What Color Goes Well With Dark Blue? (Perfect Combinations)

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What Color Goes Well With Dark Blue?

Dark blue is versatile and can pair well with various colors depending on the desired mood or effect. It can create a calm, serene ambiance when paired with cooler tones.

It’s more reminiscent of a quiet midnight stroll. On the other hand, when complemented by warmer shades, it can spark energy and vivacity. It’s much like the bustling waves crashing against a sunlit shore. 

Unsurprisingly, designers and creators turn to this shade for its flexibility and depth. If you explore colors, see which shades look best with dark blue! 

Dark blue best complements White, which provides a crisp and clean contrast. You can also combine it with Light Blue to create a calming scheme.

Gray, Mustard, and Gold are warmer tones that give off a vibrant contrast. At the same time, Orange and Red can be stylish and bold.

On the other hand, beige provides a refreshing touch to the rich backdrop of dark blue.

8 Best Colors That Go With Dark Blue

With its depth and versatility, dark blue can be beautifully paired with many colors. 

Here are some of the 8 best colors that complement dark blue:

1. White 

Dark blue and white create a stark contrast that is visually appealing and evocative. It provides a crisp and clean contrast, often seen in nautical and preppy styles.

Where to Use: Think of a coastal-themed kitchen where white walls come with dark blue accents. A kitchen with dark blue cabinets against white tiles can be soothing & sophisticated. 

Tones to Enhance: Tans and Beiges, Metallics, Coral or Mint, Grays

 2. Light Blue 

A monochromatic scheme using different shades of blue can be calming and harmonious. This duo captures the essence of sky and ocean, anchoring designs and styles. 

Where to Use: Imagine a gradient wall transitioning from dark blue at the base to light blue at the top. Living rooms or bedrooms can benefit from this blend.

Try using dark blue for larger furniture pieces and light blue for accents and textiles. 

Tones to Enhance: Whites and Grays, Turquoise or Teal, Soft Pastels 

3. Gray 

Different shades of gray can give a sophisticated, modern look when paired with dark blue. It combines natural vibes with a city feel, giving designs a grown-up and up-to-date touch. 

Where to Use: A living room with dark blue sofas against gray walls exudes sophistication. Dark blue bedding on a gray bed frame in bedrooms can establish a peaceful yet chic ambiance.

Tones to Enhance: Earthy Browns or Tans, Metallics, Accent Colors 

4. Mustard Yellow

Matching dark blue with yellow is like putting the deep ocean next to a sunny beach. The result is a lively and cheerful mix. Dark blue feels deep and calming, while yellow brings fun and energy. 

Where to Use: Think of a dark blue couch with yellow cushions. Or a bedroom with dark blue walls and yellow bedding for a pop of cheer.

Tones to Enhance: White, Gray, Green, Brown

5. Gold or Brass

Putting dark blue and gold together is like pairing a touch of luxury and opulence. It’s a mix that feels both fancy and welcoming. These colors make things look royal and special. 

Where to Use: A dark blue wall with gold frames or decorations makes a room look classy. Or dark blue curtains with gold ties can be really pretty.

Tones to Enhance: White, Brown or Tan, Soft Pink or Coral, Green 

6. Orange

Pairing dark blue with orange combines the deep, cool ocean with a warm, fiery sunset. This mix is lively and stands out. In most cases, dark blue brings calm and depth, and orange adds warmth and energy. 

Where to Use: A dark blue room with orange accents creates a lively and inviting space. In this image, it was partially combined with cushions and carpet.

Tones to Enhance: Earthy Browns, Turquoise, Gray, White

7. Red

Combining dark blue with red is like blending the midnight sky with the fiery passion of a ruby. This pairing is powerful and stands out. Dark blue can offer a calm anchor, and red introduces fiery excitement

Where to Use: Consider dark blue walls in a room with red accents, like chairs or artwork. This combo can make a living space feel cozy yet full of character.

Tones to Enhance: Soft Pink or Peach, Gold or Brass, White, Gray 

8. Beige or Tan

Merging dark blue with beige is like watching the evening sky meet a sandy beach. The blend offers a soothing and balanced atmosphere. It complements the dark blue depth offset by beige’s warm neutrality

Where to Use: Dark blue walls with tan bedding and lamps in a bedroom offers a cozy yet refined setting. Throw a dark blue rug on a beige floor for a seamless blend.

Tones to Enhance: Soft Greens, Warm Browns, Rose or Blush, White

Is Midnight Blue a Good Color?

Is Midnight Blue a Good Color?

Yes, Midnight blue is a good color often perceived as elegant and sophisticated. 

This color can be versatile, pairing well with various other colors. It’s neutral enough to be widely used but distinct enough to stand out.

Dark blue colors, including midnight blue, can be generally associated with stability & confidence. In design and art, midnight blue can serve as a calming background or as a focal point. 

However, Midnight blue might not be the best color for context. This is especially true if used as a text color on a dark background. 

Blue colors are generally known to have a calming and soothing effect on many people. Midnight blue, being a deeper shade, might evoke introspection or serenity. 

Does Gray Go With Dark Blue?

Yes, gray goes well with dark blue. 

In fact, gray is highly considered a neutral color, making it incredibly versatile. It doesn’t overpower other colors but rather complements them. 

When paired, gray helps highlight the richness of blue without competition. They create an elegant palette often seen in modern interior designs. 

Using different shades of gray with dark blue allows for layering and depth in design. It’s a color combination often used in bedrooms and living areas to create a relaxed ambiance.

While dark blue can be intense and dominant, gray balances it out. It offers a soft contrast and ensures that designs don’t become overwhelming.

Gray and dark blue together form a harmonious and elegant duo. They are suitable for various applications, from fashion to design to branding.

Is Navy Blue And Midnight Blue the Same Color?

Is Navy Blue And Midnight Blue the Same Color?

No, navy blue and midnight blue are not the same color. 

Navy blue often leans towards a more “true blue” without any hints of other colors. Meanwhile, midnight blue resembles the sky before it turns completely dark. It can have a slightly purplish or greenish undertone. 

Navy Blue is a deep shade of blue; it’s often still discernible as blue, even in low light. However, Midnight Blue can be hard to distinguish from black with certain lighting. This is because of its extreme depth.

Consider the context and mood you want to convey when pairing colors with midnight blue. If you aim for sophistication, you might lean towards neutrals and metals.

Brighter colors and pastels might be more appropriate for a lively, playful look. 


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