Best Front Door Colors For Gray House (12 Perfect Colors)

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Best Front Door Colors for Gray House

If you’re planning to paint your front door, it might be helpful to know how it blends with other shades. As you can see, gray goes with almost any color combination. So you’ll be able to make the most out of your annual home improvement budget and color scheme choices.

This post will help you determine what colors go best with gray in front of your house. In addition, we will provide you with a list of the top paint suppliers. These remarkable brands are Benjamin Moore Farrow& Ball and Sherwin-Williams.

You can’t go wrong when using gray because it complements many other colors. In addition, you can choose from the very light to the very dark. These include navy blue, black, white, and light blue. You can also blend it with yellow, purple, and pink. Since gray has so many tonal variations, you can style it with whatever color you like.

12 Perfect Front Door Colors For Gray House

1. Naval (SW 6244) Navy Blue by Sherwin Williams Front Door 

Sherwin-Williams’ Naval is a neutral and cool-feeling dark navy blue paint color.

This dark blue paint may provide depth and drama without overwhelming any gray house. With its cold undertones, navy blue pairs well with the more neutral tones of gray around the house.

The color navy is the ultimate trendy neutral. Additionally, navy looks great on everyone because it is neither as harsh as black. 

As you can see, darker colors can be threatening. Let’s not pretend that SW Naval doesn’t count. However, this inky blue has a calming effect because of the grayish-green undertones.

2. Pitch Black (No. 256) by Farrow & Ball Front Door

Farrow & Ball Pitch Black is a rich, velvety black that looks well with white and gray trims. 

It also blends well with bright floor coverings and brightly colored furniture. When combined appropriately, gray and black create an impossible level of sophistication. Many famous designers have shown us how to blend it well using limited color palettes. 

These characteristics make black a logical choice to anchor your entryway. In addition, they serve as a primary visual element of your home’s façade.

3. Blue Seafoam (2056-60) Light Blue by Benjamin Moore Front Door 

Benjamin Moore’s Blue Seafoam is a great choice for individuals who want a bright take on the color blue.

In some contexts, blue can function as a neutral because it goes well with a wide spectrum of other colors. 

Instead of painting the walls, you might use the front door as a canvas to display the vanity’s accent color. With that application, your facade will make them even more noticeable.

The combination of light blue doors and gray trim creates an inviting atmosphere. Homeowners can design it whether the home is a modern or traditional style.

4. Greenhow Vermillion (CW-340) Red by Benjamin Moore Front Door  

Benjamin Moore Vermillion is the color you choose if you’re looking for a deep crimson.

It’s the hip, modern alternative to traditional red and makes a bold statement. It’s one-of-a-kind, warm undertones. This shade allows it to blend into both contemporary and classic settings.

A simple coat of red paint on the front door will make a big difference if you have a gray home.

You can match the interior with colors, including terra cotta and medium-tone woods. You can also blend it with burnt yellow for a daring and worldly appeal in the home.

5. Tarpley Brown CW-170 Dark Brown by Benjamin Moore Front Door 

If your home’s exterior is now grey, Benjamin Moore’s Tarpley Brown could give it some class.

This deep brown color resembles those used for door casings and window shutters. Homeowners also use this on baseboards. It combines yellow and orange, and even the darkest brown radiates an inviting warmth.

Brown may seem like an unusual choice for a front door. But this rich color is still a popular choice among interior designers.

White trim helps soften the contrast between the gray house and the wood door. However, it still matches the railing and porch together.

6. Simply White (OC-117) by Benjamin Moore Front Door  

Traditional and elegant, Simply White is part of Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection.

Simply White is a warm, crisp white. It’s not too aged, too creamy, or too bright, making it a good multi-purpose white.

White front doors look great against the gray trim. You can also pair well with taupe, yellow, and White.

Simply White has a slight yellow undertone, yet it was on subdue to avoid seeming milky or dingy. That subtle warmth helps prevent this color from being too stark and chilly. It especially shines when coupled with grays or natural wood tones.

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7. Pink Ground (No. 202) by Farrow & Ball Front Door 

Farrow & Ball’s Pink Ground has a significant amount of yellow pigment. As a result, it’s a rosy flush that’s not too bright and has a dusty, soft texture for a warm, comforting finish. 

This vibrant hue is a great choice for a front entrance because of its eye-catching impact. The color scheme is ideal if you want your house to feel warm and inviting while still looking modern and hip.

The contrast between pink and gray creates sophistication. Since grey is chilly, the addition of pink makes the scheme feel more welcoming and friendly.

Any shade of pink, from soft blush to vibrant Fuschia, may be stunning when used with a grey base.

8. Brinjal (No. 222) Purple by Farrow & Ball Front Door 

Brinjal, a plummy shade from Farrow & Ball. It is often used in the study and other tiny spaces with unique millwork.

It strikes a nice balance between brightness and darkness. It leans more toward the red end of the purple spectrum than the blue, creating a cozy atmosphere.

It’s possible to pair gray with purple. Professionals claim that a grey shade can mix particularly well with a purple hue. This allows for a two-tone color palette to radiate.

In contrast to the bold choice of amethyst for a front entrance, a purple door can surprisingly glow.

9. Treron (No. 292) Dark Green by Farrow & Ball Front Door  

Treron is a deep emerald green similar to the timeless Farrow & Ball color Pigeon.

Treron’s classic vibe works well with contemporary homes that have natural materials. It blends well magically with an accent to french gray neutrals.

The color scheme of grey and dark green is particularly on-trend. The combination creates a calming color palette that is both neutral and adaptable. That makes it suitable for use with various other colors while decorating. 

So it’s no wonder it goes along with a front door shade.

10. Coming up Roses (SW 6585) Red by Sherwin Williams Front Door  

Sherwin Williams Coming Up Roses is a true paint that doesn’t drip and smear. It goes great with your grey molding.

The crimson pastel group includes this hue. It has a lot of luminosity but only a little color. Its boldly unique shade looks great on a front entrance and makes quite a statement.

You can see purple and a hint of pink in a classic gray’s warm undertones. Being off-white, gray can occasionally pick up the tones of its surroundings. 

The delicate elegance of pink and the definition of gray make for a can make a striking combination.

11. Lemon Twist (SW 6909) Yellow by Sherwin Williams Front Door  

Why not use Sherwin-Williams’ Lemon Twist paint when life gives you lemons?

This refreshing citrus hue can instantly brighten and open up a space. It turns a dark corner into a welcoming haven. The entrance door, an accent wall, or the main focus of a room would look fantastic in this striking hue.

Combining yellow and gray produces an olive-green shade. It’s not the type of color you’d often use, but its unusual tone can add visual intrigue to projects.

They can dampen the brightness, and warm-toned yellows can perk up cool-toned greys.

12. Real Red (SW 6868) by Sherwin Williams Front Door  

With Sherwin Williams Real Red, your space will be full of life and vitality. It will add aggression and warmth, passion, and enthusiasm.

This uplifting hue is frequently used in fitness facilities and aerobics studios. It provides participants with a positive mental attitude and boosts their energy levels.

Meanwhile, mixing red and gray is a dull, muted crimson. At times, it may take on a rosy shade. However, painting your front door red can make your home more eye-catching.

They’re both timeless and elegant and complement each other beautifully. Thus, it creates an elegant look when used together.

What Colors Compliment Gray Exterior?

In most cases, the colors that compliment the gray exterior are neutral shades. 

Combining gray with off-white tones like beige and black can produce a calming effect.

At the same time, an unexpected accent color is sometimes all that’s needed to liven up the facade. Add touches of rust, crimson, or red to your light grey shutters and front doors for a stunning contrast.

It also creates a tranquil atmosphere with white, pink, or light blue. Put it together with stimulating hues like red and yellow, and you’ll experience a burst of energy. 

How Do You Add Warmth To a Grey House?

One of the most effective methods is to use accent colors as a decorative focal point to add warmth to a grey house.

You can play with cool hues such as blue, green, and purple. Then use a tone-on-tone color scheme with a shade of gray between medium and dark charcoal.

Remember to consider darker neutrals; depth usually leads to warmth. You may also need to use extra accessories to strike a color balance. (throw pillows, blankets, and houseplants).

You can also add natural woods like jute and rattan. Again, the warm natural tones will help make things feel more comfortable.


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