What Is The Best Blue-Black Paint Color? (Top Color Combinations)

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What Is The Best Blue-Black Paint Color?

Black is a neutral base color, while blue is a balanced mix of a lighter and darker tone. The neutral quality of black and balanced accents of blue creates a perfect fusion of colors emanating from an atmosphere of sophistication and serenity.

The combination of blue and black is a popular choice among homeowners because of the minimalistic and elegant vibe of the color. 

But what color is blue-black exactly?

Combining a base color of blue and black results in a new color called dark blue or navy. However, it creates tones depending on the contrast and the inclusion of other undertones.

The other popular varieties of blue and black color combinations are After Midnight, Black Orchid, and Naval.

Today, I will discuss the features of this color scheme and share with you a list of popular blue-black colors you can choose from.

What Color Is Blue-Black?

What Color Is Blue-Black?

Mixing blue with black or vice versa creates a darker variation of blue called dark blue or navy blue. The higher the contrast of black, the darker the blue will be.

On the other hand, the higher the contrast of blue, the softer the shade of black will be.

10 Best Blue-Black Paint Colors

The combination of blue and black is a popular choice of paint because of the elegance and calming effects of the tone the color produces.

The following is a list of the 10 best black and blue paints.

1. After Midnight by Benjamin Moore

The blue and black combination of Benjamin Moore’s After Midnight is consistent with pen ink.

It offers crisp and vibrant colors, making them the perfect choice for room areas requiring focus and relaxation.

2. Naval by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams’ Naval has similarities with the traditional navy blue, but it has a slight distinction that makes them unique and desirable.

For one thing, the blue tone of Naval is more vibrant, but the concentration of blacks balances the light colors, resulting in a more solid accent.

3. Black Orchid by Behr

Behr’s Black Orchid has hints of purples that produce an interesting color variety of black and blue.

As a result, it gives you a more vibrant and solid color that is elegant and perfect for any part of your household that requires peace and focus, such as your study room or prayer room.

4. Old School by Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore’s Old School color has higher saturation of black with undertones of black, creating a beautiful faded and smoky aesthetic.

Also, the tiny hints allow smaller sunlight reflections to light up your space.

5. Nocturne Blue by Behr

Behr’s Nocturne Blue has a noticeably higher balance of blue over black. You will also observe the undertones of green that result in colors similar to an olive green accent.

6. Midnight Show by Behr

Behr’s Midnight Show is the perfect balance of black and blue with undertones of gray that recreates the night sky.

The color saturation is overwhelmingly relaxing and an excellent choice for your bedroom or sections of your home where you usually rest or take siestas.

7. Salamander by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Salamander has a base color of black and blue with undertones of green and gray. The fusion of colors produces a deep accent.

Also, the hints of green allow the paint to have more flexibility with other light and dark colors.

8. Gale Force by Sherwin Williams

The noticeable characteristic of Sherwin Williams’ Gale Force is the strong blue accents of the paint. However, it is a base color of black and undertones of gray.

The high saturation of bluer makes it appear bluer than it should be.

Gale Force is a perfect alternative to paints with strong accents of black and gray. Its pale feature adds reflective value to the paint and attracts more natural light.

9. Bon Nuit by Behr

The hallmark of  Behr’s Bon Nuit is the paint’s black and smoky blue color. In addition, it has undertones of gray and tiny hints of green that emit a cool and relaxing color.

10. Dark Night by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams’ Dark Night does not emit a jet black color but has a mix of dark blue colors that resembles the night sky.

Therefore, Dark Night is an excellent choice in bedrooms because of the benefits of relaxation and calmness the tones of the color can provide.

What Is Black Paint With Blue Undertones?

The balanced mixture of blue and black gives you a naval accent. However, it gives you color varieties depending on the saturation of black or blue or vice versa.

But if you use one color as an undertone, it produces a whole new color instead of a solid blue and black. For example, Sherwin Williams’ Black of Night is a popular variety of black paint with undertones of blue.

How To Choose The Best Blue-Black Paint For Your Space?

If you are unsure if the colors blue and black are the right accents for your home, then the following are the considerations you have to keep in mind if you are thinking of painting the interiors of your home with these colors.

  • Firstly, you have to note the undertones of the colors. Green and gray are two of the best colors that bring out the beauty of blue and gray.
  • Secondly, you must identify the paint’s finish, whether matte or gloss. A matte finish absorbs light that produces a cool and relaxing atmosphere. On the other hand, a gloss finish reflects light that emits a warm and vibrant mood.
  • Lastly, you must select the best black and blue colors, including After Midnight, Naval, Salamander, Black Orchid, Old School, Nocturne Blue, Midnight Show, Dark Night, and Bon Nuit, to name a few.

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