What Is The Most Popular Benjamin Moore Pink? (7 Perfect Colors)

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What Is The Most Popular Benjamin Moore Pink?

If you’re looking for the perfect pink paint color to brighten your home, you’ve come to the right place!

Pinks are a warm, flattering color that works well in many spaces. Pinks can be generally used for walls, ceilings, trim, furniture, and accessories. They look feminine and soft but have a hint of color that makes them more interesting.

Let’s choose the perfect pink shade of Benjamin Moore for your space!

Benjamin Moore’s most popular pinks are Raspberry Blush and Head Over Heels. In addition to that, other famous choices are Pink Bliss, First Light, Coral Dust, Tissue Pink, and Hot Lips.

These light, delicate shades of pink will look great on any wall or surface in your home. You can apply pink paints to create a calming atmosphere or a fun and sweet side; it’s up to you!

What Is The Most Popular Benjamin Moore Pink?

We all know that pink is beautiful, but even more important is its flattering. That’s why we’ve decided to help you choose the perfect pink paint color for your space.

Here are our top 7 picks:

  1. Raspberry Blush
  2. Head Over Heels
  3. Pink Bliss
  4. First Light
  5. Coral Dust
  6. Tissue Pink
  7. Hot Lips

According to Benjamin Moore, Raspberry Blush is the Color of the Year for 2023. This shade is a vibrant orange-red color that energizes our space.

For a good reason, it’s currently considered BM’s most beloved pink.

1. Benjamin Moore Raspberry Blush

Raspberry Blush is a vibrant coral pink. It reflects and energizes the feeling with its uplifting positivity.

Benjamin Moore claims that Raspberry Blush is the most attention-grabbing color. Thus, it will never go unnoticed when you apply it to your space. Designers believe that Raspberry Blush is the most daring shade of orange. 

For them, this shade is a tribute to the life-affirming power of music and color.

What Color Is Raspberry Blush?

Raspberry blush is a lively combination of red and orange coral. It adds a juicily pink undertone that turns up the saturation. 

It is highly labeled as a gorgeous reddish-orange tone. The appealing shade has been frequently tagged as pink coral.

As you can see, the color is deep and rich.

It lacks the gray tones that give many paint colors an air of sophistication. Despite this, Raspberry blush is quite a vibrant hue. 

In light and dark versions, a touch of pink is the palest pink tone included in Raspberry Blush. Meanwhile, ravishing red is the deepest tone it has.

Where To Use Raspberry Blush Paint Color?

You can apply Raspberry Blush with BM’s Onyx furnishings to a red dining room.

In addition, you can use Raspberry Blush on the walls and wainscoting of your living room for a vibrant look.

Benjamin Moore recommends using it to paint an accent wall or archway to ease into the color. Raspberry Blush is so versatile that it can be used to paint the front door.

Overall, Raspberry Blush brings an unexpected burst of energy wherever you apply it.

2. Benjamin Moore Head Over Heels

Head Over Heels, a pale pink from Benjamin Moore, is the perfect mix of whimsy and sophistication.

As seen in the image, the color scheme of pink and white is timeless and classic. They complement one another greatly, and every woman needs a dash of pink in her life. 

The Head Over Heels-painted cabinet will stand out against white molding in a bathroom.

What Color Is Head Over Heels?

Head Over Heels is a pale, pretty pink.

The light pink vanity can be primarily seen in light spaces. It provides a splash of color without drawing attention from the design of your room.

If you are looking for a paint color for your master bedroom, you might want to choose Head Over Heels.

This soft pink will enliven the room without being overly girly.

3. Benjamin Moore Pink Bliss

In this image, the parents chose Pink Bliss for their nursery room.

Pink Bliss by Benjamin Moore is an excellent choice if you are not hesitant to paint your walls pink. The white border creates an extended ceiling and a sense of space. 

Above all, this delicate pink is as beautiful as the finest silk. Pink Bliss is a gentler take on the fashionable pinks of the moment. 

Is Pink Bliss Lightest Benjamin Moore’s Pink Color?

Yes, Pink Bliss is the lightest pink color of Benjamin Moore.

Pink Bliss is the better choice if you’re searching for a light and airy atmosphere. It has a somewhat more feminine feel when you compare it with First Light.

Regarding LRV, Pink Bliss has an amount of 84, which is very high. It appears white due to its low light-reflecting value.

As you can see, Pink Bliss is a very light pastel pink. This is not a baby powder shade of pink. 

4. Benjamin Moore First Light

First Light is a beautiful fluorescent pink that may be cool or warm.

First Light, while related to the trendy Millennial pink, is a more muted and elegant shade. It conveys confidence and poise.

What Color Is First Light?

The first light is a soft pink color paint.

This paint by Benjamin Moore is not a striking, trendy pink. But rather a relaxing neutral that perfectly complements the room’s existing decor.

The brownish-gray undertones of First Light give the color a distinctly cool tone. Thus, without making it look too purple.

Is First Light Good Interior Color?

Yes, First Light is a good interior paint color. 

In fact, First Light looks fantastic on the walls and ceilings, just as anywhere in any room of the house.

However, it shines in the bedroom, living room, and dining room. 

A space painted with First Light will create an inviting and peaceful vibe.

5. Benjamin Moore Coral Dust

Anyone who wants to paint their walls pink but likes neutral tones should choose Coral Dust.

Several homeowners feel that rooms with coral tones are more up-to-date and welcoming.

Generally, Bathroom walls can always be painted with soft, sophisticated Coral Dust. It creates warmth and contrast while still providing space and lightness.

What Color Is Coral Dust?

Coral Dust is a gentle medium pink with a soothing aura. This is a more vibrant and intense blush choice. 

This hue is stunning when combined with a creamy white trim or accents. It’s so girly and pretty. Coral Dust lends a comforting vibe and might work nicely with other warm accent colors.

According to Benjamin Moore, you can pair Coral dust with Simply White. As well as Classic Brown, Steam, and Boreal Forest.

Overall, Coral Dust isn’t overly reflecting or washed out. This makes it a good choice for rooms with plenty of windows.

6. Benjamin Moore Tissue Pink

Benjamin Moore Tissue Pink is light beige in the shade. 

It has the appropriate color and is nice and cozy without being overly flashy. 

Designers believe that Tissue Pink has a beautiful effect on the skin. It reflects magically under warm lighting. 

Because of this, it is frequently chosen for bathrooms. Particularly powder rooms and dressing rooms, where we spend much time in front of the mirror.

In addition, Tissue Pink is a perfect neutral pink that stands on its own. 

7. Benjamin Moore Hot Lips

Hot Lips is a bold, confident pink created by Benjamin Moore.

This pink with a purple undertone is reminiscent of all that was fantastic about the 1980s. It’s fun and flirty. 

If you’re worried about overwhelming the space with Hot Lips, consider using it as an accent on only one wall. Then try stenciling, stripes, or other patterns.

What Is The Most Relaxing Pink?

Generally, the most relaxing BM pink shade is Pink Bliss.

This is the lightest pink offered by Benjamin Moore. This is the best option if you want to unwind and feel comfortable. Because of its high radiance, it is frequently used in decorating kids’ rooms. 

Choosing the right shade of pink for a primary area like the bedroom, dining room, or living room can be tricky.

It could appear gaudy or dated if it’s too bright or sweet. 

Above all, BM’s pink colors are ideal for people looking for gentle and calm paint.


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