Colors That Go With Forest Green Walls

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Colors That Go With Forest Green Walls

In the past, forest green was frequently associated with an out-of-date hue. Even so, it’s making a significant comeback!

Forest green still has that dash of freshness and a hint of flair. It’s a color that combines a refined vibe with a breezy twist and blends seamlessly into any room or area. 

In this blog, we’ll determine the best colors with forest green walls. We’ll also explore the perfect shades to complement this shade!

Forest green walls work well with neutral colors like white and beige. You can see how they bring warmth and harmony. On the contrary, earth tones like brown and green emphasize the sensation of nature.

Another choice is to use strong contrasts like yellow and burgundy. These shades add layers to a space. Don’t forget cool tones like blue since they also evoke majesty and character. 

What Color Is Forest Green?

What Color Is Forest Green?

A deep, dark shade of green known as “forest green” mimics the color of trees in dense forests. The forest green color expresses peace and a connection to nature. This is because of its depth and richness. 

In reality, Forest green is a well-known shade that originates from the green color family. It is frequently referred to as #228B22 in color codes. 

Similar tones to forest green frequently belong to the same color family. Here are a few color schemes that are similar to forest green: 

  • Seafoam green
  • Lime Green
  • Green
  • Yellow Green

Is Forest Green Cool Or Warm?

Generally speaking, the shade of forest green is cool green. Cool hues have blue and green undertones, which offer a calming and soothing impact. 

Forest green tends to be cooler due to its dark characteristics. This coldness adds to the tranquil, natural atmosphere. Several applications, including design and fashion, can incorporate forest green.

Green, a secondary color, springs from the harmonious mix of two primary hues. This is between yellow and blue. 

Forest Green Is a Neutral Color

Out of all the neutral colors, forest green is the most natural. As a stand-alone color, it can boldly take the spotlight. Alternatively, you can apply it as a background to provide richness as a backdrop accent. 

According to studies, green strongly evokes images of lush grass, trees, and forests. It is also associated with the natural world.

A common description of the color green is that it is calm and energizing. Money, luck & health are other things that people associate with the color green.

What Color Goes Best With Forest Green Walls?

You can pair forest green walls with a diverse range of colors. Here are 7 color options that go well with forest green walls:

1. Forest Green + White

This color combination will produce a new, vibrant appearance. It will instantly make any room seem warm and welcoming.

The homeowner applied forest green walls in the above image to add warmth and texture. They also utilized white paint to outline the stairs and windows.

In addition, brown paints are among the enhancing factors.

2. Forest Green + Beige

Beige and forest green are complementary colors. These shades look great in many different contexts. It provides a pleasant, peaceful effect when used in a design.

As you can see, green and beige both appear in nature. Their combination creates a truly lovely and imaginative effect.

Add a little brass or gold to the mix to provide warmth and texture. This will heighten the design’s interest level.

3. Forest Green + Brown

A variety of brown and green tones always go well together. You can complement forest green can with browns like twigs and chocolate.

This combination of colors has always been popular. However, a design frequently uses them as accents or primary colors.

You can match this combination in living areas and fireplaces. In this way, it can highlight the transition from outdoor to indoor spaces.

4. Forest Green + Light Green

You can blend forest green with light green if you wish to use several shades of green together. Consider how much of each color you’ll need before applying either one.

The second color may appear unbalanced if one color dominates.

For example, you could paint your cabinets in a forest green & have light green chairs in your kitchen. This can give your space a nice and refreshing change. 

5. Forest Green + Yellow

These two colors make a cheerful contrast while also complementing each other. Pairing yellow with forest green brings a sense of sunshine and happiness to any room.

If your walls are forest green, try using yellow sofas alongside them. This will bring bursts of brightness to your living room.

Moreover, adding white elements also enhances the contrast between these two.

6. Forest Green + Burgundy

Burgundy is a rich, warm, reddish-purple color. This shade can help you make a cozy space when combined with forest green.

When you mix these strong colors, they can give your room a stylish and refined appearance.

Add burgundy pillows to create a strong bedroom style if you have forest-green walls. Mix it with white touches or shiny shades like silver or gold to make it even more eye-catching.

7. Forest Green + Blue

Blue and green have a similar cool feel, so they match nicely—the coolness of blue balances out the rich tones of forest green.

Combining blue & forest green gives you a dynamic look with equally beautiful colors.

You could also try using a bright royal blue color. This look is lively and has intense, deep colors. It’s great for bigger rooms like living rooms or bedrooms. 

Are Forest Green And Sage Green the Same Color?

Are Forest Green And Sage Green the Same Color?

No, forest green and sage green are not the same color. They are two different shades in the green color family.

Forest green is a dark and deep green that looks like the lushness of dense forests. It usually has hints of blue, making it feel cool and calming.

On the other hand, sage green is a lighter and softer green. Sage green is more subdued and gentler, often having a touch of gray or a bit of blue mixed in.

According to Noell Jett from Jess Set Farmhouse, Sage Green is a soothing and neutral color. It can match with many other colors better than forest green.

Is Forest Green A Good Interior Design Color?

Yes, using forest green in interior design is a wonderful idea. Their rich and deep character gives off an air of elegance and refinement. It’s excellent for crafting a polished and upscale ambiance within a room.

Sarah Wilkie from Home Bar claims that the Christmas season exhibits red & forest green. Unsurprisingly, wreaths and foliage often come in forest green hues.

This versatile shade is generally associated with feelings of freshness, growth, and balance. Due to its connection with nature, forest green is frequently chosen for eco-design.

How Do I Incorporate Forest Green Into My Home?

Incorporating forest green into your home can infuse a sense of nature-inspired elegance. Here are some creative ways to do so: 

1. Elevate Your Space with a Green Sofa

Esright 84.2" Green Velvet Couch Mid Century Modern Sofa,Tufted Velvet Fabric Sofa with 2 Bolster Pillows, Sofas Couches for Living Room, Apartment, Bedroom

Forest Green Sofa from Amazon

According to Janet Lorusso of JRL Interiors, forest green is a great introduction to furniture pieces. Therefore, you can boldly make a statement by choosing a green sofa for your living room. 

2. Craft an Eye-Catching Accent Wall

Transform a room’s dynamics by creating an accent wall painted in a forest green shade. Ideal spots for an accent wall are the fireplace wall, the bed’s backdrop, or a wall with bookshelves. 

3. Infuse Serenity with a Green Bed

Exclusivo Mezcla Waffle Textured Soft Fleece Blanket, King Size Bed Blanket, Cozy Warm and Lightweight (Forest Green, 90x104 inches)

Forest Green Bedding

Experience tranquility in your bedroom with forest-green bedding. Green beds convey peace and safety due to their soothing impact on people. 

4. Invite Nature with Wallpaper

VEELIKE 15.7''x118'' Dark Green Peel and Stick Wallpaper Self Adhesive Solid Green Contact Paper Waterproof Decorative Vinyl Film for Walls Countertops Cabinets Shelf Drawer Liners Bedroom Kitchen

Self Adhesive Forest Green Wallpaper from Amazon

Embrace the great outdoors by decorating your walls with forest green botanical wallpaper. Using green shades, like foliage-inspired wallpaper, easily uplifts the vibe in your home.

5. Make a Statement with Your Front Door

According to Feng Shui, Green is generally associated with wood elements symbolizing growth. You can welcome guests with a dose of positivity by painting your front door forest green shade. 

6. Express Your Joy with Decor

Embrace your art by decorating forest green elements that bring you joy. Our preferences in furniture, patterns, and artwork all play a role in showcasing who we are.

7. Designate a Green Oasis

Carve out a special haven within your space by creating a color zone dominated by forest green. Incorporating living plants into specific areas of your home provides a wholesome centerpiece.

8. Introduce Texture with Green Tiles

Enrich your kitchen or bathroom by adding forest green tiles. Using vertical subway tiles creates an added height and space in your shower area. 

9. Play with Tonal Shades

Experiment with an array of green tones, ranging from light to deep. Light greens are great for exteriors and wooded areas. Whereas dark green tones are ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms.

10. Combine with Metallic Accents 

Plug in gold metallic elements like picture frames, candle holders, or decorative bowls. Copper is also an ideal match with green accents.


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