What Is The Master Bedroom’s Standard Size? (And Ideal Size)

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What Is The Master Bedroom's Standard Size

A master bedroom holds a significant place in the design of your ideal house. It serves as more than simply a place to sleep. Ultimately, it can serve as your private haven. 

However, there is a main question that needs to be generally addressed. What is the typical and standard size for a master bedroom?

Generally, the standard size of a master bedroom is 14 x 16 feet in size or 224 sqft. It may be bigger, but this size is the absolute minimum. This guarantees that you can easily put a king or queen-size bed in the main bedroom.

It also ensures that it still has space for a closet. In addition, it should also offer sufficient room for a desk and a comfortable space around the bed.

What Is The Standard Size Of A Master Bedroom?

A master bedroom’s standard measurements are 14 ft. x 16 ft or 224 sqft. Some master bedrooms could be larger, but this measurement is a starting point. 

A carefully designed master bedroom should have space for a dressing table. It should be spacious enough for a desk and comfortable space surrounding the bed. 

These are some requirements to be recognized as a habitable living space.

  • The suggested ceiling height for a bedroom is at least 7 feet 6 inches. 
  • The ideal bedroom size can range from 50 sqft. to 500 sqft.
  • Also, maintain a 30-36 inch clearance for simple access and movement around the room. 
  • Then, allocate a minimum of 8 feet by 8 feet for seating arrangements, excluding the bed and furniture.

According to DIY enthusiasts, bigger is always thought to be better. This is especially true when buying a pre-built house.

But if you’re designing your own home, don’t allow standards to restrict your vision. 

A bedroom is an extremely private place. Thus, its layout and size should showcase your unique personality and way of life.

However, obtaining this level of customization frequently necessitates substantial financial investment.

What Is Too Small Of A Master Bedroom?

Smaller master bedrooms may be as little as 40 sqft or 4 sqm. Meanwhile, larger ones often include bathrooms between 50 and 100 sqft (5 and 9 sqm) in size.

According to the IRC Building Code, a bedroom intended for a single resident must be 70 sqft—floor area. In addition, it should have no single dimension shorter than 7 feet.

In a double bedroom, it is necessary to have 50 sqft. size, making it a total of 120 sqft. in measurement.

The master bedroom is generally known as the primary bedroom in a home. Because it’s generally the biggest, the head of the home makes use of it most frequently

As we all know, the master bedroom refers to the main bedroom in a home. This is frequently the largest and is generally used by the head of the household.

Owners of the house turn it into a remarkable space, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

However, if you choose a smaller master bedroom, you can have the following drawbacks:

What Is The Ideal Size For A Master Bedroom?

What Is The Ideal Size For A Master Bedroom?

A master bedroom’s ideal size should provide between 200 and 250 sqft. This space would be enough for a King-size bed, dressers, bathroom, and walk-in closets.

For the bed’s size, you will need approximately 6.5 ft and 7 ft. respectively. A California King is only 72′ instead of 76′ wide, but it is longer at 84′ instead of 80′.

Because of this, you must allow for the California King’s length and width.

Then, add 3 feet to each side of the bed for a nightstand and enough area for each person to be comfortable.

Certainly, there will be two people in bed here. So, a minimum of 14 feet wide is necessary. 

However, this is a very subjective question. Homeowners today prefer larger homes so they may retreat into their quiet rooms.

Some residents believe that 16′ x 16′ or 256 sqft. is the perfect size for a king bed and two drawers. 

Overall, the individuals using the bedroom determine what is ideal.

What Is The Size Of A Luxurious Master Bedroom? 

What Is The Size Of A Luxurious Master Bedroom? 

A luxurious master bedroom is usually between 300 and 350 sqft or 28 to 33 square meters. The room’s sides must be between 16 and 20 square feet (5 and 6 meters) in size.

This way, furniture has more room to create features like a walk-in closet or a tiny reading nook.

Remember that the master bedroom shouldn’t look empty or crowded once all the furniture is in. The ratio of space to furniture should complement your decorating style.

The number, size, and type of furniture must be carefully chosen. This is to balance everything in the available space. 

  1. Measure the size of the bedroom from corner to corner. 
  2. Get the width of the bedroom entrance door to determine the proper furniture measurements. 
  3. Always provide room for walking and sitting spaces.
  4. The room’s sides must be between 16 and 20 square feet (5 and 6 meters) in size. 

Here are some principles for choosing a master bedroom’s appropriate size:

  • Size of the Bed
  • Furniture Positioning
  • Storage and a walk-in closet
  • A separate bathroom
  • Traffic Frequency

A luxurious master bedroom space can accommodate furniture pieces, storage options, and comfortable circulation.

Should The Master Bedroom Be Bigger Than Other Bedrooms?

Yes, the master bedroom should be bigger than the other rooms. This is because it is the sleeping quarters of the owner.

A master bedroom is typically reserved for the homeowner. It can be the dominant adult or a couple residing in the home.

Secondary bedrooms for children are typically smaller than the master bedroom.

Why Master Bedroom Be Bigger Than Any Other Rooms?

As Andrew Bowen, partner at ASH Staging in NYC, a master’s bedroom serves as a unique anchor point in the home. Therefore, it should provide spaces for unwinding, entertaining, and storing. 

The idea is that the owner, the master of the property, is highly entitled to a more luxurious setting. Two adults share the master bedroom along with their clothing and private belongings.

As a result, it is normal for the master bedroom to offer more space and amenities than other bedrooms.

What Can You Decorate A Master Bedroom With?

  • Fully working bathroom with a bathtub or jacuzzi tub 

WOODBRIDGE 59" Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub Contemporary Soaking Tub with Brushed Nickel Overflow and Drain, B0014, White

 Freestanding Bathtub

Homsee Floating LED TV Stand for TVs up to 70", Wall Mounted Wood Media Console with Glossy Surface & 44 Color LED Lights, Modern Entertainment Center with 3 Drawers for Living Room, Bedroom, White

Wall-mounted TV

  • Desk for studying and working
  • Bed with a large headboard and side tables for his and hers section for personal items
  • An end-of-the-bed bench, also known as a bedroom bench

Cozyman Bedroom Bench, French Vintage Tufted Entryway Bench, 45.2'' Carving Upholstered End of Bed Bench with Distressed Wood Legs, Linen Ottoman Bench Seat for Living Room, Foyer, Dining Room, Beige

French Vintage-style bedroom bench

  • For the book lover in you, a wall-mounted bookshelf
  • Floating cabinets and shelves for showcasing your prized property

What Can Affect The Size Of The Master Bedroom?

What Can Affect The Size Of The Master Bedroom?

Design is a primary influence on the size of a master bedroom. When it comes to bedroom design, a cozy bed is the focal point of every bedroom.

Proper lighting is essential to establishing a tranquil environment in the bedroom. The colors used in the bedroom can greatly impact how you feel and how much energy you have.

However, it is also affected by the following factors:

  • Local building codes
  • Financial restrictions
  • Available space
  • Homeowner preferences
  • Total square footage
  • Zoning laws
  • Original architectural plans
  • Cultural or regional norms
  • Homeowner preferences

A well-organized, spacious master bedroom can transform into a peaceful haven. Meanwhile, a smaller one may make it difficult to appreciate the space fully.

The ideal master bedroom size must, therefore, take all of these factors into account.

How Can I Make My Master Bedroom Look Bigger?

You can make your master bedroom appear larger and more spacious by adding a statement piece. Remember also to utilize every inch of the storage space.

You can also hang curtains and experiment with wall colors.

Step 1. Decorate with a statement piece

Fewer clusters of little pieces make a room appear larger than one or two large-scale ones. Consider removing some of the smaller pieces.

Then, experiment with adding larger pieces to your space. A big wall painting has a huge visual impact and expands the feeling of a limited space.

Step 2. Use every available inch of storage

For instance, there is a lot of potential storage space under the bed. Consider putting bricks or cement blocks under the four corners of your bed to raise it, which you can do on a budget.

Then, slide baskets or drawers to create more storage space.

Step 3. Hang curtains to provide the impression of high ceilings 

Red Barrinuevo, a designer from Toronto, suggests getting drapes longer than your bedroom windows. Then, hang them a few inches above the window. Place window coverings as high as you can.

Floor-to-ceiling drapes make the space appear bigger.

4. Play around with color

Small rooms don’t always look their best when painted completely white. A striking accent color can visually enliven the space and give it a bigger feel.

You can paint the walls, ceiling, and flooring in light, neutral hues. Lighter colors give rooms a feeling of space and airiness.


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