What Color Front Door Goes For Navy Blue Color House?

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What Color Front Door Goes For Navy Blue Color House?

There are so many colors, shapes, and designs that you can make your house look like. Once you change the front door’s color, you may hesitate to choose an appropriate shade. But what front door color goes with a navy blue color house? 

However, if you want the best look for your home, we have a list of the best paint suppliers in the market. To save you from trial and error, let’s look at different shades to see how they would look with navy blue homes.

Since blue is a leading tone, it pairs well with other shades, such as brown, red, purple, and white. It may also blend well with yellow, orange, green, and black shades of front doors. As a rule, you should always contrast light colors with dark exteriors. Then pair dark colors with light ones. 

10 Perfect Front Door Colors For Navy Blue Houses

1. Benjamin Moore English Ochre (CW-290) Front Door

Residents believe the golden yellow shade with a touch of earthy brown vibe has a calming effect. 

It will blend well with a navy-blue home. Rustic homes look warm and welcoming when outfitted with a golden yellow door.

An entrance door painted bright gold on the outside with a light brown frame is a striking visual. Keep this color on the door and frame if you want your house to look clean.

Overall, the golden yellow front doors are warm and welcoming. At the same time, a touch of light brown completes the space, lending it an air of solemnity. Lastly, it brings out the best in the home’s stunning blue walls. 

2. Farrow Ball Incarnadine Red (No.248) Front Door

Incarnadine is a stunning shade of red. It resembles a cross between the traditional Falu red and the fruity raspberry.

The terra cotta red hue from the brown pigment in the dim light is barely noticeable. But the sun looks so bright in the morning when the sun is up. It’s darker than cherry but not as intensely red as wine. The fact that it seems strangely familiar doesn’t take away from how gorgeous it is.

Incarnadine flaunts its internal identity with pride. Pairing it with navy blue for a more edgy, graphic vibe is a great option. It’s not the weakest choice, but it could help your front door stand out.

3. Sherwin Williams Expressive Plum (SW 6271) Front Door 

According to some designers, plum and purple go particularly well with navy blue.

Whoever lives behind a purple front door makes a bold statement. While purple may be the royal color, the shade you choose says a lot about your status in the family.

Dark, rich wood tones and metallic accents complement this shade perfectly. Although a combination of navy and plum is stunning, it risks becoming too dark. 

Try using lighter tones of established colors like ivory and taupe to brighten things up. Along with accents of chartreuse green and pink. The mix of navy and plum is stunning, no matter how you use it.

4. Benjamin Moore Super White (I-02) Front Door 

Super White by Benjamin Moore is one of the greatest all-purpose white paints. 

It will make your front door look bright and clean white. Super White looks cooler in the morning light and a touch warmer when hit by the afternoon sun. 

White’s versatility is second to none. Super White brightens the light of artificial sources. In most cases, it makes it a good choice for settings where you can adjust the lighting to set a specific mood. Architects everywhere love this crisp white paint for its capacity to reflect light.

The crispness of Super White makes it a great match for cool and navy blue tones.

5. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (HC-154) Front Door  

Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy is a transitional shade of choice. This is because of the perfect harmony between cool and warm tones.

This shade of blue is a great option if you’re striving for a classic nautical appearance. Additionally, it adds a dramatic effect on a home’s aesthetic.

This rich hue is ideal for a front entrance because of its striking appearance. Since Hale Navy is such an eye-catching shade, start with a smaller sample. 

Remember that Hale Navy is mainly gray, although it still looks like a traditional navy blue.

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6. Benjamin Moore Baby Boy Blue (2056-50) Front Door  

Designers frequently recommend baby blue paint colors for front doors.

It has popular hues that range from dark blues to cerulean. And its navy shades reflect light blues like pastels and periwinkle. These hues make us feel at ease, while the darkest blues offer a fascinating substitute for black. 

Many people associate the color blue with being peaceful and easy to live with. This shade from Benjamin Moore reflects a bright, light blue. However, if you want to make your front door stand out even more, don’t paint the surrounding walls with this kind.

7. Sherwin-Williams Overjoy (SW 6689) Front Doors

Sherwin-Williams’ Overjoy is a cheerful hue that will lift the mood of a navy blue house. It will add appeal to your home without taking over the whole space. 

Yellow paint color has meaning beyond its visual value. And that is the positive emotions it produces. The color yellow is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of happiness, vitality, and allure. So to dramatically elevate the mood of a room, all you need is the proper tint, shade, or tone of yellow.

Overall, a bright yellow front door on a blue house will be immediately noticeable.

8. Sherwin-Williams Adventure Orange (SW 6655) Front Doors 

The relaxed shade of adventure orange is reminiscent of ripe watermelon.

A bright orange entry door complements a contemporary or mid-century facade. You could pull off any house look with your confident nature.

Additionally, this shade of orange is inviting. That’s why it works best against a blue, blue-gray, or blue-green

It is a one-of-a-kind entrance door, guaranteeing that people will remember you. Moreover, orange is a shade that takes its inspiration from red and yellow vibrancy. This is how it creates a versatile and ever-chic color.

9. Benjamin Moore Lime Green (2026-10) Front Doors  

Lime green isn’t always the first hue that springs to mind when you think of bold paint colors.

However, there’s no way to ignore green. It is constant and well-balanced. What’s more, when we look out a window, we notice a bunch of greens. It’s everywhere, from the leaves of trees and grass to the stems of flowers.

Adding Benjamin Moore’s Lime Green to your front doors can bring life into a dramatic navy blue façade. Of course, this vibrant color works well on its own. But its complexity also makes it a good match for other rich tones like bright yellow or teal.

10. Farrow Ball Pitch Black (No.256) Front Doors  

A bold and straightforward black in any light, Pitch Dark is as black as it gets.

This genuine black is so-called for its resemblance to the sticky residue of coal tar. It is typically used for roofing and has an unrivaled depth and velvet texture.

Much like white, black is a secure option for most homes. Black is a great color to mix with your navy blue house if you want a more professional and modern vibe.

Overall, black front doors, as found in studies, may help a home sell faster and for a greater price.


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