What Color Is Dusty Pink?

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What Color Is Dusty Pink?

Dusty pink is a popular choice of color because of its faded aesthetics that emits elegance and style. The color is paler but not as bright as the basic color pink. 

It is especially popular in dresses, bags, and other fashion apparel, but they are also ideal in homes because of its vibrant accent that can light up a room.

So you may wonder—what color is dusty pink? And how could it improve your home’s interior design?

Dusty pink has a subtle mix of yellow that creates a faded and reddish quality. Its shade is duller and redder than other pale pink varieties, such as peach and coral pink.

And they are a popular option among homeowners since they are lively and chic but not too bright.

For today, I will share with you further insights about dusty pink and help you how you can optimize the color to beautify your home. 

What Is Dusty Pink Color?

Dusty pink or dusty rose is an off-color variety of the base color pink. The noticeable characteristic of the dusty pink color is the duller and softer shade than the common Hello Kitty pink.

The hints of yellow also lead to a paler consistency, creating a beautiful and elegant tone of pink. Other than yellow, it has a gentle mix of soft purple, beige, and gray.

Is Dusty Pink The Same As Blush?

When you observe closely, dusty pink is also reddish, resulting from the moderate yellow undertone instead of combining red colors. Such characteristics also give an impression of their similarity with the color blush.

However, dusty pink is cooler than blush due to the soft purple and gray mix. Instead, blush has a richer reddish quality, and the complexion resembles more of a mauve taupe than dusty pink.

Is Dusty Pink Like Rose Gold?

You will immediately notice the difference between dusty pink and rose gold, even from afar or under varying lighting conditions.

Although rose gold has a warm tone, the pale shade of pink makes dusty pink easier to distinguish from rose gold.

Is Dusty Pink Dark?

You will find no dark qualities in a dusty pink color. It is a light-neutral color that blends perfectly well with dark colors. However, some might mistake dusty pink for pastel pink because of the similarities.

However, the main difference between them that you have to note is that dusty pink has a murky aesthetic and appears to be lighter than pastel pink. It has a stronger shade of pink but is more vibrant than dusty pink.

3 Colors That Go With Dusty Pink

The following 3 colors blend well with dusty pink if you plan to coordinate them with other colors.

1. Sherwin Williams Oceanside

Sherwin Williams’ Oceanside is a solid and neutral color that matches dusty pink’s light and warm color.

The prominent characteristic of Oceanside is the balance fusion of green and blue. Depending on how you perceive the paint and the light conditions, it may appear blue or green.

In addition, it has undertones of teal that further reinforce the primary tones of blue and green. As a result, it makes the color more solid and vibrant.

2. Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster has the perfect mix of gray and white, producing a metallic gray finish that glows when it interacts with direct sunlight.

It may not be that obvious, but it has tiny hints of beige that make the color cooler and increase the high reflective value of the paint.

Although it draws natural light, the paint has a solid accent with a calming and soothing effect.

3. Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White

Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White matches very well with the dull and blush aesthetic of a dusty rose or dusty pink colored paint.

The light tone of Decorator’s White to the pale finish of dusty pink is the perfect transitory paint between the two shades of color.

In addition, Decorator’s White appears to have the traditional immaculate color, but it has subtle undertones of gray and purple.

The undertones neutralize the strong reflective value of white, making the paint cooler. 

What Is The Difference Between Dusty Pink And Old Rose?

What Is The Difference Between Dusty Pink And Old Rose?

Old rose, and dusty pink appears to be the same color, but you will immediately realize the difference once you observe the colors closely.

First and foremost, the old rose has a rich dark pink color that resembles similar colors like fuschia or pink. It has a medium-light tone that produces a reddish complexion similar to blush, pink beige, or Fuschia.

On the other hand, the characteristic of dusty pink is the strong pale shade of pink. When you put dusty pink and old rose side by side, you can already tell the difference between the two shades of color.

Where To Use Dusty Pink In The Home?

Dusty pink is an excellent choice in any home, especially if you use the paint in your daughters’ bedroom. However, depending on your preferences, they can also be applied to various parts of your home.

The dull aesthetic of dusty pink adds value to the reflective qualities of the paint. As a result, the paints’ accent draws more light from a source that improves the lighting condition in a specific room.

Therefore, the dusty pink color is ideal in sections of the household where you need more light. The tone of dusty pink is between the ranges of cool and warm, simultaneously emitting a serene and lively atmosphere.

Nevertheless, the tone of dusty pink is perfect for your child’s bedroom or playroom because of the vibrant complexion of the paint. Thus, the paint may also boost your child’s mood. 

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