shades of green that capture the healing calmness of the forest. 

Also, another reason why they are desirable is because of the deep green that blends with the most popular choice of interior colors like white, blue, gray, beige, etc. 

Although you may experience the limitation of color choices, you can never go wrong with the metallic silver finish and muted green accent of Farrow and Balls’ Green Smoke once you find the perfect color match.

What Is Equivalent To Green Smoke Farrow & Ball? 

What Is Equivalent To Green Smoke Farrow & Ball? 

The equivalent of Green Smoke with Farrow and Balls’ catalog is Beverly and Bancha. Both colors have the same muted green shade and silver tone. Thus, they are an excellent alternative to Green Smoke if you are uncomfortable with its strong accent. 

Also, an alternative you may want to consider is Benjamin Moore’s Enchanted Forest and Caldwell Green or Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog, which almost has the qualities of Farrow and Balls’ Green Smoke. 

Other paint brands resembling Green Smoke are Behr’s, Hummingbird Green, and Perennial Green.

Is Farrow & Ball Paint Better Than Others? 

Is Farrow & Ball Paint Better Than Others? 
Source: farrow-ball.com

Every brand of aesthetic and premium paint has its strengths and weaknesses. But what makes Farrow and Ball’s paint stand out from the rest of the competition because their products are clay-based, and it doesn’t use harsh chemicals and emulsion into their paint solution. 

As a result, it makes Farrow and Balls’ paint eco-friendly and especially desirable to people who care a lot about the environment. They also add special solutions to their products that make the paint’s pigments rich and long-lasting.

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