Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere Warm or Cool?

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Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere Warm or Cool?

The base color of gray emits a beautiful balance of soft and solid colors. As a result, they are an excellent choice if you aim to attract more natural lighting in a room or desire a cool blend of paint that’s rejuvenating to the eyes. Probably, among the popular choices of the gray variety is Benjamin Moore’s Gray Cashmere. 

The base color makes the accent more solid but has a lighter tone that produces warmer qualities. So the question is if Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere is suitable for warmer or cooler interior design accents. 

Although the warmer tones of Gray Cashmere are prominent, the undertones of cool accents make the paint under the category of cool paints. And it also makes them an excellent blend of solid and darker tones that results in a cooler and more minimalistic yet stylish vibe. 

Today, I will provide additional insights about the Gray Cashmere color scheme and share some recommendations on which colors blend well with Benjamin Moore’s Gray Cashmere. 

What Color Is Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere? 

The RGB values for Benjamin Moore 2138-60 Gray Cashmere are 209, 212, 204 and the HEX code is #D1D4CC

The perfect adjective appropriate in describing Benjamin Moore’s Gray Cashmere is it has a chic, light, and airy combination of gray with undertones of blue and green.  

But overall, the color scheme is under the category of gray. You might not immediately notice the undertones of blue and green, but you will eventually see the hints of the mentioned colors when you observe the paint closely. 

Green and blue are the cool accents in the color wheel. And blending them with gray is an excellent idea because it balances the solid tones of the said color. The blue and gray color is highly prominent compared to other varieties of gray. 

Thus, it results in an aesthetic color scheme that appears warmer when facing sunlight, while it produces softer tones that are cool on the eyes when it’s not facing direct sunlight.

Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere Warm or Cool? 

Gray and the mixes of green and blue are cool tones of colors. Although it produces a light and a seemingly warm color upon the combination, the accents of Benjamin Moore’s Gray Cashmere still hallmark a cool and pale grayish color.

What Is the LRV Of Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere? 

LRV stands for Light Reflective Value. In other words, it measures the amount of light reflected from the paint’s surface when it is hit by a light source such as direct sunlight or indoor lights. 

The LRV rating provided by the Benjamin Moore site is that Gray Cashmere has a measurement of 65.05. It doesn’t reflect that much light, but the paint becomes warmer when it contacts a light source. 

Nevertheless, the Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere is perfect for a balanced accent of light and dark colors within your space.

What Colors Go With Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere? 

The following are the top 5 colors that blend well with Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere. 

1. Atrium White by Benjamin Moore

Unless you look closely, you might immediately notice the difference between Benjamin Moore’s Atrium White and Gray Cashmere.

However, they match various accents of the immaculate white color of Atrium White that transitions to a paler tone offered by Gray Cashmere. 

2. Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore

First and foremost, Aegean Teal is Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2022. And it is a popular choice among its consumer because of its elegant navy blue color with undertones of gray and green. 

Fortunately, Gray Cashmere also blends well with a secondary paint of Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal and trims of Atrium White.

Using Aegean Teal to a specific focal point in your home, like the front doors, makes them prominent and stand out without overshadowing the appeal of Gray Cashmere’s accent. 

3. Mount Saint Anne by Benjamin Moore

The pale blue and grayish tones of Benjamin Moore’s Mount Saint Anne work well with the gray and undertone of green and blue you get from Gray Cashmere.  

Since Mount Saint Anne has a more solid color, the recommendation is Gray Cashmere should be a secondary trim color painted on the ceiling, doors, door, or window frames.

On the other hand, Mount Saint Anne is suitable for the walls. 

4. Sherwin Williams’ Colonnade Gray


You can also match Benjamin Moore’s Gray Cashmere with other brands of paints, such as Sherwin Williams’ Colonnade Gray. The aforementioned has a beautiful beige and gray finish and an LRV of 53 ratings that matches the 65.05 LRV rating of Benjamin Moore’s Gray Cashmere. 

Using both color schemes near a window gives the space more lighting, especially during the daytime. In addition, they have a neutral tone and are still not as reflective, making their cool accents aesthetically pleasing.  

5. Gray Wisp by Benjamin Moore


Combining a gray color with another variety of gray is also an excellent way to balance out their strong and soft accents. And one perfect example that you can try in your home is blending Benjamin Moore’s Gray Wisp and Gray Cashmere. 

Although the two colors seem to be indistinguishable, you have to note that Gray Cashmere has a lighter tone, while Gray has a more solid gray tone. Thus, you can propose them as transition paint from one area of your home to another.

Tips For Using Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere In Your Home

The problem with Benjamin Moore’s Gray Cashmere is that they are not as flexible as other varieties of gray. Although it has a cool accent, it still has a solid undertone that matches them with other colors can be tricky. 

Therefore, you must follow the guidelines below to successfully match Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere with other color schemes. 

Consider the Lighting Condition 

First, you must note the lighting condition inside the room where you will use the paint. The Gray Cashmere color works well beside a window or any light source because it reflects enough but not too much light to the space. 

Consider the Trims and Secondary Colors 

Another factor you must consider is the trims and secondary colors for the Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere or if you will use the paint as the secondary color. 

Five colors that blend well with Gray Cashmere are Aegean Teal, Atrium White, Mount Saint Anne, Gray Wisp, and Sherwin Williams’ Colonnade Gray. 

Test the Combinations 

Once you already have the paints on hand, you can test them on a canvas and see if it matches before painting them on your wall, door, or ceiling.

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