What To Do With An Empty Corner In Bedroom? (15 Great Ideas)

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What To Do With An Empty Corner In Bedroom

Bedrooms are generally meant to be our peaceful retreats. But if you have extra space in your bedroom, you might be unsure what to do with it. The thing is, these overlooked spaces can drag down the feel of the room. 

But the good news? We can transform these empty corners into functional areas with just some creative ideas. Let’s explore some ideas on what to do with an empty bedroom corner!

You can decorate an empty bedroom corner by adding shelves. In this way, you can display your cherished items. Meanwhile, you can also incorporate plants to bring a touch of nature indoors.

An accent chair or small sofa can create an inviting nook for those seeking a cozy spot. Placing a mirror to create a larger bedroom can make your space appear more expansive.

At the same time, setting up a desk can provide a functional workspace.

What Can You Do With An Empty Corner In Your Bedroom?

What Can You Do With An Empty Corner In Your Bedroom?

When you have an empty corner in your bedroom, first, consider adding shelves. You can use it for both storage and ornamental purposes.

Decorating with plants also adds life and freshness to a spot. Next is to complement the space with a chair or sofa to create a comfy seating nook. 

You can also incorporate a mirror to expand the area visually. Adding a desk can be a viable option if you require a workstation. You may also personalize the space by creating a gallery wall with paintings and photos. 

Use a blanket ladder to store and display throws or blankets for a more coherent aesthetic. Another idea is to extend your headboard towards the corner.

Hanging drapes can also provide privacy and softness. Keep in mind that establishing a reading nook also provides a relaxing refuge. 

Dress the window sills with decor for a personal touch. Better yet, add architectural details like molding. You can also transform the nook into a chic coffee or wine bar.

Lastly, complement bedside tables to create room balance.

15 Great Empty Corner Ideas For The Bedroom

Here are 15 creative ideas to make the most of empty corners in your bedroom: 

1. Add Shelves


You can enhance the corner of your space with various shelf designs. You can choose from floating shelves, standing shelf racks, or hanging shelves. 

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You can decorate the shelves with your favorite items, such as books or photo frames. In this way, you can further elevate the look. 

Shelves keep your essentials organized and easily accessible. 

2. Decorate with Plants

Incorporating plants into the corner of your room is always a great choice. 

Plants offer many health advantages. They purify the air and lower carbon dioxide levels. In an empty bedroom corner, they introduce a delightful aesthetic element.

You could place a sizable plant in an elegant container. Might as well arrange a combination of plants for a visually appealing display. 

3. Compliment with Chair/Sofa

A chair or sofa is the next thing you may place in the vacant bedroom corner to fill the space.

You may make a comfortable seating space by placing a sofa in the corner. This area is great for unwinding, chatting, or having some alone time.

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You may assemble your decor items by placing a chair at an angle.

4. Expand with Mirrors

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Use a mirror in the corner to increase the appearance of space in your bedroom. 

This gives the space depth and lights it by reflecting natural and artificial light. Mirrors can widen your walls. They also remove any obstructions and debris.

You could buy a long-standing mirror or place the mirror on one wall.


5. Work with Corner Desk

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A corner desk makes the most use of available space if you need a workplace. 

It’s a useful solution that boosts productivity and blends in with the design of your bedroom.

Corner desks are also excellent for saving space because they fit neatly in the corner. In addition, a desk can enhance the beauty of your room’s decor.

6. Create a Gallery Wall

Create a framed gallery feature using a couple of your paintings or photographs.

Creating a gallery wall allows you to add your unique style. Show off works of art and sentimental pictures.

In this way, you can represent your style and memories.

You can include family pictures, travel photos, or favorite artwork.

7. Design with Blanket Ladder

With a blanket ladder, you may add both practicality and beauty. 

It provides a chic place to keep your blankets while bringing a touch of rustic appeal. Lean it against a wall in the corner of your room.

Then, add a basket for additional cushions and slippers.

8. Extend Your Headboard

Extending your headboard into the corner can create a unified appearance. 

In most cases, extending your headboard beautifies the backdrop for your bed area.

Remember that this style can falter if the bed is technically positioned far from both room corners.

It will make the headboard appear overly elongated and disproportionate. 

9. Hang Curtains

Hang drapes in the corner of your bedroom to add coziness and solitude. This gentle touch brings warmth and solitude to the room. 

With window curtains, it introduce texture into the heart of your bedroom’s corner. 

Curtains may create a big impression on a bedroom. They not only filter the sunshine, but they also bring warmth and completeness to a room.

10. Create a Reading Nook

Create a relaxing reading corner. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest nook ideas for the bedroom you’ll find.

Combining a comfortable chair with a bookshelf is a proven way to spruce up an empty corner. 

You can add greenery or a lamp around the room, allowing you to curl up and read late into the night.

11. Dress Window Sills

According to Monique Valeris, Editor for Good Housekeeping, a window sill is an area that remains bare.

However, with a little imagination, you can turn your window sill into the main point it deserves. 

You can add a vase of artificial flowers. You can also apply a peaceful scented candle to burn before bed.

A stack of books or a jewelry box can make good bedroom accessories.

12. Add Architectural Layouts

Introduce architectural elements like molding or wainscoting in your empty bedroom corners. These features lend the place a timeless appeal.

As Elizabeth McNabb of Hypen & Co. states, maximize your available height. A dramatic floor-to-ceiling column will turn an awkward space into a focal point.

13. Brighten Up with Lights

Illuminate the corner with strategically placed lighting options.

To create a warm and relaxing ambiance, experiment with lamps and fixtures.

According to New York Magazine, soft white 2,700 to 3,000 Kelvins can brighten an empty bedroom space. Anything higher should not be highly considered.

Also, keep in mind that more lumens equate to brighter light.

14. Blend with Coffee Bar

Turn your empty bedroom space into a chic coffee or wine bar! 

Alternatively, you can place a coffee or tea cart. This can be a designated spot for organizing coffee grinds and tea bags. 

Overall, this idea provides a fun way to display items and ensures easy access for you and your guests.

15. Flatter with Bedside Tables

In a bedroom, it’s common to see matching bedside tables on either side of the bed, as they serve as a typical addition. 

You can balance the room’s layout by placing bedside tables on either bed. These not only offer a practical place for necessities, but they also add to the room’s symmetry.

How Do You Make a Bedroom Corner Cozy?

Focusing on fundamental components is necessary to create a cozy bedroom corner.

First, maintain a harmonious environment by sticking to a single-color scheme. In this way, it will create a unified and relaxing space. 

Remember that dark color schemes can provide warmth and coziness, too. You can also set up your furniture and accessories to create a cozy space that displays comfort. 

To make the corner welcoming, lighting selections are essential. Consider the corner’s location to create a pleasant bedroom nook. Lastly, use various colors to offer depth and improve the room’s comfort.

Can You Put Your Bed in the Corner?

Can You Put Your Bed in the Corner?

Of course, you can put your bed in the corner of the room.

As the house owner, you may put the bed wherever you want. But bear in mind that there should be space for breathing and simple entrance and exit routes. 

Alternatively, you could put the bed in the void between two walls. But you’ll need space to get in and out and to change the linens. 

A corner bed is typically quite helpful when trying to make the most of the space in a room. Kids’ and guest rooms are perfect for twin beds tucked into corners.

This arrangement will increase the amount of walking space between the beds. As a result, it makes it simpler to move around space.


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