Top Front Door Colors For Light Blue Color House

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Best Front Door Colors For Light Blue Color House

Color is an essential consideration for your front door. If you want to add some life and style to the entrance of your house, consider using the right shade. Symbolically, front doors represent the person you want the world to see.

In most cases, light blue is one of the most popular house facades. It seems to be the trendiest palette because it is so attractive and simple.

So how should you choose your front door color for a light blue house? 

Let me share with you some key things you should keep in mind. This post will enlighten you when selecting the right front door color for your home.

If your home’s façade is light blue, then your front door should be as traditional and adaptable. We recommend bright colors like red, yellow, pink, and brown for light blue homes. At the same time, you can apply black, blue, gray, and natural wood stains. 

10 Greatest Front Door Colors For Light Blue Color House

1. White Front Door

A white front door is always a safe bet because it’s such a traditional and stylish look. As a result of the color, the space seems fresh and clean.

By using a white front door, a home’s curb appeal is greatly enhanced by the greenery surrounding it. In addition, the mix of blue and white is fresh looking, making it look stylish.

It contrasts beautifully with deeper blues and creates a youthful, dreamy color scheme. In addition, light blue creates a warm and fuzzy feeling next to a creamy neutral.

Overall, a white front door is a traditional choice to complement a blue home’s façade.  

2. Benjamin Moore Anchor Gray (2126-30) Front Door

Anchor Gray, from Benjamin Moore, is a more muted take on navy blue.

This powerful, focused shade of gray has the look of a sophisticated and powerful neutral. You can trim it with bright white to counteract its dark hue.

Anchor Gray has more character than standard gray. As a result, it is an excellent choice for a north-facing home. Regardless of how much light, the color is not a vibrant blue that overpowers everything.

If you’re willing to embrace blue, the exterior of your home could look stunning with anchor gray. Because of this, it goes particularly well with a light blue home.

3. Natural Wood Front Door

Any architectural style can enjoy the timeless beauty of a natural wood entry door. May it be contemporary, traditional, or rustic.

In most cases, the combination of blue paint and the wood’s natural brown makes an elegant appeal.

When you pair it with a light blue exterior, the natural wood’s finish provides a great contrast. When done right, it can transform any home into a rustic lodge.

On the color wheel, brown is the darkest shade of orange, which is why it goes so well with blue.

4. Benjamin Moore Van Deusen Blue (HC-156) Front Door 

Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue is a deep blue shade. It is a classic shade that works well in traditional and modern settings.

It’s no surprise that it looks great next to a light blue home, just like the image above.

Depending on the surrounding light and the rest of the decor, this dark blue could look lighter or darker. Nonetheless, if you use it as your main entrance, it will undoubtedly strike a great contrast.

Van Deusen blue also looks great with either white or wood accents. It’s also an excellent neutral paint color for wood floors of any shade.

Overall, Van Deusen Blue is an exquisite and timeless shade. It’s daring but not dramatic.

5. Benjamin Moore Yellow Highlighter (2021-40) Front Door  

You can see the lively character of the homeowner from the color of the front door. It reflects in this Yellow Highlighter shade.

Benjamin Moore’s Yellow Highlighter is an attention-grabbing bright, vibrant yellow shade.

There’s a reason so many homes have a bright yellow entryway. It is because a yellow shade connects with happiness and prosperity.

Yellow is also famous for home exteriors because it is cheerful and practical. In addition, it makes a smaller house look larger.

Overall, yellow, a light color on the higher end of the visual range, can be an excellent accent for a baby blue home.

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6. Benjamin Moore Bewitched (CSP-450) Front Door 

You can make your front door look unique with Benjamin Moore’s Bewitched, an oxblood red shade.

It blends two colors: raspberry blush and a vibrant coral hue. Although it appears to be an intense hue, this color is relatively gentle.

A rich cocoa crimson, this shade is incredibly enticing. It’s a regal and powerful shade, perfect for a front entrance that wants to make a statement.

Generally, this shade would look great with accent colors, especially in a light blue home. But, even though it’s deep and rich, it has a delicate quality that makes it perfect for the exterior.

7. Farrow and Ball Lake Red (No.W92) Front Door  

Lake Red, from Farrow & Ball, is a daringly chilly red.

This bold shade can look red to some people and pink to others, but it always exudes a sense of joy and vitality.

When applied to walls, Lake Red creates a lively and stimulating atmosphere. It’s also an excellent option for a front entrance, especially if your house is blue, like in the example on top.

In most cases, pairing pink and blue creates a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic. The warmth from the red and pink balances the blue’s coolness. At the same time, the pink’s rosy tone lessens the blue’s contrast.

8. Farrow and Ball Off-Black (No. 57) Front Door 

Off Black is one of the original Farrow & Ball colors. 

It’s a striking black with a bluish tint. You can use this hue as an accent in the kitchen, hallway, or bathroom.

However, it might also be a vibrant front door shade. A blue exterior painted with this shade of black appears sophisticated and stylish.

A home with a black door receives a higher premium on the real estate market. Fortunately, black works wonderfully with blue

The rich blue exterior of the house is a nice contrast to the black door at the entrance. This is because the white accents are crisp and stand out against the other two colors.

9. Sherwin-Williams Brevity Brown (SW 6068) Front Door  

Brevity Brown, made by Sherwin-Williams, is a traditional, cozy brown.

It’s great for low-traffic areas of the house. This is because the flat finish it produces helps conceal even the most minor surface flaws.

WYou’llfind an incredible range of shades and tones. when it comes to browns So it makes sense that this would be a good option for a home with a light blue façade.

However, like whites, grays, and beiges, they aren’t universally adaptable in design. Nevertheless, it would be best to look at these designs since they all have warm brown tones.

Overall, because brown is a neutral color, it can subtly modify the intensity of blue.

10. Sherwin-Williams Positive Red (SW 6871) Front Door  

Sherwin Williams Positive Red is a deep, abundant, and striking red paint with a hint of pink. 

If you want to create an inviting environment for socializing, the color red is a great choice. This is because of its high impact, energy level, and warmth.

Meanwhile, a red front door is uncommon in a home with blue siding. Although this is a good choice, it could help your entry stand out if you pair it with a contrasting color.

As you can see, the color combination of light blue and red is striking, as seen in the image. Because of their proximity, red and light blue complement each other.

Should the Front Door Be Lighter Or Darker Than the House?

No, no rule says your door color has to complement your primary or accent hues.

However, you don’t want it to look out of place among the other exterior paint colors. If the materials on either side of your door are dark, opt for a lighter shade for your door.

For example, say your door is a stunning shade of deep orange. This style complements a house’s midcentury contemporary features. Unfortunately, neither the exterior nor the interior of the home features an orange shade. Yet it is a beautiful accent color to the other spaces.

Meanwhile, go with a darker door accent if your frame and trim are light. But, while doing so, don’t be afraid to veer from the norm.

Make the most of it and enjoy yourself. Always keep in mind that the color you pick will have a profound effect on the mood of the home. So attempt it and see how it strikes you.


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