Pewter Color Paints (Best Pewter Color Combinations)

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Best Pewter Color Paints

Do you want to achieve the ideal Pewter color for your home’s exterior?

When most people think of pewter paint, they picture a grayish color. But I’m here to tell you that the pewter colors include more than just variations on gray.

Pewter is a darker shade of gray that’s close to silver. These shades often represent a metal color with weightiness and stability. They’re not flashy or shiny like copper or brass. 

This guide will evaluate the best-selling Pewters from different paint manufacturers. These suppliers include Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Behr.

Let’s see which shades will perfectly match your home!

One of the best Pewter paints is Sherwin Williams’ Pewter Green. Moreover, SW Pewter Cast is also a top choice. Additional crowd favorites are Benjamin Moore’s Antique Pewter and Revere Pewter.

In addition to your list, you can also rely on Behr’s Pewter Mug. These shades will give any space a natural vibe without making it look too simple or boring.

What Is The Color Of Pewter?

Pewter is a metallic color usually seen as a darker version of gray.

Simply put, it’s a classy shade of gray. Certain Pewters are warmer in tone because of a brownish shade, while others are cool tones.

Although darker than gray, Pewter maintains a balance and neutral character.

It is a neutral color. Therefore, it complements all the other shades. Choose a softer color, such as creams and light grays, to offset the gravity of Pewter when designing with it.

As you can see, the tones of Pewter paint run from dark to light. But, a few manage to strike a balance between the extremities of warm and cool tones.

On a technical note, Petwer mainly comprises red, green, and blue light when viewed in RGB. Pewter represents the HEX code #E9EAEC.

Pewter Color Options:

Let’s check out some of Pewter’s color options.

What Color Is Pewter Green?

Pewter Green is a stunning green color

Pewter Green is a stunning green color. This green is more subdued, with hints of blue and even gray.

It’s daring, but it comes off as neutral thanks to the room’s warm gold accents and wood tones.

Pewter green pairs well with various colors, including ivory, beige, taupe, and brown. They can also match with gray-blue, light gray, terracotta, and mustard.

What Color Is Roycroft Pewter?

Roycroft Pewter is, without a doubt, a dark charcoal gray

Roycroft Pewter is, without a doubt, a dark charcoal gray. This one has a noticeable amount of color compared to other, more neutral grays.

The green undertones mainly create a frigid tone. This shade would be perfect for any space, from a child’s bedroom to an elegant dining room.

Often, the color shifts dramatically from a slightly blue-green base. Then you’ll get to see a more intense blue-green fusion.

What Color Is Pewter Shingles?

Pewter Shingle's neutral shade makes it a good choice for an exterior paint color

Pewter shingles are better at reflecting the sun’s rays. As a result, you may notice a bluish-grey color.

It’s a chic and subtle light gray that looks great on modern homes. Pewter Shingle’s neutral shade makes it a good choice for an exterior paint color.

A Pewter Shingle is ideal for a traditional house, especially for roofing. Then blend it with reds and blues to achieve timeless color combinations.

What Color Is Tambo Pewter?

Tambo Pewter is a dark and sophisticated gray. 

This shade of dark gray has a dramatic flare because of the blue undertones. Thus, it highlights the surface to which it is generally applied.

Additionally, Tambo Pewter is wildly sophisticated and adaptable. Therefore, this makes it the ideal shade to incorporate into the design of any living space.

Overall, Tambo Pewter is an excellent option if you are looking for something gloomy and dark.

What Color Is Pewter Hardware?

Pewter Hardware has the appearance of aged medium silver

Pewter Hardware has the appearance of aged medium silver. 

It has a lightly brushed pattern. Also, it has depths of black refinishing furniture.

In general, it also has a matte appearance. Thus, it will go very well with other fixtures with an aged or vintage impression.

However, it only produces very weak reflections from light. Often, Pewter Hardware shade will only return a very muted version of the color.

What Color Is Pewter Metallic?

What Color Is Pewter Metallic

Metallic colors are those that resemble the gloss of highly polished metals. Regarding aesthetics, metals are most commonly recognized by their reflective shine.

Pewter Metallic is a metallic gray similar to silver but has bluer undertones and is not as glossy.

Oftentimes, the reflective quality comes from the material’s brightness to the light source. So this makes it impossible to reproduce a basic solid tone.

What Color Is Pewter Gray?

What Color Is Pewter Gray

Pewter Grey is an earthy mahogany shade of gray that is a modern greige.

With an LRV of 47, this color is generally considered dark.

It also works well with cooler shades of tone. But don’t limit yourself just because of that. Almost any shade goes well with Pewter Gray.

In addition, this shade is ideal for a dining room. Combine it with vintage artifacts and flashes of gold.

What Color Is Pewter Oak?

Pewter Oak shade features a welcoming, warm grey color that is neutral in tone. 

Pewter Oak is a popular staining choice. The gloss emphasizes the design’s natural character. Meanwhile, the dark fill brings out rustic elements like cracks and splits.

It’s no surprise that it works well with a wide variety of design styles.

What Color Is Aged Pewter?

What Color Is Aged Pewter

From worn gray to taupe and beige, Aged Pewter is the language of choice for the neutral color palette. 

When used with another neutral, this subdued gray color seems calming.

Pewter, like oxidized Silver, develops a patina or tarnish as it ages naturally. As it ages, it takes on a charcoal tint that can make it look warmer than its original base color.

Best Pewter Color Paints

Pewter is one of those colors that radiates a unique character. Check out 5 of the best-loved shades from the finest paint suppliers. 

1. Pewter Green, Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams’ Pewter Green is a dark but soothing cool green that looks great with wood and metal.

Thanks to its modest gray undertones, it has some surprising neutral undertones.

As you can see, this shade works just about anywhere. It goes nicely with other warm colors like brown and beige.

2. Pewter Cast, Sherwin Williams

SW Pewter Cast leans heavily toward gray. 

It’s a subdued gray with a distinctly cool undertone. The color Pewter Cast is a lot like steel or silver gray.

Even if it’s darker than usual, it’s not pitch black.

As shown in the image, it often takes on a hard, unwavering exterior appearance.

3. Antique Pewter, Benjamin Moore 

Benjamin Moore’s Antique Pewter is a stunning emerald green. It has a gentle and mellow tone yet can still pack a powerful punch.

The presence of beige in this shade makes it feel more welcoming. The image shows that adequate daylight brings out the finest in home spaces.

Stick to neutrals like white, beige, black, gray, and brown to get the most out of your antique pewter.

4. Revere Pewter, Benjamin Moore 

Revere Pewter’s color is a stunning, inviting gray.

It’s on the border between the light and medium depth ranges. Also, it can pass for light-depth paint color in the right circumstances.

It’s effective and pairs well with cheerful tones like pink and coral.

At the same time, it perfectly matches the calming tones of green and teal.

5. Pewter Mug, Behr

Pewter Mug by Behr is a rich, magisterial gray with a touch of indigo.

Compared to Benjamin Moore’s Pewter, Behr’s Pewter Mug is darker. Yet, it’s very similar to Valspar’s Pewter shade.

The image shows that more gray than purple can be highly seen. 

Moreover, it would be a striking addition to any space, especially a teen’s bedroom.

What Color Compliments Revere Pewter?

When mixing colors with Revere Pewter, don’t feel limited to using only dark or neutral tones.

You can use Revere Pewter with Benjamin Moore’s Province Blue or White Dove and Simply White. 

Cabinets and accent furniture are ideal for the Revere Pewter finish. Applying the coating to comfort and laundry rooms is also advisable.

What Color Is Pewter Close To?

A Pewter color resembles silver, tinged with a little bit of gray.

Nowadays, Pewter is always used to describe a range of gray textiles, wall coverings, and paint.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the gorgeous gray tone of Pewter. 

For those seeking a light, bright, neutral tone but don’t want a white or beige, Pewter is your ideal choice.


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