What Color Is Silver Strand By Sherwin Williams?

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What Color Is Silver Strand By Sherwin Williams?

Are you looking for a neutral shade of gray?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. This color is an excellent choice for any room in your house. Sherwin Williams’ Silver Strand paint is perfect for any space.

As you can see, Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams comes in a range of tones. That is, from traditional to modern, or anything in between.

You can find it in light gray, green-gray tone, or even looking blue or gray. It will all depend on the time of day or the lighting in your room. It’s really up to you how you want to use this color!

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Silver Strand is a light, soft green-gray tone. It has a slight blue undertone and a hint of a gray undertone. It’s versatile—you can appreciate its color in the daytime or at night. And when you’re feeling like adding a pop of color to your space, Silver Strand is perfect.

Silver Strand helps in adding that extra bit of brightness without being too bold. This color is perfect for spring and summer days when you need something subtle in your space. It will also work well with neutral tones like off-white and creamy whites.

What Color Is Sherwin Williams Silver Strand?

What Color Is Sherwin Williams Silver Strand?

Silver Strand shade is a greenish-gray color with icy blue undertones. It has a misty shade that makes any space feel more modern.

Those passionate about sage green are likelier to pick up on those little details. 

Depending on the lighting, the shade might adjust from one tone to another. Other factors include the time of day and the accessories in the space.

In most cases, some people describe it as having a little tinge of green. Meanwhile, others call it a grayish-green color. 

On the other hand, some people will claim it seems blue-gray. Then others will say it appears blue-green


To be more specific, Silver Strand looks stunning in any of the following spaces:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Entryways

Additionally, since Silver Strand is light gray-green, it works exceptionally with other neutrals. It blends well with accent colors. And also alongside neutrals on the tonal range’s lighter or darker end.

You can also combine it with white and cream for the ceilings. Additionally, you can apply it with trims, cabinetry, and other similar elements. Of course, gray, black, or brown is a perfect match too.

As mentioned earlier, the use of Silver Strand looks stunning in bathrooms. This is particularly when you contrast it with bright white tile and dark wood cabinetry.

Overall, it can be amazing anywhere.

Is Sherwin Williams Silver Strand a Warm Or Cool Color?

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand is generally considered a cool color. 

Due to these cool undertones, it does not work well with bright colors or color palettes.

However, Silver Strand has a lot of versatility regarding the amount of light that enters the room. 

In this case, it keeps the space bright and airy regardless of how much natural light comes in. For example, they are remarkable tones with rooms facing north and east windows.

As you can see, blue, green, and purple are examples of cool-toned pastels. They have a way of providing a spacious atmosphere with a sense of peace and serenity.

Neutral Color

Silver Strand is one of those colorful tones that are primarily considered neutral. In addition to serving as a foundational shade, it is highly versatile.

If you’re looking for paint that appeals to homeowners, SS is a fantastic neutral choice.

It is also a perfect alternative to standard white, beige, or pure gray.


The LRV of Silver Strand has a value of 59, which indicates that it is a light color option. However, this does not necessarily mean it is a bright and refreshing color.

You can count on Silver Strand to appear on your walls and be noticeable against your trim. However, it is not such a light color that it merely disappears into the surrounding woodwork.

What Are the Undertones Of Sherwin Williams Silver Strand?

Silver Strand has the right amount of green and blue undertones. 

In some cases, the underlying tones might not be apparent. However, you can certainly determine them in certain lighting situations.

Sometimes, this paint will also appear like a silvery light gray backdrop

If you want to put Silver Strand in your bathroom, you shouldn’t choose it simply because you like the color. That’s not a good enough reason. 

Selecting your Spaces

The way you decorate will have an impact on the appearance of Silver Strand’s undertones. 

Instead, you must consider the positive aspects of applying Silver Strand paint. You need to select that shade since it blends in harmoniously. Pick a tone that will mix perfectly with the blue and green undertones.

Alternatively, use it with other blue details to make it appear a deeper shade of color. Then, you can also apply it with other green elements to exhibit a greener atmosphere.

As you can see, the relaxing blue-green colors are suitable for use in the master bedroom. This will be the perfect space to achieve a spa-like atmosphere. 

Your bedroom is the one place in your house where you unwind at the end of a hard day. So, painting it with Silver Strand lowers your stress level. 

What Colors Goes With Sherwin Williams Silver Strand?

Silver Strand looks great when combined with beige, cream, white, and black. It can also perfectly blend with darker grays, yellow, and tans.

Let’s look at more colors to see if they go well with Silver Strand.

1. Sea Salt, Sherwin Williams

These shades appear to be the same when placed next to one another.

However, according to SW, Silver Strand belongs to the family of gray colors. Meanwhile, Sea Salt belongs to the family of green colors. They are both rather neutral and calm.

Sea Salt is a classic paint color that has been popular for many years. It has a very similar appearance to Silver Strand. That is why it can be highly considered a perfect match for it.

2. Simply White, Benjamin Moore 

Combine Silver Strand with Benjamin Moore’s Simply White for an elegant look. 

Simply White is an excellent option if you like painting the trim in white. But want something a little less stark than pure white.

Overall, Simply White can look well with almost any other wall color. It’s no surprise it blends well with Silver Strand.

3. Illusive Green, Sherwin Williams

Silver Strand and Illusive Green are mainly suggested color schemes by Sherwin-Williams.

Blending these elements may produce modern, exciting, and timeless rooms.

Silver Strand is one of the most understated and elegant paint colors available. So, Silver Strand’s gentle shade is perfect for a green undertone of Illusive Green. 

What Behr Paint Is Similar To Sherwin Williams Silver Strand?

Quiet Time (T18-19) from Behr's Marquee line

No Behr color is exactly the same or very similar to Silver Strand by Sherwin-Williams.

A Behr color similar to Sherwin Williams Silver Strand is “Quiet Time” (T18-19) from Behr’s Marquee line.

It has a blue-green undertone and a lightness/darkness level similar to Silver Strand.

What Is the Benjamin Moore Equivalent To Sherwin Williams Silver Strand?

Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmire

Gray Cashmere is a great equivalent to Silver Strand. If you’re looking for a Benjamin Moore shade, then you can opt for this.

Generally, Gray Cashmere is a mixture of blue, green, and gray. With almost the same proportions as Silver Strand, it is relatively lighter.

Gray Cashmere is a hazy, greenish gray. There is a possibility that it will reflect blue undertones. In this case, it can become a subdued mint-sage-cyan hue. 

However, that will depend on the quantity of natural light. 

Silver Strand drifts between blue, green, and gray with undertones. That’s why designers group these shades into the same paint color family.

Is Sherwin Williams Silver Strand Green Or Blue?

Silver Strand by Sherwin-Williams has more prominent green undertones that reflect as gray.

It’s fair to assume it will resemble some gray, blue, and green color variation.

Depending on the amount of incoming daylight, Silver Strand can seem to be a pale gray. With surrounding artificial lighting, Silver Strand can sometimes reflect bluish-green.

It will appear bluer if surrounded by cooler light from fluorescent lamps. Not to mention north-facing windows, you will see blue tones.

Meanwhile, warm light, with yellow-tinted light bulbs, will make this shade appear greener. This is especially true for south-facing windows.


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