What Color Is Benjamin Moore Onyx?

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What Color Is Benjamin Moore Onyx?

The color black is the epitome of elegance and modern style. However, the solid accents of the color might seem too somber and overpowering to some homeowners.

Fortunately, you will find tons of varieties of black paint that will perfectly match the interior design of your home if you are keen on using this tone. And one of the best-selling black paints you must consider is Benjamin Moore’s Onyx due to its light metallic black finish.

But what exactly is the color Benjamin Moore Onyx?

Onyx has a deep, strong black primary tone with little to no apparent undertones. It is the perfect alternative to traditional black because of its elegant and near-matte finish.

Today, I will share more specifications about Benjamin Moore’s Onyx and help you determine the right colors for your home.

What Color Is Benjamin Moore Onyx?

Benjamin Moore Onyx

The characteristic of Benjamin Moore’s Onyx is its similarity with the jet black color when the light is dim. It has a deep black color that almost does not have an apparent undertone.

However, although it has a low light reflective value, the color has undertones of light gray or blue and sometimes white when interacting with a light source.

Is Benjamin Moore Onyx a True Black?

Benjamin Moore Onyx has no apparent undertones, making the color black. And they are a good alternative to the traditional black color because Onyx has a matte finish that is elegant and minimalistic at the same time.

Is Benjamin Moore Onyx Warm Or Cool?

Onyx is a true black color that makes their accents cool. However, it has a lighter shade and is warmer than the tones of regular black.

What Undertones Does Benjamin Moore Onyx Have?

It has no detectable undertones, but Benjamin Moore Onyx is lighter and matte. In addition, you might also observe a subtle hint of light gray and a little blue that explains the warmer shade.

What Colors Go With Benjamin Moore Onyx?

If you plan to paint your home’s interior with Benjamin Moore Onyx, the following are the 5 best matches for the said variety of black paint.

1. Mascarpone by Benjamin Moore

The perfect color to match the deep black accent of Onyx is a white color with a creamy consistency, such as Benjamin Moore’s Mascarpone.

And similar to Onyx, Mascarpone also does not have a detectable undertone.

However, you will observe tiny hints of beige and pinkish accents when you look closely.

2. Wolf Gray by Benjamin Moore

The great advantage of Onyx is that although they have a deep black color, they also blend very well with other dark colors with softer tones.

And one of the colors you must check out is Benjamin Moore’s Wolf Gray.

Its main characteristic features a cool medium-dark gray with mild undertones of soft blue.

The blue and gray combination balances the low reflective value of Onyx by drawing more light into the room.

3. Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore

Another great pair for Onyx is a variety of beige or cream, such as Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak.

It has an undertone of warm gray and quiet white oak that boosts its high reflective value.

Pale Oak is the best option if you are aiming to lighten up a room during the day.

And the dark tone of Onyx neutralizes the natural light coming inside the room as it wouldn’t be too bright and uncomfortable.

4. Silver Lining by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Silver Lining is the perfect substitute if you are uncomfortable using white to partner with your Onyx paint.

It has a soft and metallic silver finish with hints of blue. It works well as an interior wall side-by-side with Onyx.

5. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

If you aim for the more traditional black-and-white theme, then Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace will blend well with Onyx.

And it is very similar to Onyx in that it also has no visible undertones.

At first sight, Chantilly Lace might seem like your typical white color, but it has a brighter contrast that makes them very flexible and neutral.

As a result, it can work well with either dark or light colors, such as Benjamin Moore’s Onyx. 

What Is the Difference Between Onyx And Black Beauty?

What Is the Difference Between Onyx And Black Beauty?

Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty is similar to Onyx due to their jet-black aesthetics. However, Black Beauty has a warmer tone and higher light reflective value.

But whether it’s Black Beauty or Onyx, both colors create a stunning combination with light colors such as white, beige, or gray. Black Beauty has a slight advantage because of its high LRV.

Thus, if you want to boost the lighting in your room without replacing the black-theme interiors, then Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty might provide you with the solution you need.

What Is the Difference Between Onyx And Black Satin?

What Is the Difference Between Onyx And Black Satin?

It might seem difficult to distinguish Benjamin Moore’s Onyx from Black Satin from afar since both have a strong shade of black. However, you can immediately tell the difference when you look closely and put them side by side.

Onyx does not have any visible undertone that generates its true black accent. On the other hand, the undertones of blue and green are apparent in Black Satin when you observe them closely.

In addition, it has a similar light reflective value that makes them a little brighter than other varieties of black paint colors.

What Is the Difference Between Benjamin Moore Onyx and Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black?

What Is the Difference Between Benjamin Moore Onyx and Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black?

Sherwin Williams’ Tricorn Black is counter to Benjamin Moore’s Onyx because both paint colors do not have a detectable undertone. However, there is a distinguishable characteristic between the two when you put them side by side.

And among the most prominent dissimilarities is the contrast of blackness. Tricorn Black is darker, while Onyx is slightly lighter, even though they are true black.

Both are excellent varieties of black paints and have unique advantages over the other. For example, if you are searching for paints with a stronger shade of black, Tricorn Black is the better option, in my opinion.

On the other hand, Onyx is the best option if you don’t want the black paint to be overpowering because it has a lighter shade.

What Is the Difference Between Benjamin Moore Onyx And Farrow And Ball Railings?

What Is the Difference Between Benjamin Moore Onyx And Farrow And Ball Railings?

Compared to Railings, which has 6 LRV, Onyx’s 4.99 LRV makes it appear much darker.

Because of its relaxing blue undertones, Railing is a great alternative to blacks. Its dark hue adds a sense of drama and intimacy to any space.

If you’re looking for a dramatic space setting, your best option is Onyx. If you’re looking for a wonderful warm black that isn’t quite this dark, Railings is the way to go. 

Railings can be widely used with various colors because of their flexibility. However, it works best with gentle colors like pink and blue. 

On the other hand, Onyx complements crisp whites, off-beat beiges, and soothing grays.

Is Onyx Black the Same As Jet Black?

Is Onyx Black the Same As Jet Black?

Jet black is a pure black color. The accent is so dark that it seems empty when you stare at it. Onyx has softer and lighter contrast that results in a more flexible paint.

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