How To Cover A Mirror In The Bedroom? (10 Great Ideas)

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How To Cover A Mirror In The Bedroom

Putting up a mirror in the bedroom is essential for practical purposes. However, the mirror could become an eyesore when it interacts with a light source or sunlight.

As a result, it makes the room uncomfortable instead of a space of rest. So, the solution to the concern is covering the mirror in the bedroom.

But another problem here is that covering the mirror could not be aesthetically pleasing, especially if you have set a particular interior design in the room.

So, what are the best ways to cover the bedroom mirror without affecting the theme?

The most common cover people use is a curtain, macrame, tapestry, and privacy screen. Other popular varieties are transparent film wallpaper, stickers, and plants.

In this article, I will discuss these cover ideas to help you determine which fits your preferences and needs.

Why Do People Cover Mirrors When Sleeping?

Why Do People Cover Mirrors When Sleeping?

Putting up mirrors in the bedroom has its practical and aesthetic purposes. However, it can also be an uncomfortable setup if you always see your reflection.

A light source during the night or the sunlight interacting with the mirror could be an eyesore. So the best way to relieve some of these discomforts is to put up a cover on the bedroom mirror like a curtain or privacy screen, to name a few.

However, have you noticed some homeowners covering their bedroom mirrors, especially when the lights are turned off at night?

Aside from the discomfort of seeing your reflection when you sleep, they cover the mirror to satisfy their superstitious beliefs more than anything else. Many believe that seeing your reflection at night disturbs the human soul, affecting your sleeping patterns.

However, you have to note that no scientific evidence supports such a claim. And you can cover the bedroom mirrors whenever you are uncomfortable seeing your reflection while sleeping.

Should I Cover My Bedroom Mirror?

You can cover the bedroom or leave it as is during the day or at night. And everything depends on your comfort level.

You can cover the bedroom mirrors if your reflection makes you uncomfortable, especially while sleeping. Or move them to another section of the bedroom if the sunlight or any light source is blinding or giving you an eyesore. 

But if leaving them uncovered does not bother you, then you can do so if you will. Furthermore, not covering the mirror is preferable if the frames of the mirrors are stylish.

How Can I Cover a Mirror In My Bedroom?

You can cover the mirrors in the bedroom with many available options. The best items to cover the bedroom mirrors are curtains, tapestries, and privacy screens.

Other options homeowners use that you can opt for as well are transparent film wallpapers, stickers, and even plants. 

10 Awesome Ideas To Cover a Mirror in The Bedroom

Suppose you want a more detailed prospect of covering your bedroom mirror.

In that case, the following are additional ideas on the subject matter without compromising the interior design of your special space.

1. Curtains

ECLIPSE Kendall Modern Blackout Thermal Rod Pocket Window Curtain for Bedroom or Living Room (1 Panel), 42 X 63, White

Blackout Curtain for Bedroom

The most common item used to cover your bedroom’s mirrors is curtains. They are easy to put up and convenient when using the mirrors.

Installing the curtains on the mirrors allows you to do the same process as putting them on the windows. Firstly, install the curtain rods at an appropriate level before inserting the curtains.

Then, you can select the curtains of your choice that blend well with the frames of the mirrors and the surrounding wall colors, furniture, and fixtures.

2. Blankets

Utopia Bedding Fleece Blanket Queen Size Grey 300GSM Luxury Bed Blanket Anti-Static Fuzzy Soft Blanket Microfiber (90x90 Inches)

Fleece Blanket

Blankets can also be an alternative to curtains that can somehow boost the interior design of the bedroom due to its variety of designs.

However, you have to be conscious of the blanket’s design because using a regular one could not match the surrounding theme of the bedroom.

As a result, it could ruin the interior design of the bedroom and make it appear awkward. Therefore, you have chosen a blanket with designs and colors that blend well with the environment.

The installation process of the blanket on the bedroom mirrors is similar to a curtain by using a rod. However, you may have to knit the bottom edges of the blanket to insert them into the rod.

3. Tapestry

Lyacmy Bohemian Mandala Tapestry Hippie Tapestries Psychedelic Peacock Boho Tapestry Wall Hanging for Bedroom(51.2 x 59.1 inches)

Wall Hanging Tapestry for Bedroom

If you want a more stylish cover for the bedroom mirror, you can put up a tapestry as an alternative to curtains and blankets.

You can find many tapestry designs that match the bedroom’s theme. Contrary to blankets, they are more stylish, and their purpose is more of a design than anything else.

4. Plants

Costa Farms Money Tree Live Plant, Easy to Grow Houseplant Potted in Indoor Garden Pot, Pachira Bonsai in Potting Soil, Gift for Birthday, Housewarming, Office, Home, and Room Decor, 3-4 Feet Tall

Money Tree Live Plant

Plants with enough size to cover the mirrors in the bedroom are a great way to style the room while improving air circulation.

If a complete cover for the mirror is not what you need, then putting plants in front of the mirror is perfect for such a purpose.

However, if the position of bedroom mirrors is higher parts of the walls, you use a hanging plant instead.

In this setup, you will need a hook on the ceiling to hang up the plants. However, you must be certain in properly nailing or screwing the hooks or nails so they won’t fall to the floor.

5. Privacy Screen

Room Divider 6FT Wall Divider Wood Screen 4 Panels Wood Mesh Hand-Woven Design Room Screen Divider Indoor Folding Portable Partition Screen,Black

Folding Portable Partition Screen

A privacy screen is the easiest way to cover the mirrors in the bedroom because it does not require you to install them or punch holes in the ceiling or walls.

You have to position them in front of the bedroom mirrors, and you are set afterward.

Separating a section of your room for specific purposes, such as changing clothes or a mini powder room, is also an excellent idea.

Another advantage of privacy screens is they are also ideal for people who are conscious about the aesthetics of their bedroom.

The designs of privacy screens come in a wide range selection, and you can choose one that suits your preferences and specific needs.

6. Stickers

Stickers are a great way for the younger generation to express themselves. If you always see their reflection, stickers can provide a good cover for certain parts of the mirrors in your bedroom.

They are not particularly stylish, but they give the room a unique and eccentric aesthetic you will surely adore.

7. Macrame

A macrame is a type of wall decoration made of threads of fabric. It has a Caribbean style that creates a relaxing and tropical chic.

And since they are already wall decorations, all you have to do to cover the bedroom mirrors is put a nail on top of it. Therefore, hanging them conceals you as you move past the bedroom mirror.

As you see, it doesn’t require any complicated or time-consuming installation like a curtain rod. Just hang the macrame, and that is about it.

8. Window Film

rabbitgoo Window Privacy Film, Rainbow Window Clings, 3D Decorative Window Vinyl, Stained Glass Window Decals, Static Cling Window Sticker Non-Adhesive, 17.5 x 78.7 inches

Window Privacy Film

A transparent window film is typically used on glass doors to block the home’s interiors. Although it does not completely hide your reflection, it is sufficient to block it nonetheless.

In addition, the recommendation is only to apply window films on the edges because covering the entire mirror completely would render it useless.

Furthermore, you will also find a wide range of selections when it comes to the design of window films aside from the plain variety.

You can choose any design of window film you like as long as it fits the style of the frames of the bedroom mirrors and the area’s interiors.

9. Wallpaper

If you don’t have use for the bedroom mirrors but can’t remove them, you can completely cover them by using wallpaper.

It is less expensive than breaking the mirror, installing a new wall section, and painting it afterward.

In addition, the advantage of wallpapers is that they are available in a wide array of designs, depending on your preferences.

10. Paint

Putting down the mirrors in your bedroom, installing a new wall section, and painting them afterward is the option if you want to remove them entirely.

However, remember that this option is more expensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, you may need the assistance of a professional if you are not an expert for the task.

Also, putting down the mirrors may put you at risk of injuries.

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