Is Benjamin Moore Gray Mist Warm Or Cool?

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Benjamin Moore Gray Mist is a neutral color that perfectly blends into any section of your home. Although it has a prominent gray tone, you will also notice the light beige color when you observe it closely. Another reference used in describing the combination of beige and gray is greige. 

Gray Mist is a neutral saturation of beige and gray. Thus, it would be challenging to determine the accents of Gray Mist. So is it warm or cool? 

The light and high LRV rate of Gray Mist makes the accents of the paint warm than cool. The warm features of the color are apparent once the sunlight hits the paint’s surface. 

In today’s short article, I will share additional insights about Benjamin Moore’s Gray Mist and help you determine if they’re the right option for your home or if you should search for better alternatives. 

What Is a Gray Mist? 

What Is a Gray Mist? 

Benjamin Moore’s Gray Mist is a very light saturation of gray and beige. As a result, the beige concentration of the paint results in a strong and light creamy consistency.  

In some instances, some people also refer to it as a darker variety of off-white paint. It is an excellent choice nearby a window because the high LRV rate attracts a ton of natural light in a given space. 

In addition, Gray Mist is a flexible color option that blends well with any paints, interior design, or furniture.

And it is for this reason that many homeowners prioritize Gray Mist over other colors because it gives them the ability to mix and match without having to be concerned about changing the paints of the wall. 

What Color Is Benjamin Moore Gray Mist? 

The popular reference to Benjamin Moore’s Gray Mist color combination is greige or the blend of gray and beige. The hallmark of the paint is it’s very light and has a creamy consistency.

The great thing about the paint is that it is not too yellow on the wall, even with a saturation of beige. 

From afar, Gray Mist appears to be leaning toward its gray color. On the other hand, you will immediately notice the elegant undertone of beige when you stand close to the paint.

You might not even see it as gray and appear more of a variety of beige when you are closer to the wall or furniture.

Is Benjamin Moore Gray Mist Warm Or Cool? 

The soft and light features of Benjamin Moore’s Gray Mist produce a warmer tone for this type of paint. It also has a high LRV rating of 74 that attracts tons of natural light when it makes contact with direct sunlight. 

To be more specific, Gray Mist is a warm neutral paint. This means it is a flexible paint that matches any set of paints, furniture, and interior designs. 

Even though it is a light gray, Benjamin Moore’s Gray Mist can also be an excellent alternative to white paint. And this is because the beige saturation of the paint creates a creamy and off-white aesthetic.  

However, the great thing about the greige color of Gray Mist is that it doesn’t create too much yellow, unlike wide other varieties of greige.

In addition, you are not running the risk of painting your walls with a washed light color, especially in a very sunny or well-lit room.

What Are the Undertones Of Benjamin Moore Gray Mist? 

The prominent colors of Benjamin Moore’s Gray Mist are gray and beige. However, it also has a hint of soft green that balances the high reflective rate of the paint.

And like any other varieties of gray colors with green undertones, the shades of green are not noticeable even if you look them closely. 

In addition, the undertone of green becomes even less prominent depending on the lighting of the room and the other color scheme you pair Gray Mist with.

Also, the hints of green make the gray color have a beautiful and warm off-white consistency.

Benjamin Moore Gray Mist Matching Colors


Is Benjamin Moore Gray Mist a Greige? 

Yes. Benjamin Moore’s Gray Mist is a type of color with a consistency that is in between beige and gray. The term greige was the brainchild of fashion icon Giorgio Armani in 1975. 

It has the hallmark of grayish and beautiful off-white color that is flexible and matches any color and interior design you pair them with.  

What Is the Difference Between Fog Mist and Gray Mist? 

Gray Mist is almost indistinguishable from Fog Mist when you put them aside. Fog Mist is also a painting in Benjamin Moore’s catalog. There’s not much difference between the colors; they even have the same concentration of green undertone. 

The only difference is that Fog Mist has a creamier consistency than Gray Mist. Although both Fog Mist and Gray Mist are varieties of warm briege, you’ll immediately notice that Gray Mist has a higher LRV rating.  

Gray Mist has a 74 reflective value, while Fog Mist has a 71 reflective value. However, if you put Benjamin Moore’s Gray Mist and Fog Mist in a dark section of your home, it will be very hard to determine which is which.   

What Is the Difference Between Classic Gray And Gray Mist? 

Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray and Gray Mist appear to have similarities. The undertones of warm gray and tiny hints of green could emit a resemblance of warm greige.  

But unlike Fog Mist, you will immediately observe the difference between Classic Gray and Gray Mist when you put them side by side. 

However, you will soon notice that this isn’t the case when you observe Gray Mist’s creamy consistency, while Classic Gray has warm hints of light green and gray. 

Also, the absence of beige and high concentration of gray slightly gives Classic Gray a lower LRV rating of 73.67. 

What Is the LRV Of Benjamin Moore Gray Mist? 

The LRV (light reflectance value) rating for Benjamin Moore’s Gray Mist is 74, which gives the paint an off-white consistency in a well-lit room.

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