Front Door Colors For Dark Brown Color House

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Front Door Colors For Dark Brown Color House

The best front door color for a brown house depends on your preferences. It will need lighter and white accents to create a lovely contrast to your home’s exterior.

However, if your property looks elegant or monochrome, you can paint your front door with darker shades. 

Awe-Inspiring Front Door Colors For Dark Brown House

Choosing the perfect complementary front door color is an extra effort in fulfilling your dream house, especially when dealing with earth-toned bricks. Keep your door timeless and welcoming with these 14 front door color recommendations. 

1. Black Front Door

If you want to make a statement, go with black color. It will praise the brown exterior while giving an updated look.

You can also try painting your door in stripes if you want to appear unique. Be straightforward and classic while drawing eyes toward the center of the home. I like the pairing of dark brown brick and black, classic and updated. 

2. Benjamin Moore Tequila Lime (2028-30) Front Door

Tequila lime is a great choice to emphasize your house and stand out. It works well with a dark brown brick house. You can create styles and finishes with this premium bold paint.

Benjamin Moore’s Color Preview Collection has this paint color that has richer hues to bring out new dimensions to your home.

Do you want some festive mood? Then a bright yellow-green tequila lime will meet your style. 

3. Sherwin Williams Dark Night  (6237) Front Door 

Sherwin Williams’s Dark Night is dark blue and a bit gray. Combining blue and gray for your door will complement the trim and brown siding nicely.

It is the perfect color for any bricks because it can be used in cool and warm tones. It will help you match the trim and shutters to brighten the house. The perfect exterior color to pair with a brick if you are looking for a blue shade that is not navy or blue. 

Dark blue is one of the easiest colors to find. This will add interest to a variety of home styles. Go for a dark blue door for a more muted brick house.

It brings some European vibes with the brown bricks as a gentle backdrop to its intense color. This is dark enough if you fancy deep colors with a slight sunlight gleam.  

4. Burgundy Front Door 

Burgundy is an eye-catching contrast to dark brown bricks. It is a bold color that will never go out of style. It might seem shabby in theory, but it’s lovely when utilized.

Bring out the red undertones in your dark brown exterior with the inviting aura of a burgundy door. Most of the Irish door designs are in Burgundy Cambridge.

If you are preparing to sell your house, it is essential to boost its curb appeal and paint its front door burgundy as high quality and fit. 

5. Mahogany Front Door 

Mahogany will give your home a touch of sophistication and elegance. Providing some needed contrast against the dark exterior walls will suit changing color of leaves during the autumn.

Mahogany is a natural wood front door color that can be used on a brown house. The traditional look is a beautiful contrast against the brown exterior of the house.

Maple and birch wood colors are lighter shades to brighten up your home. To highlight the door and match the rest of the house, use darker wood on the trim and pale wood on the doors. 

6. White Front Door 

White front doors make your house look more prominent. Another benefit of white and off-white front doors is that they don’t fade after years of exposure to the sun, unlike darker colors.

Like milk, your front door will look so good you could drink it. White doors are traditionally one of the safe choices for any house color. The view can provide light and open energy to your home.

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7. Sherwin Williams Beige (7037) Front Door 

If you have dark brown bricks, consider painting your front doors with Sherwin Williams Beige colors to make a cohesive look.  I would suggest this color for your front door.

The light shade of the door is subtle yet powerful. It stays neutral with its warm off-white that doesn’t get too yellow. When planted next to darker shades, it will look warm white.

This is advantageous if you do not want to notice any yellow color visible if you paint it next to white exteriors. 

8. Khaki Front Door 

This popular color is warm and inviting, just like what a front door should be. The color is rustic and soft, giving the place a vintage and refined look.

Tan is a commonly used front door color choice, and it’s for a good reason. When paired with bricks, this mid-toned color is more of a warm and clean option. 

Medium-to-light brown and dark brown brick is similar in hue but has different undertones and can give off a contemporary elegant look.

9. Golden Yellow Front Door 

Golden yellow front doors will pop against the dark bricks. Yellow is a happy color that can change a place’s mood.

At the same time, the glamorous vibes of gold will add some personality to your house and make it stand out from the rest. This color is cheerful without being too bright.

Golden door accents can further add to the luxurious feel of your home.

If you are looking for a more yellow-themed front door, these are some alternatives: Butter yellow, saffron yellow, sunshine yellow, lemon chiffon yellow, and champagne yellow. 

10. Warm Taupe Front Door

The mixed hues of brown and gray will make your home modern and elegant. Warm taupe is subtle enough not to overwhelm other shades in your house.

It has a neutral and earthy vibe that can support the accent of the brown bricks. You can incorporate its noticeable mellow hues with any design scheme.

This is perfect for injecting modern touches and creativity. 

11. Light Brown Front Door 

Balance the light and dark brown colors with each other to build dimension. You can opt for a matching shade for a wooden door.

This is the same family color with the outside bricks that can make your home look more significant from the outside. You must be careful when choosing a brown paint color to complement dark brown bricks.

Integrate your exterior colors with its entry, a dark brown brick paired with a light brown front door. Some soft contrast will brighten your house up.

You can also try chocolate brown, a darker shade, to be a little more daring. 

12. Burnt Orange Front Door 

Have you ever considered painting your front door orange? Burnt orange is an excellent option to coordinate the look of your home’s exterior. This is an ideal complement to brown.

A punchy shade of burnt orange makes your residence appear happy and sunny. This is equally stunning as the other efficient colors on mid-century modern houses.

If you want a cozy warm portal that is disarming and curb-appealing, pick burnt orange from your long list of possibilities. 

13. Sage Green Front Door

The natural look of sage green is subtle and soft enough to landscape the brown bricks with its surroundings. With its gray undertones, this shade of green will create a connection with plants and the home exterior.

Green is the color of new beginnings, perfect for a front door which is the first thing people see when they come to your home. Some other shades of green best for brown houses are olive green, hunter green, and kelly green. 

14. Pastel Pink Front Door 

Feel more intimate and welcoming with a pastel pink front door. This color can accentuate other colors. Consider this color for visual interest in a gorgeous dark brown wooden home.

This can not be a standard front door color, but its youthful hues interpret generosity, calmness, and nurture. Mischievous and outgoing, just perfect for adorning your brown bricks.

Use it to boost receptivity and emotional transition in your home.

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