Why Do Doors Have Locks From Both Sides?

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Is There A Doorknob That Locks From Both Sides

The prospect of a doorknob that locks from both sides can provide apparent advantages. But the most prominent one is that it gives you extra security whenever you leave home or inside the premises.

So, is there a doorknob that locks from both sides?

And the answer is yes; there is a doorknob that locks from both sides. This kind of doorknob offers a spring mechanism that locks both vicinities for added security.

Double-sided locks are typically used in homes, particularly in the front doors, garage, patio, and any doors with direct access inside the house.

In this article, I will discuss the specifications of a double-sided doorknob. I will also present you the benefits and potential dangers of the doorknob that you must take note of before buying them.

What Is a Double-Sided Lock?

As the name suggests, a double-keyed lock is a doorknob that locks an area inside and outdoors.

And the obvious reason that many people turn to a double-keyed lock is due to security purposes.

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Double keyed Deadbolt Lock

A double-sided lock is safer in comparison to a single lock. For example, an intruder can break the glass of your house near the door and unlock the door handles to get inside.

The good news is that this circumstance won’t happen in a double lock because they have to unlock the other knob to break in.

In addition, they are also an excellent choice to prevent your kids from going outside your home.

What Is a Double-Sided Lock Called?

A double-sided lock is called a double-cylinder lock or double-cylinder deadbolt, also known as a double-cylinder lockset.

How Does a Double-Sided Lock Work?

A double-sided or double-cylinder lock operates differently from a standard single-sided lock.

It has a keyhole on both sides of the door, so you can insert the key and lock or unlock doors from either side.

The more detailed answer you will get from watching the video below.

Types of Doorknobs That Lock on Both Sides

Is there a double-sided lock? Yes, there are several double-keyed doorknobs in various styles and colors.

And the following are some examples of locks that can help you make your home a little safer.

Passage Lockset

The most common type of double-sided lock is a passage lockset. It is also termed closet or hall doorknobs because they are ideal for larger areas like business establishments, schools, or home to refrain people from going inside when they’re not operational.

Many homeowners prefer a passage lockset due to the doorknob’s style, which improves the house’s aesthetics.

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Dummy Lockset

It is called a dummy lockset because one side of the lever is inactive, only used for pushing or pulling. Now, they are the perfect option for office spaces inside an establishment.

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Double or Dual Cylinder Lockset

The double-cylinder lockset uses a spring or latching mechanism that locks interior and exterior parts of the area when the knob is turned around.

Like a passage lockset, they are also the perfect option for commercial establishments because they disable trespassers from entering the area.

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Privacy Lockset

Contrary to privacy doorknobs, they are more common in residential homes because a double-cylinder lockset is illegal in some parts of the world.

And this is the case because a privacy lockset protects the people residing in the home but provides easy access in emergencies.

Why Do Doors Have Locks From Both Sides?

Why Do Doors Have Locks From Both Sides?

Many homeowners and business establishments turn to double-keyed locksets for an added layer of home protection. It makes intruder harder to unlock the door and invade your home.

However, there are also risks involved in why some double-sided doorknobs, such as a double-cylinder lockset, are illegal for home installations in some regions.

In the following section, I’ll provide you with the advantages and disadvantages of a double-sided lock to help you weigh and decide if it will indeed serve you the purpose you intend it to.

What Are The Benefits Of The Door Knob With a Key On Both Sides?

Before we move on and talk about the disadvantages of a double-keyed doorknob, you need to know its benefits first and foremost, which include the following—

  • It secures the items inside a room or storage.
  • It provides more security and lessens the likelihood of break-ins by 50%. It adds more resistance from force, lock-picking, and sawing.
  • It also protects your child and keeps your mind at ease whenever they are inside the house.

What Are The Risks Of The Door Lock on Both Sides?

What Are The Risks Of The Door Lock on Both Sides?

Having a double-eyed lockset have its huge benefits, as you see above. Still, it is not always the case because, as mentioned, some types of double-sided locks are illegal in specific regions, such as the dual cylinder.

The problem with dual cylinder door knobs is that they are inconvenient and could pose a danger in emergencies, making it harder to get out of the vicinity.

Alternatives To a Doorknob That Locks On Both Sides

If you are not comfortable with double-sided doorknobs, there are other alternatives that you can turn to improve your home security and protect your family and assets from intruders.

The following are some of the best alternatives to a doorknob that locks on both sides.


A deadbolt is the same as a privacy doorknob. But its main difference from a typical double-sided lockset is that it has a turnkey in addition to the double lock mechanism, which provides easy access.

Such a feature makes the deadbolt perfect for household and commercial establishment security.


A less expensive to lock both sides of the door is by mounting a latch. They are also easy to install and very convenient to use. However, it may not be as secure as a double-keyed lock because the home invader could unlatch the door using a stick once it is unlocked.

But it can be effective enough to hinder them and give you time to find a safer place to cover yourself.

People Also Ask

Is It Possible To Lock a Double Lock Door?

A double-keyed lockset can lock the interior and exterior of the home, giving you improved security from home invaders.

However, it would be best to remember that all double-keyed lock doorknobs could give you the absolute protection you want.

For example, a dual-cylinder is illegal in many parts of the world because it could trap the residents of the people inside the vicinity in the event of an emergency.

The good news, however, is that there’s also a type of lockset that can protect your family and provides easy access, such as a privacy lockset.

What Is a Double Dummy Door Knob?

A dummy lockset uses one side of the lever when inactive only for pushing or pulling.

They are typically stylish and aesthetically pleasing, which makes them an option for people to improve the interior design of their homes.

What Is a Doorknob Set That Has Key Locks On Both Sides Called?

Several types of doorknob set locks on both sides. Some common ones include—passage locksets, dummy locksets, dual cylinder locksets, and privacy locksets.

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