Most Prettiest Interior Door Colors (12 Awesome Colors)

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Most Prettiest Interior Door Colors

The color scheme of the door is something that most homeowners may not think through.

However, selecting the right door shade that matches the home’s interior design can subtly boost its style, making the area more aesthetically pleasing.

But choosing the perfect door colors could be taxing, especially if you are not good at mixing and matching shades.

Therefore, what are the prettiest door colors?

White is still the go-to door color for many contemporary houses because it’s flexible and can blend into any style.

However, you must note that you can use various palettes on your doors. And you only have to be patient in mix-and-matching until you find the perfect combination.

Today, I will list some of the most popular colors you can use for your interior doors to help you decide which is perfect for your home.

What Is the Most Popular Color For Interior Doors?

In today’s modern world, the most popular color for interior doors are still the traditional ones, including black, white, and wood grain.

And the reason why this is the case is that they are simple yet elegant and effortless to blend with the aesthetics of the interiors of the home.

The truth, however, is that you can choose various colors that suit your preferences.

But choosing the right undertone can be challenging, which might explain why many homeowners stick with the traditional colors as discussed earlier.

12 Awesome Interior Door Paint Colors

1. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Interior Door

Many often mistake the revere pewter shade as beige and sometimes grey.

However it is a variety of beige, but it can give your door more versatility, balancing the cool and warm undertone.

2. Sherwin Williams Iron Ore Interior Door

Minimalism yet a vibe of sophistication are the best way to describe the shade of iron ore.

It has an undertone of a dark gray that blends perfectly with lighter colors.

3. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Interior Door

At first sight, you might mistake hale navy for light gray. However, a combination of dark blue and gray emits a charcoal-like consistency.

It provides a deeply saturated shade, ideal if paired with other dark or semi-dark colors like teal or navy blue.

4. Sherwin Williams Tradewind Interior Door

The hallmark of the Tradewind shade is its mixture of excellent arctic blue semi-faded colors.

This type of color is excellent for homes aiming for an ocean-inspired front porch setting.

5. Benjamin Moore Hamilton Blue Interior Door

The characteristic of the Hamilton Blue color is its mid-tone bluish-gray shade.

It emits an elegant and minimalistic atmosphere that’s excellent for an upstate home.

6. Sherwin Williams Eider White Interior Door

If you’re after a flexible palette that will blend with any interior design, then the Eider White color with undertones of lilac is the perfect option.

7. Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist Interior Door

The off-white and brownish-gray shade of Balboa Mist is probably the dominant palette you would notice.

It is an excellent door color choice for a light gray background.

8. Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray Interior Door

The Dorian Gray color’s characteristics are its solid grayish shade and soft lavender tones.

It neutralizes the intense colors of gray, which makes it suitable for any modern home.

9. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue Interior Door

The Palladian Blue color looks a paler variety than the primary blue color. The advantage of this shade is that the tones are relaxing and attract more natural light, creating a spa-like atmosphere.

10. Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow Interior Door

The primary color yellow is not often used in interior design because they are too bright and would not match perfectly with other shades of color.

If you like yellow and want to incorporate it into your home, the Hawthorne Yellow is perfect for your front porch.

The hallmark of this variety is its deeply faded hue from solid yellow.

11. Sherwin Williams Blue Peacock Interior Door

As the shade’s name suggests, the blue color was due to the shades you see in a peacock. The balanced light and dark shade of the shade Blue Peacock is perfect for neutral, soft, and solid background colors.

But you can opt for more solid shades if you want your front porch door to pop out against the entire home design.

12. Benjamin Moore Country Redwood Interior Door

Red is another door color not commonly used by many homeowners.

However, fusing them with other dark shades like burgundy with touches of orange results in a Country Redwood shade—it creates a classical and dramatic vibe.

Should All Interior Door Colors Match?

Many homeowners have a common question about door colors: whether they must match every section of the household. And the short answer is it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Depending on the design you want to incorporate in a specific part of the home, you can plan for different door colors.

Should Interior Doors Be the Same Color as the Trim?

Again, the trim and door colors don’t have to be a match. Also, experts recommend mixing and matching shades to create style and variety.

In addition, if you want to make the front porch a focal point, door colors with matching trims are essential to make this part of the home stand out against the walls.

Does Painting Interior Doors Increase Home Value?

Yes. Interior painting of your home, including your front doors, increases the property’s value.

The advice provided by experts is that you opt for neutral colors like grays, white, beige, or taupe because they emit a more minimalistic yet elegant vibe.

Related Questions

What Is the Best Color For Interior Doors?

It is impossible to answer the question same as what is the best song in the world. It just depends on what you like, your taste, the overall style of your home, etc.

Probably white is the best if I have to answer this question as it works well with any interior style, it provides a clean and timeless look.

The second best could be neutral tones such as beige and light gray.

But it really depends on your interior, what other interior paints you have, what trim colors you have, and a lot of other details.

Should Interior Doors Be Painted the Same Color As the Walls?

Most probably not unless you want to try to hide doors. For example, doors could be hard to see if your walls are dark.

I would recommend painting doors in another color to match, fit, and look good with the wall color instead of painting them the same color.

Should Interior Doors And Trim Be the Same Color?

No, that’s not mandatory, but they can be the same color. I would recommend using contrasting colors for the trim and door or similar colors that match each other.

Do All Interior Doors Need To Be the Same Color?

Usually, people buy all interior doors same style and color, but you can do whatever you want with your interior in your home so that you can get all doors in various colors as well.

The main purpose is so you are lucky with the result and can enjoy the time you spend indoors.

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