What is the Most Popular Greige Paint Color?

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What is the Most Popular Greige Paint Color?

The color greige is something that you might only be hearing for the first time. But the basic thing you must note about greige is its color between gray and beige. 

In addition, like other colors, greige also offers varieties of colors to choose from. And if you are interested in painting your home with greige, you might be asking—what are the popular colors of greige? 

Among the popular tones of greige includes Revert Pewter, Balboa Mist, Edgecomb Gray, Classic Gray, Natural Cream, and Pashmina, to name a few of them.

For today’s article, I will present 10 top-selling greige varieties popular among homeowners. I will also discuss other important matters, such as determining the right color of greige for your home and then the warmest and lightest tone of this kind of color. 

What Color Is Greige Paint?

Greige is the result of blending gray and beige. And it is a popular variety of colors in modern homes because they are neutral and flexible, allowing you to mix and match with a wide range of interior designs. 

The color is favorable to any tone. The base of greige is light, but it blends well with both warm and cool. Also, the light shade of greige is perfect for small spaces because it attracts more naturally, making the room more spacious. 

Although it might be your first time hearing about greige, it has existed since the 1980s. Greige was the brainchild of the prominent Italian fashion icon and founder of the Armani brand, Giorgio Armani.

What Is The Most Popular Greige Paint Color? 

Searching for the most popular varieties of greige, you will find six results: Revere Pewter, Edgecomb Gray, Classic Gray, Natural Cream, Balboa Cream, and Pashmina. 

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Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

And this is the case because they are agreeable and cool yet not too bright. In the next section, I will discuss more specifics of the mentioned colors and shades of greige.

10 Popular Greige Paint Colors 

The following are 10 of the most popular greige paint colors you can try in your home.

1. Revere Pewter Greige Paint Color by Benjamin Moore 

Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter’s hallmark is the creamy beige and light gray mix.

They make an excellent choice as living room paint because of the light and soft tones of the color.

2. Malibu Beige Greige Paint Color by Kelly Moore

The Kelly Moore Malibu Beige has a stronger tone of gray over beige.

In addition, it has the perfect balance of light and dark tones. 

3. Edgecomb Gray Greige Paint Color by Benjamin Moore


What makes the Edgecomb Gray the ideal option is the perfect balance of gray and beige. If you happen to see them for the first time, you may not immediately tell if it has a higher concentration of gray or the other way around. 

4. Perfect Beige Greige Paint Color by Sherwin Williams


Although the name of the color suggests otherwise, Sherwin Williams’ Perfect Beige has a huge mix of gray. The large amounts of gray make the beige base color darker than usual. Thus, it is best if you are uncomfortable with a lighter interior or exterior color. 

5. Classic Gray Greige Paint Color by Benjamin Moore


Like Perfect Beige, Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray is also a variety of greige. However, unlike Perfect Beige, it still has a larger concentration of gray that makes it appear white. 

Thus, Classic Gray is an excellent choice for an alternative color to natural white or off-white. 

6. Alpaca Greige Paint Color by Sherwin Williams


The first thing you might notice with the Alpaca shade of Sherwin Williams is that it has a stronger tone of gray over beige.

And you may only notice the undertone of beige when you get closer to the paint’s surface. 

But the Alpaca color is the best option for your home’s interior design because it balances the light and dark shades. It is a flexible choice of color because they blend well with other colors. 

7. Natural Cream Greige Paint Color by Benjamin Moore


Benjamin Moore’s Natural Cream is a light variety of greige that complements cool and warm shades of color.

Thus, you can never go wrong with Natural Cream because it is flexible and suits you no matter the interior design. 

8. Balboa Mist Greige Paint Color by Benjamin Moore


Balboa Mist has a stronger shade of gray over beige. As a result, you might initially mistake them for another option for gray. However, you will observe an undertone of beige when you look closer. 

However, the high concentration of gray makes the Balboa Mist the perfect greige alternative for shades with a base color of gray. 

9. Vintage Pewter Greige Paint Color By Behr


The Behr Vintage Pewter bears a close resemblance to Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter.

But the difference between Behr Vintage Pewter is that it is lighter and has a higher concentration of beige. 

10. Pashmina Greige Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Pashmina balances the lustrous aesthetic of gray-silver and light beige. The shade of Benjamin Moore’s Pashmina is the perfect blend of soft and strong tones that produces a flexible color for any interior design.

How Do I Determine If a Greige Is Right For My Home? 

The greige’s combination of beige and gray blends the dark and light tones. As a result, it gives you a more neutral vibe and flexible shade that allow you to match them with any interior design. 

Therefore, you can never go wrong with the color greige. It will all depend on your preferences, whether the tone is warm or cool.

What Is the Warmest Greige Paint Color? 

The warmest greige paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. The light and warm colors attract more natural light when sunlight directly reflects the paint’s surface.

What Is the Lightest Greige Paint Color? 

Natural Cream by Benjamin Moore
Source: benjaminmoore.com

If you are opting for a lighter paint color of greige, then the best option available to you are Natural Cream and Pashmina.

The light color of the mentioned blends well with the base gray tone, and it is the perfect choice for any tiny area making the room appear more spacious.

What Is the Best Behr Greige Paint Color? 

Vintage Pewter Is the Best Behr Greige Paint Color 
Source: behr.com

The bestselling greige color of Behr is the Vintage Pewter.

It resembles Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter, except that the Vintage Pewter is lighter because it has a higher concentration of beige over gray.

Does Sherwin Williams Have a Greige Paint Color? 

Sherwin-Williams is a prominent manufacturer and distributor of premium paint. In other words, they are selling various paint colors, including greige.  

And some of the brands top-selling greige colors are Alpaca and the Perfect Beige.

 SW 7022 Alpaca Sherwin Williams
Source: Sherwin-williams.com

Is Greige More Gray Or Beige? 

The base color of greige is a balance between beige and gray. Thus, it creates a stronger tone with tiny undertones of lighter shades.  

However, like any other color, greige offers a wide selection of colors that varies depending on the concentration between beige and gray.

What Is a Good Accent Color For Greige? 

The best variety of greige is colored with a higher concentration of beige over gray. In other words, the best accent of greige should have a soft and warm shade.

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