What Is Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray?

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What Is Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray?

From the looks of it, Benjamin Moore’s Boothbay Gray appears to be your typically metallic gray color. However, it has several characteristics that would make them an excellent choice over the traditional gray color or any variety of gray, for that matter. 

So what is a Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray? How it can improve your home’s interior design? 

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray is a neutral steel gray color with undertones of blue. But when you observe the paint more closely, you would notice a more grayish-blue color than a solid steel gray color. 

And the great advantage of Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray is that the cool and solid accent of the color scheme makes them flexible. As a result, you can blend them with most accents or color combinations. 

Today, I will share the specifications of Benjamin Moore’s Boothbay Gray. And then, I’ll provide some color combinations that blend well with Boothbay Gray. 

What Color Is Boothbay Gray? 

What Color Is Boothbay Gray? 

The main features of Benjamin Moore’s Boothbay Gray are its steel gray accent with hints of blue. If you only see the color for the first time, you might mistake it for a typical metallic gray color. 

Initially, you might not notice the blue undertones. However, once you observe closely, you will see hints of blue that perfectly complements the steel gray color of Boothbay Gray. 

The Boothbay Gray paint is excellent for interior and exterior walls because gray and blue are neutral colors. However, it is not a flexible color since it tends to stand out from the other colors.  

It could be especially problematic if you intend to use specific color aside from the Boothbay Gray as a focal point.

Light or dark colors with a blue undertone are the best colors that pair well with Boothbay Gray.

Is Boothbay Gray Blue? 

The base color of Benjamin Moore’s Boothbay Gray is steel-silver gray. Although it has hints of blue, they are only the secondary color, and their purpose is to create a variety of gray. 

What Are the Undertones Of Boothbay Gray?

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray only has one undertone: the color blue. The disadvantage of pairing steel gray and blue is that you may find it challenging to search for colors that blend well with this combination. 

Again, if you plan to use Boothbay Gray paint, it is best to look for light and dark paints with undertones of blue because they tend to blend well with other colors with hints of blue.

Is Boothbay Gray Warm Or Cool? 

Steel gray is a neutral color, while the undertone of blue is cool. Therefore, Benjamin Moore’s Boothbay Gray is a cool color.

Also, the cool accent of the paint is apparent, even if you only see them for the first time.

What Color Goes With Boothbay Gray? 

The disadvantage with Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray is that finding paints complementing the color is challenging.

Consider the suggested paints below to find the best color that complements the accents of Boothbay Gray.  

1. Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore


Combining Boothbay Gray with other varieties of gray with undertones of blue, such as Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl, will provide an excellent transitory color scheme from one room to another. 

Aside from the blue undertone, you may also notice tiny hints of beige in Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl that result in a softer and lighter accent than Boothbay Gray. 

2. Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore


Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron is also a variety of gray. But compared to Boothbay Gray, it is darker and resembles more of a black and blue accent.

Nevertheless, the neutral and cool aesthetics of Boothbay Gray blends perfectly with the dark tone of Wrought Iron. 

3. Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore


Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy has similar characteristics to Wrought Iron, but the only difference is that it has more concentration of blue than black.

Also, unlike Wrought Iron, Hale Navy has fewer hints of gray, which makes it less apparent unless you observe closely. 

Hale Navy pairs well with Benjamin Moore’s Boothbay Gray because it balances the solid accents of Hale Navy.

Thus, if you are aiming for a minimalistic yet elegant vibe, the pairing of Boothbay Gray with Hale Navy makes the color less monotone and softens the solid features of Hale Navy. 

4. Simply White by Benjamin Moore


If you want to refrain from using gray or blue colors, opt for Benjamin Moore’s Simply White. White is the most flexible base color that can blend well with any accent. 

But what makes Simply White a little better than the regular white color is that it has a warmer and crisp accent. In addition, the color is not too yellow to the point that it appears antique or too creamy. 

Therefore, Benjamin Moore’s Simply White is more than perfect when planning a color that blends well with Boothbay Gray. 

5. Champion Cobalt by Benjamin Moore


Initially, Benjamin Moore’s Champion Cobalt appears to be your typical Navy Blue or Dark Blue color.

However, it has higher saturation of blue, making it darker than regular blue. In addition, the undertone of gray gives it a more vibrant accent that balances the dark features of the color. 

The recommendation for Champion Cobalt is that it must be a secondary paint to Boothbay Gray, such as the doors or window frames.

And this is because the Champion Cobalt has a strong accent that would overshadow the softer tone of Boothbay Gray.


Does Boothbay Gray Go With Agreeable Gray? 

The point here is that Benjamin Moore’s Boothbay Gray blends well with white or colors with blue undertones. Now, Agreeable Gray has an undertone of green instead of blue. 

Therefore, it is safe to say that Agreeable Gray will not go well with Benjamin Moore’s Boothbay Gray. 

What Is The Sherwin Williams Equivalent To Boothbay Gray? 

The closest equivalent of Benjamin Moore’s Boothbay Gray to Sherwin Williams’ list of colors is Stardew. And this is because Sherwin Williams’ Stardew has a gray metallic and cool blue undertone feature.

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