What Color Doorknobs with White Doors?

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What Color Doorknobs with White Doors?

Doors provide more than just allowing passage to your home while closing them securely. Depending on the style and color of the door, it should complement the interior design of your home. The same goes for the style and color of your doorknobs.

So with this thought in mind—what color doorknobs go along with a white door?

Doorknobs come in various shapes and sizes, but the best option for white doors include black, brushed nickel, bronze, silver, and brass, to name a few. These palettes have prominent shades that are striking and make them easy to notice.

In today’s article, you’ll get additional information about these colors to give you a better chance of choosing the right doorknob style for your white doors.

What Color Handles Go Best With White Doors?

The following are some of the best colors of doorknobs that go along extremely well with white doors—


black is the best doorknob color for white doors

A black-colored doorknob emits a modern yet minimalistic vibe. However, the black’s strong shade limits the number of suitable door types and colors.

Although you can find this variety in almost any local home depot, you rarely see them used in a typical contemporary home because the handles would seem to camouflage if you pair them to a door with a darker tone.

Therefore, the recommendation provided by experts is to use a black doorknob for doors with light to neutral colors such as white, beige, grey, and cream.

Brushed Nickel

The primary hallmark of brushed nickels is their classical and warm contrast. You can never go wrong with a brushed nickel because it blends perfectly well if you opt for a white door.

The rusty characteristic of a brushed nickel knob has a unique charm and is very appealing that it draws attention immediately, especially if you pair them with light-colored doors.


Bronze is probably one of the most popular color schemes because its bright-yellow shine emits elegance and style. In addition, the shiny characteristic of bronze boosts your home’s interior design to some extent because it attracts attention if you partner the knobs with a white wooden door.

Also, a bronze doorknob comes in various finishes, such as the traditional polished, satin, or matte. There’s no specific recommendation on which one is better than the other. And it will just depend on your unique taste and preferences.


silver doorknob for white doors

Aside from bronze, silver is another common color of doorknob you see in many homes and commercial establishments. Although white and silver both have light tones, the shiny aesthetics of a silver doorknob is excellent if you have a silver-themed interior design.

It doesn’t matter if the silver doorknob is shiny or matte because it will blend perfectly well with a white door.


brass doorknob for white doors

Brass is flexible, and it suits all door styles regardless of color. It doesn’t matter if your door is white or wood grain. A bronze doorknob has that classical and stylish finish that will work exceptionally well.

The design of brass doorknobs is also timeless and durable, lasting for many years.

How Do I Choose a Doorknob Style And Color?

As mentioned in the previous section, the recommended doorknob colors for a white door are brass, silver, brushed nickel, bronze, and black. But you can freely experiment with other colors like gold, brown, yellow, or those with unique designs.

Now that you already have a good idea about the best colors of doorknobs for white doors, we have to determine the right style. In general, there are two traditional types of doorknobs you have to choose which include the following—

Lever Doorknobs

Lever Doorknobs

Lever doorknobs are much easier to use, especially if your hands are greasy or wet. It doesn’t have that twist-and-turn mechanism that makes it convenient for you to open doors if you don’t have the grip.

They also have a great advantage when it comes to designs. Since they are not limited to a rounded and smooth surface, you’ll find a large variety in stores. Thus, it gives you the benefit of selecting the best doorknob style that fits your preferences perfectly.

Round Doorknobs

Round Doorknobs

A round doorknob draws more attention than a lever doorknob—they’re larger and can be easily noticed. A round doorknob is a perfect option if you are conscious about your home’s interior design and crave attention from your guests and passersby.

They are also minimalistic yet elegant to some extent that they will blend with any door color and interior design of your home.

Should All Door Knobs Be the Same Color?

The general rule of thumb is your home or any commercial establishment, should possess doorknobs of the same color and style. And this is because a non-uniform pattern is awkward and essentially unappealing.

However, this is not entirely the case, and you can experiment with doorknobs with varying designs and colors if you like. You can do as you wish as long as it matches the style of the door and the vicinity’s interior design.

Do Door Knobs Have To Match Hinges?

Do Door Knobs Have To Match Hinges?

Although you can mix and match different doorknobs in various areas in your home, this is not exactly the case with knobs and hinges. These two are sold in one set and installed together in one door, and having different matches is unsightly.

Fortunately, doorknobs come in matching sets, and you don’t have to worry about the overall design and color. Please do not attempt to blend them with other sets because they are perfect the way they are.

Should Light Switches Match Door Handles?

Again, the light switches and other hardware doesn’t have to match the door handles and a white door. However, the recommendation provided by experts is that you need to be mindful of the matching design if you have a consistent theme in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Black Door Knobs Look Good On White Doors?

Yes. Black door knobs look good on a white door because they are contrasting colors. As a result, it makes the black door handle striking and very noticeable.

Are Black Door Knobs Still In Style?

Black door handles are still pretty much in style. The color is minimalistic and suits all colors and styles aside from white.

Are Brass Door Knobs Out Of Style?

The brass door knob is a traditional style and color. Although this may be the case, the style will never go out of style because, first and foremost, it is aesthetically pleasing and elegant—it is among the most common color you see in many contemporary homes today.

In addition, the classical vibe of the door handle is stylish and will fit any knob style and overall interior design of your home or establishment.

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