What Color Front Door Goes for Yellow Color House?

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What Color Front Door Goes for Yellow Color House?
Deep red or navy blue is a popular front door color on the house with yellow walls. These colors provide a nice contrast to the yellow walls. It also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the house’s look.
Other options could be forest green, black, or dark grey. It’s best to see the color swatches in person to see how it looks with your specific yellow walls.

10 Awesome Looking Front Door Colors for Yellow House

Below are some of the best colors you can use on a yellow house.

1. Matte Black Front Door

A matte black color adds a modern and sleek look to the door. It also creates a bold and striking contrast with the yellow wall.

A matte finish can be less reflective than a glossy finish. This can help cut any glare or reflections caused by sunlight or other lighting sources.

This can help to keep the focus on the door’s color and design rather than any reflections or glare.

2. Simple White Front Door

A simple white front door can complement yellow walls by adding a clean and classic contrast. The white door is a neutral backdrop that allows the yellow walls to stand out.

The white also creates a cohesive and balanced aesthetic. A white door can also add a sense of brightness and freshness to the house’s entrance.

3. Farrow and Ball Hague Blue (No. 30) Front Door

Hague blue is a deep and rich shade of blue. The cool tones of the blue can balance out the warm tones of the yellow. This creates a cohesive and pleasing color scheme.

Additionally, the depth of color in Hague blue can add a sense of elegance to the house’s aesthetic.

4. Farrow and Ball Railings (No. 31) Front Door

The railings are a dark, almost black, blue color. Because it is close to black, it will fit any trend. It also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the house’s look.

So, if you want a color that will not be out of touch with the trends, Railings is a good choice.

5. Farrow and Ball Calke Green (No. 34) Front Door

Calke green is an excellent front door color, as it creates a nice contrast and adds visual interest. The yellow walls are warm and neutral, and Calke green is an excellent, muted green.

This combination creates a pleasing contrast and helps define the house’s entrance.

Additionally, Calke green is a traditional color for front doors. It can add a classic and timeless look to the home.

6. Benjamin Moore Heritage Red (HC-181) Front Door

Heritage red is a warm, bright red color. It takes some guts to pair that color with a yellow house. But, if the yellow color of your home is on the pale side, it can work.

If the yellow color is bright, pairing it with heritage red might be too much. It’s a good idea to test the color first and compare it with your house wall.

Make sure to view the colors in natural light at different times of day before making a final decision.

7. Benjamin Moore Stuart Gold (1386) Front Door

Stuard gold is a warm golden-yellow color with a hint of green undertone. If your wall is yellow, it doesn’t mean your door can’t be yellow too.

Yellow on yellow can still look good if you pair a light and dark yellow together. If your house walls are light yellow, then Stuart gold will stand out.

It also adds a touch of vibrancy and personality to the look of the house. You can make the trim white or black to make the door pop.

8. Benjamin Moore Blue (2066-10) Front Door

Blue can create a complementary color scheme when paired with yellow. The blue and yellow colors are opposite each other on the color wheel.

Thus, creating a pleasing contrast. It goes well with pale to lemon yellow. But it may not go well with neon or bright yellows.

9. Sherwin-Williams Hyper Blue (SW 6965) Front Door

Hyper blue is a vibrant color that goes well with pale yellow and white walls. If you pair it with a crisp white trim, you will make it pop.

If you are bold and want to be spontaneous, you can pair it with vibrant yellow too.

10. Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore (SW 7069) Front Door

Iron ore is a soft black color that is modern and sophisticated. Pairing it with your house’s yellow exterior can add depth and drama to your front door.

Aside from yellow, it also pairs well with white and light blue. On the deeper side, it can work with navy or forest green.

What Is the Best Match for Yellow?

The best color match for a yellow house can vary depending on the shade of yellow and the desired aesthetic. But, as mentioned above, some specific colors can outshine others.
Here are a few options that can complement a yellow house:
  • White: A crisp, clean white can provide a nice contrast to a yellow house. It can also highlight the yellow color.
  • Gray: A light or medium gray can complement a yellow house. It can create a neutral and balanced look. But dark gray is also a good option, especially if it borders black.
  • Black: A crisp, black color is a classic. It pops and adds drama to your door. But do be careful with using black, as it may not go well with super bright yellow.
  • Green: A light or medium green can complement a yellow house and create a natural and cohesive look. If you want to go green, go for the sage or forest. A bright green would be too loud for a yellow house.
  • Blue: A pale blue or dark blue can complement a yellow house and create a fresh and inviting feel.
  • Red: Red can also be great for a yellow house. But be sure to test it first. Bright reds are better paired with lighter and paler yellows. Muted and darker reds can go with a brighter yellow.
The best color match for a yellow house is the one you like. It must also make you feel good. It’s always a good idea to see paint samples in person. Then, compare them to the house’s color before making a final decision.

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